A Father's Day dedication to a great man, my dad Joe Rado.

       I believe that everything happens for a reason and that even when people are no longer here they are still teaching and influencing us from that other dimension. My dad had to be my dad. He was the most positive and loving man I have ever known. And even though he is gone, I still feel his lessons; his positive spirit that anything is possible. He kept things simple, family, friends, love and always integrity. And he ended every encounter with the words: Have Some Fun Today.

        I wrote that post two years ago and now 6 years past his leaving us, the man who inspired me to create this brand so that the world could have reminders to Have Some Fun Today is loved more now in his absence than ever before; if that is even possible:)

       As we honor our fathers, the men who stood for us as: protectors, teachers, coaches and providers, let us also be conscious of those fathers who also inspired us through their legacy of love. As a man who diligently shared a mantra that made people smile and took many people off guard with this simplistic message, my dad would certainly say bravo to what Have Some Fun Today has become and where it is going.

        The times we face right now are certainly challenging. It is a time when we may need to dig deeper in exploring what strengths we have that need to be tested and put to work. A good friend recently shared the thought that whenever we have maximized what we have been given, we will always be blessed with more. God didn't make chairs but he did make trees and it is up to us to be resourceful with what he has given us to make the most of it for the future of ourselves and mankind. It's in our DNA to be resourceful. 

      Now is a time to reconnect with the source. Dig deep to find our strength. Look for inspiration in every nook and cranny and embrace the good things in life. As a reminder to the beauty of life, fathers who embraced their duty to protect, lead and inspire I share my brand dedicated to the legacy of love that my father started and my family and I are nurturing.

       Throughout this year I am sharing through my blogs a discount code: 2020 to my readers to receive 25% off Have Some Fun Today so that you can participate in this experiment of love and feel the good vibes of our brand message originated from my dad to you.

    A very happy Father's Day to everyone......:)


           "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


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    There is a Buddhist quote I remember that the only moment we are truly alive is now. Not a minute ago because that is the past and not the next moment because that is the future, but this moment now.

    I am contemplating thoughts like these now, because that is the kind of person I am. When I was younger, in my college years people would tell me I'm too deep and I wondered if that was a bad thing to be and why.  

    As I got older I often didn't feel like I fit in. Even though I was part of various groups throughout my life, I've never really been a "group" person. Not because I was trying to be different, I was actually trying to fit in... but the way I processed ideas was usually different than the people I thought of as friends, and so I always came away from things wondering if I was doing a good enough job to fit in to get people to like me, so that I could have a life that was "normal" and good.

    For the many people who don't feel like they fit in, I want to tell you that is actually a great thing. I will tell you that today, and I will tell you that tomorrow, and the next day (and the day after that.)

    So how do these two ideas fit together now with Covid19

    Well, we have been social distancing for about two months now... I know - #HSFT:) and I think its safe to say we are getting sick and tired of it. I sure am. BUT, I am not one to complain, whine or feel victimized so instead I philosophize.

    AND I am going to change up my routines now after months of doing certain things in a certain way so that I can reinvigorate myself NOW which is living in the moment and I am going to celebrate my perserverance in having my own perspective, which I hope inspires others to celebrate their uniqueness so that they may stop belittling themselves because they dont think they "fit in".

    I don't care if you are 18, 21, 27 or 47. Many of us question ourselves, are we good enough, are we smart enough, do we say the right things, do we wear the right clothes to get that person to think we are cool. It's an epidemic of our society no matter what age some of us are. So for as many times as it takes, and as many people as it takes we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are enough.

    Right now as things slowly open in certain areas over time we can remember to live again in the now. Your town may not open for a few weeks or longer, but that is no reason not to be living your truth now. You dont have to wait until the gym opens to get back in shape, you don't have to wait until restaurants and bars reopen to get cleaned up everyday and wear something more than PJ's. You dont have to wait until schools reopen to learn... I'm loving the Masterclasses btw:) and you don't have to wait until the things that we took for granted come back at some level in order to live with appreciation. This includes you - you don't have to wait until that person you want to be friends with notices you to realize you are a great person, you don't have to wait to be recognized for some unique gift you have, to appreciate and share your gift anyway. 

    We all can live now. We can simply be ourselves, bad skin, short legs, frizzy hair, beautiful smiles, longing hearts, singing to the radio, having crushes and letting them know, whatever is inside you and how you are is all good. We need to let each other know that we are good enough just the way we are.

    In the spirit of celebrating the now... in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation I am sharing with those of you who love an uplifting message my brand Have Some Fun Today. Here is a sweet discount code : 2020 to get an extra 25% off the site! Enjoy!

    Simple as that....

    "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,


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  • Time is precious. We really have no idea just how precious it is until its gone. While we are entering week 4 of social isolation and self quarantines no one could have predicted the world would be forced to come to a halt from living our usual lives.

       When I first heard that the new target date is April 30th I thought "no way", but I quickly surmised that this is a situation that demands all citizens to comply so that we can slow down the spread of this virus and get our world back to functioning capacity as soon as possible.

       So, we are Surviving.... we are taking the necessary precautions, taking extra supplements, getting rest and staying hydrated, remaining inside our homes and updating what we need to do as we learn more about how to prevent the spread of this virus.

       More than that some of us are even Thriving... going back to the drawing board and working on elements of our business, education & health and even many types of relationships that we hadn't had time for before. 

        I am enjoying taking this time to speak with my daughters about how they feel about things like social anxiety, work stress, and rethinking a direction they were previously heading toward. The kind of conversations we are able to have now are deeply healing ones.

         In a way this is a huge gift to be able to have this opportunity to look at our lives from a very basic slowed down pace so that we can really see and feel who we are now compared to who we were 5 weeks ago and from that we can start to put down a framework of where we want to go in the coming weeks.

       By May 1st hopefully we will have clean houses and closets, we will have emerged from social distancing a little leaner and a lot more grateful for even the little things. During this time I have been especially grateful for many things, but most certainly that Have Some Fun Today is more relevant now than ever.

       I started this brand to remind people to appreciate life. Through strife & through the doldrums of life we can often forget to appreciate these little things. But they should never be forgotten because they are the fabric of our lives. 

      As my 55th birthday approaches and the 6th anniversary of the passing of my father, the person who inspired me to start Have Some Fun Today and as a nod to all the people who are down on life right now I am sharing a code for 50% off HSFT this week. ( code only works from April 25th - May 1st)

    * Use CODE : Fab55 during checkout & get 50% off.

    More than ever we should all be sharing the mantra HSFT or Have Some Fun Today and getting ready for the next chapter of 2020 which will be the big rebound...

    As always sending you light & love :)

    Stay safe, stay at home and #havesomefuntoday


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  • How Do We HSFT Amidst the Chaos?

    Well now 2020 is really turning out to be quite a new decade! So many thoughts are going through all of our heads as we deal with this Covid-19 pandemic. It's more than dealing with not going to our jobs or school or doing all the social things that made up our lives, it is the constant thoughts that are spiralling through our minds from trying to stay positive, staying informed, being prepared and being mindful of balancing these things without losing it.

    So let's help each other through these tough times, by sharing positive inspiration and methods for making the best of a bad situation.

    1. Number one thing I can suggest is to do what you can to get your mind in the right place. To do that I need to make my surroundings comfortable, clean and decluttered. Then I can light some candles, brew a cup of stress free tea, listen to a led meditation or a sign up to the To Be Magnetic program where I see they are doing a free Self Quarantine workshop! ( I'm going to check that out this weekend!)

    2. Think about or make a list of all the ideas that pop into your head of stuff you want to do, but havent had the opportunity to do. My list is: cleaning out my basement, reorganizing my showroom, painting, getting back to my home workouts, finishing my friend Michelle Davis's book! - I've never been busier !!

    3. Take care of yourself! Even though we may not be seeing too many people on a daily basis, it still makes me feel good to get dressed and put myself together. The more you take care of yourself and keep good habits in place, the easier it is to feel positive that we will get through this and be better off than before. 

     4. If you always wanted to start taking health supplements now is a great time to start. My sister Lisa Rado's online nutrition company; Rado Nutrition is stocked up on all kinds of healthy supplements ready to ship out, she has been a life saver for me and my family.

    5. Keep yourself inspired! Listen to great music, watch some great films and yes indeed get some HSFT! Have your morning coffee in our Have Some Fun Today mug, slip on one of our cozy fleece pieces, go for a walk and wear one of our baseball caps. Send a friend who is down and isolated a gift from us...we will gladly put an inspiring note inside for you!

    6. The Code: 2020  - use this code at checkout when you shop today and it will give you an extra 25% off 

    This challenge will not break us. If anything it inspires me to do more, to be better, to rise to the challenge and to Have Some Fun while I am doing it. Sending you all Love, Strength and Inspiration :)

    "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,


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  • The truth is we have created the boundaries around us. We've also created our own limitations due to past experiences of failure or success; and too often we choose to stay within the confines of those experiences which forms the idea of who we believe we are, even though many of us long for more within our true authentic selves buried deep down underneath all the years of life.

    Through manifestation practices we can change those boundaries without moving a muscle. Within the power of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, there are amazing new techniques for creating the life you truly want.

    Now a month into 2020 I am setting my sights on some larger goals. Every step on this journey; day by day and month by month, is a chance for me (and you) to evolve your thinking, your mindset, your daily habits, your weekly habits to move toward the places you want to go with your life. Whether it is your body, your career, your home, your finances, your relationships, your future; it's all able to improve if you set your "mind" to it.

    The program that got me moving into a new realm of possibility is through Lacy Phillips and her To Be Magnetic program which is all done by you online. But, she isnt the only one, there are so many other spiritual leaders out there for you to check out and take a tidbit from here and there for your health and overall wellness.

    It's not time wasted browsing through instagram if you are following people who are "expanders" for you. It's not time wasted to take a half hour in the morning to be quiet in your thoughts, or to listen to an empowering podcast on your commute to work. I could go on and on ..... you must decide what sparks you.

    As I move through what I am exploring in relationships and career goals and my overall well being I am again sharing with you my readers a nice discount code from my brand Have Some Fun Today to serve as a reminder, a reinforcer of the positive mantra that kept my dad going through all of his physical and career challenges. Use the code : 2020 at checkout to get 25% off our line. One use per customer. It is the gift to yourself that truly keeps on giving.

    My brand is all about integrating well being from the inside out. Which means from your mindset out to what you wear, share, do and say.... 

    "Have some fun today." - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,


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  • Set Yourself Free in 2020!

    No checklist this year.
    No resolutions.
    It is time for a fresh start.
    Beginning where you are today, what kind of energy do you want to have around you as you begin this completely new decade?
    Sage the house, your office, your car... cleanse the old energy and let’s begin again. 
    Go through your closets, shred old bills, weed through the contacts on your phone, unfollow energy draining people, throw out old makeup, clean out your refrigerator, and get rid of the clutter around you that is just taking up space.
    Set yourself free!
    You’ve read enough quotes, you know the only way to get in shape is to actually sweat and eat nutritiously, you know the only way to make changes for the better is to improve your daily habits, you don’t need me or anyone else to preach to you on this. 
    So today I’m sharing with you that I’m excited for this new year and new decade. As much as it makes me smile to say HSFT when I’m having a bad day, it’s also making me smile to say “2020”! 
    With all the new challenges I am already in the thick of, I am also completely determined to have fun. 
    Plain and simple - F U N.
    This year I’m in love, I’m going to be sharing my brand to millions of people on QVC and I’m dedicated to staying healthy and enjoying my family and friends every chance I get.
    As the designer and founder of Have Some Fun Today, I am offering a new code to my blog readers to inspire you start this decade off with lots of FUN and adventure. 
    Use the code: 2020 to get 25% off your next purchase on our website. 
    We have introduced all kinds of cool new accessories to be a part of your next trip or hike or healthy habit.
    Backpacks, fannypacks, cross bodies, market totes, clutches and more. 
    2020 here we are!!! And we are ready more than ever to Have Some Fun Today

    Love & Light,


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