• More than a decade ago I had a midlife crisis. I came to that crossroad in life where what I was living was not aligned with where I wanted to go.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think every person goes through this in some way in their life, what they choose to do from there is all about choice and courage.

    That time for me was chaotic. It was a whirlwind of unpredictable, unknown, exciting, sad and scary changes. When it happens, one usually gets thrown off balance because we are trying so hard in those moments to stay in the space of order and safety. Without understanding that a balanced life consists of one foot standing in chaos and the other foot firmly planted in order. What happened in between that time and now is a book in itself, but what I have come to 10 years later with much study, practice, regression and discipline is that I know that every conceivable life experience will contain both elements of chaos and order. 

    On a plane trip to LA I experienced two things that have impacted me lately; I met a stranger ( turns out he's an ex-pro football player who went to my alma mater, Penn State) who ended up sending me and my sisters a book which explains this exact theory. Its called the 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. As I'm reading this book  I realize that Dr. Peterson is describing exaclty where I am in my life right now. It is a very timely but strange coincidence.

    The next experience was also on a flight to LA. I had heard about the Bill Murray Stories and thought I'd watch the documentary on the flight. Who isn't a fan of Bill Murray? Anyway, this film is about the urban legend of actor Bill Murray showing up in random social events and just interacting like a normal unknown human. The show was enchanting and it shared a joie de vivre that I feel has been lost in this world. Undocumented celebrity sparkle experiences that left whoever the lucky civilians were with a feeling of being special.

    What touched me about this though was not that there's hope to get to hang with Bill Murray (although I'd love to!) but more the idea that these stories inspired me to take the tiny moments of life and engage with them in a more meaningful way. To live more in the moment. That is freedom and I find that to be really beautiful.

    So, I recommend the book and the movie.....and I also strongly recommend having some fun today:)

    Life is short. What energy will you leave behind, what will be your legacy? What stories will people share about you? What random person will you touch with your gaze, your smile, your exchange in the post office, at the grocery store, the gym, along the street; especially if you are wearing or carrying something that says Have Some Fun Today?

    Have some fun todayJoin us today and purchase an item from Havesomefuntoday.com with the code:Nevertoolate for 35% off. Wear it with intention, and just see what happens when you wear it. Share your photos and your experiences with us on our facebook page, instagram page @hsft_official or in the comments below.

    Embrace the chaos, but keep one foot in your order.... Thats where the fun stuff happens :) 


    Love & Light,




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  • Girl you are more powerful than you even realize! It's true and I know you know it!

     All those years of telling yourself you aren't good enough, you aren't smart enough, you aren't skinny enough, you aren't pretty enough. Well girl, forget that thinking, that is bullish!t and you know it.

    So how do we take our power back and have some fun today and everyday? 

    The answer is the same for everyone, but it's also completely different for EVERYONE.

    We are individuals and that's where we start. Learning you, or should I say "re-learning you." Let's get back to where we started. What did you gravitate to as a child for fun for instance? Nature? - playing outside around the trees and grass?

    Did you like being creative? coloring books or making fun crafts. Or did you like music and theatre? It could be anything, but they say the things you are drawn to say so much about you, so if you are stuck in not knowing what you enjoy anymore then its a place to start.

    When you take the time to get re-aquainted with yourself you can enjoy the simplest moments with a new perspective. It makes us appreciate life more and it's a way to love ourselves that is nourishing to our soul. Maybe that is why they say music and art are food for the soul.

    The benefits of taking your power back as an individual isn't to be on some lofty power trip. It is to be fully who you are meant to be. The sky's the limit for any human who is open to growth, to love, to self care and to sharing who they are with others. We need to be able to step over the hurdle of self doubt, self loathing, of worrying all the time how we are perceived. The bottom line is that style of living is obsolete and it is time to move toward a life of self power and fun.

    Look in the mirror and remind yourself that it's never too late to start. To take the first step to change, to evolve, to feel healthier, to feel inspired, to be happy. To be a risk taker toward your own self evolution.

    Fear will hold you back and I know you are ready to feel good, feel in the drivers seat of your own life. Not in the back seat going down some road that's too jammed up.

    So, remember that it is what we do that makes us progress. Not what we say we will do. Take an action today towards the healthier, happier more powerful you and Have Some Fun Today. Life is what you make it.

    This is why I created the brand Have Some Fun Today and now with the code: Nevertoolate you can purchase one of our awesome motivational t shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, pillows or your daily coffee mug for an extra 35% off.  I'm not doing this to just sell stuff, I am doing this to encourage you to have an awesome and fun life and to take your power back.

    I hope you do!

    Love & Light,


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  • Girl, Get Your Sh!T Together

    "Get your shit together"- Let's not mince words. It's something I often say to myself or the people I am close to with a twinkle in my eye and a slight grin on my face. Four words that clearly convey that we may need to reel it in and focus on the  bigger picture.

    Since the beginning of 2019 I have been an open book to sharing my personal journey towards having an amazing year. Hard to believe we are already 4 months into it and stuff is going down. You can only plan so much and then life just happens, but if you can take a breather every month and acknowledge your progress and also your lack of progress you can stay on track.

    One thing is essential to making progress this way. You have to be able to be honest with yourself. Not everyone can do this. If you can acknowledge not only your weaknesses, but also your strengths, then you have a much clearer vision of what you need to do. It's like driving a car through a rain storm and your wiper blades aren't working very well. You can still get there, but it makes the journey a heck of a lot harder.

    For some weird reason I have always been able to self analyze. I am sure that has its' downside, but by doing this I have been able to evolve past areas that previously were weak into areas of strength and growth.

    So, how do we get our shit together? 

    First of all using myself as an example; I have been travelling a lot and taking on some new responsibilities that have been causing me extra stress. I know this and I have to get my "shit together." For the past few weeks I have been willing to do a little extra and deal with a little unbalance in the short term. However; in the bigger picture I know this is not sustainable or desirable for me. This is when we finesse a new challenge to get back on track to what gives us balance. But, if you have blinders on and can't see the unbalance and the need to finesse this new situation it will throw the average person completely out of whack.

    What to Do:

    1. have your eyes open

    2. be honest with yourself

    3. know your boundaries 

    4. be prepared to put in extra time to get back on track

    You can apply this thinking to almost anything. Diet and exercise, personal relationships, work, parenting, etc.

    The thing is to have a good life a lot of it is merely your attitude, and even when I half jokingly say - "get your shit together"- it's all relative. It doesnt have to be drudgery, getting ones shit together can actually be fun. Right now as I write this and share my ideas about life, parenting, working and trying to have a good life, my back is killing me and I'm still at my office at 10pm. Another person might be really pissed about this, but I am actually really grateful that I get to do what I do.

    So think about how you can "get your shit together and also have fun."

    Right now we created the code: Nevertoolate so that anyone reading this post can shop the line and use that code at checkout to get 35% off site wide. We are a community of people who are trying for our best year yet. This is what we are striving for and anything that helps to remind us to enjoy this life and have more fun we should use. A t shirt, a hat, a bag.... all these things can be the spark of inspiration to help you have a better life.

    So Have Some Fun Today and have some fun getting your shit together too:)

    Love & Light,



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  • Let’s check in!
    Ok - so where are we as we enter March? Almost through the winter, and gearing up for spring which means a lot of new energy is about to happen.
    The big question is have you been doing the work to be ready for some fun?
    I’m gonna lay my stuff out here again. I never intended to be a guinea pig for self evolution, but if it helps one person see a path for themselves then I’m ok sharing my crazy world.
    Here goes... again:)
    Health: honest truth is that I had been pretty good with tweaking some eating patterns. The intermittent fasting can be a challenge, but as a person ages we have to do things differently to get results. No snacking after 8 has helped me adjust to erratic eating patterns while I am traveling. Believe me we all have our vices and I fall off the wagon and make popcorn cooked in oil in my weak moments, but I have cut it out almost 80% of the time which is huge for me.

     The tried and true simple diet of protein, veggies, a little fruit and lots of water as  staples is the easiest way to stay on track even if you travel quite a bit. You can add in some carbs as you see fit.. a little bit of bread here and there or some pasta once in a while won't kill you and will keep you feeling like you are not completely depriving yourself. 

    Enough about food.. onto supplements. I am always one for trying something new in the way of supplements. I recently started taking higher doses of marine hydrolyzed collagen from a company called Taut. As we age we lose our collagen which contributes to saggy dull skin. Collagen products are all over the anti-aging market and its really hard to tell what works but as soon as I complete a 21 day cycle I'll gladly share what I think of this formula.

    For me, my health is a worthwhile investment in my future and it is through investing in myself, and my everyday habits that I create the space to enjoy life to its fullest and have more fun

     I can compare taking care of myself like tending to a garden. You plant the seeds, nurture them with water and nutrients and they grow. You have to do some weeding, but over time the soil becomes more fertile and you become an expert on what makes your garden grow.

    So here you are and you"re reading this and possibly thinking that it's too late for you to start doing all this stuff. It seems overwhelming to someone who hasn't had the time or inclination to take care of themselves. But it isn't.

    It is never too late to start anything if you want it badly enough and that is what this blog is all about. So whether you've been keeping up with your "garden" or if you are just deciding now to start either way is a win.

    Let's say that if you've never started before, this week is your new beginning. Forget the New Years' resolutions and start a spring resolution. Find one hour this week to work on something you have been dreaming of for yourself. Google some ideas, get a little inspired.

    Lets go a little farther now. What would you do if you were going to improve one thing in your life this month? Would you decide to eat better? Would you decide to start to do yoga once a week? Would you decide to wake up early and go for a run?
    Let’s pick one thing this month and do that for 30 days. Eat better, go to sleep earlier, wake earlier, speak positively about yourself and others, read a book about something you want to try in your life, sweat once a day; I could go on and on but the bottom line is lets find one thing you can do this month and make that happen.

    To help give you the courage or the inspiration or whatever else you want to call it shop our collection and pick up some wearable inspiration for 35% off with the code: Nevertoolate 

    Use the code at checkout and please share in the comments below what you did for your one thing this month with the hashtag #nevertoolate or #firststeps 

    Love & Light,


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  • It’s February and for lots of us that means we’re still bearing the brunt of winter cold. Like below-zero-Polar-Vortex-bone-chilling cold. You get the picture.

    And while at HSFT, we’re all about having FUN no matter where you are, and yes, cashmere, a crackling fire, and snuggled under a blanket is FUN, or fresh powder to your ankles while you’re zipping down the mountain for après ski is FUN. We’re finding ourselves more in the mood for a warm and sunny kind of fun….

    Good Vibes and Sunshine

    We're day dreaming of that Winter getaway or Spring Break warm weather luxury resort life.  The kind with poolside drinks, beachside yoga, and a full menu of spa services. Fun in the sun is exactly the kind of Have Some Fun Today that we have in mind. 

    It’s no wonder that HSFT has found several luxury resorts stocking up on our Have Some Fun Today products for their resort gift stores and spa boutiques. What better place to find a customer in the HSFT mindset?

    It’s A State of Mind

    We totally get it. Taking a break from the winter chill, and just taking a break from the chaos of life is what we all need to reset and unwind. Stepping into a little HSFT mindset when you’re strolling the beach or soaking up the sun is kismet.

    And if you just happen to see our chic Luxe “Have Some Fun Today” tote while you’re browsing the resort boutique, wouldn’t you stop dead in your tracks? And you’d think, “Yaaaaas, I need that to hold my magazines, my water bottle and all my beach essentials. And I really do need to have some fun today!”

    The Luxe Toteis, in fact, a resort favorite of customers at The Mandarin Oriental in Miami and The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.  Both carry HSFT essentials and both offer an elevated luxury resort experience. 

    Live The HSFT Life

    We love that visitors to both resorts can find our products while they bask in the relaxing and peaceful beauty of those gorgeous places. 

    Other resort faves include the original HSFT Tee Shirt, snap back and baseball hats, the leggings, and our HSFT swimsuits. 

    And now they’ll offer our new accessory line with our mugs, our new logo duffel, The Black on Black Luxe Tote and our new clutches. 

    The HSFT mindset, the chic look of our lifestyle brand and the beauty of luxury resort living are the perfect fit. Having FUN is what we all need to do, especially in the throes of cold winter. 

    A Little Something To Warm You Up

    To beat those Winter Blues and help you pack for that warm weather get away, we’ve got our discount code for your HSFT essentials. Use Discount Code: Resort19 for 40% off your new HSFT  Tote Bag, Tee shirt, or hat or one piece.

    Book the ticket, shop the code, and pack your bags! Life is to be enjoyed, so warm it up and Have Some Fun Today!

    Peace, Love & Sunshine,







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  • One of the amazing lessons that has been coming across to me over the past year is how much I love my sisters. My real sisters: Lisa, Susie and Joselle for sure are my best friends; but I am also talking about women in general. 

    The tide has turned for women to no longer be competitive against each other. It is time for women to be competitive FOR each other.

    In my line of work, which is loosely defined, artist, designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger. I am seeing the effects of what happens when we are inclusive with our love, encouragement, support and knowledge. There is an energy of women rising to be their best selves, to rediscover their dreams, to open up to possibilities and have a great belly laugh while doing it. This is when life gets FUN and we want to share that joyful vibe.

    It's not our fault; as women we have had a lot of pressure to be educated, to be successful, to be attractive, to be a good partner, to be a good mom, etc. Along that journey there can be a lot of bumps in the road. It's just called LIFE.

    People project their personal failures onto others who seem to be "living the life" by the way they treat them and talk about them. This is where the sister disconnect begins, and it starts at a young age. It gets perpetuated by the moms to the daughters and their friends and before you know it some girl or woman is ostracized for no good reason other than the fact that she pissed off some womans' ego. Better known as Jealousy and in the modern social media world they are called " haters". If you put yourself out there in any way you've got em too. 

    How do we end this? We can put on our designer tephlon coats and go out there in the world and do what we feel is right. You can't dim your light to make other people feel comfortable. I am seeing and feeling the change. More and more women are understanding our strength collectively and realizing that we are all in this together. It is happening now! It is amazing shared energy that we are in the midst of and this is what will take us all to a new, happier and more fulfilling place in society.

    WE ARE SISTERS! Celebrate each other. Your dream is my dream. Your desire to find love and happiness is my dream for you also. Your success is my success. This is our world. We need to collectively support our sisters and we will.

    To all my sisters out there; if what I say touches you in any way please leave a comment below with the hashtag #sisters.  

    Special Offer to our blog readers: Join our sisterhood and shop our line of soft tee shirts, butter soft fleece, hats, totes, jewelry and more at 30% off with the code: HSFT30  - Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $60.


    Love & Light,


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