• Set Yourself Free in 2020!

    No checklist this year.
    No resolutions.
    It is time for a fresh start.
    Beginning where you are today, what kind of energy do you want to have around you as you begin this completely new decade?
    Sage the house, your office, your car... cleanse the old energy and let’s begin again. 
    Go through your closets, shred old bills, weed through the contacts on your phone, unfollow energy draining people, throw out old makeup, clean out your refrigerator, and get rid of the clutter around you that is just taking up space.
    Set yourself free!
    You’ve read enough quotes, you know the only way to get in shape is to actually sweat and eat nutritiously, you know the only way to make changes for the better is to improve your daily habits, you don’t need me or anyone else to preach to you on this. 
    So today I’m sharing with you that I’m excited for this new year and new decade. As much as it makes me smile to say HSFT when I’m having a bad day, it’s also making me smile to say “2020”! 
    With all the new challenges I am already in the thick of, I am also completely determined to have fun. 
    Plain and simple - F U N.
    This year I’m in love, I’m going to be sharing my brand to millions of people on QVC and I’m dedicated to staying healthy and enjoying my family and friends every chance I get.
    As the designer and founder of Have Some Fun Today, I am offering a new code to my blog readers to inspire you start this decade off with lots of FUN and adventure. 
    Use the code: 2020 to get 25% off your next purchase on our website. 
    We have introduced all kinds of cool new accessories to be a part of your next trip or hike or healthy habit.
    Backpacks, fannypacks, cross bodies, market totes, clutches and more. 
    2020 here we are!!! And we are ready more than ever to Have Some Fun Today

    Love & Light,


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  • What Comes From Being Authentic

    Hands down the #1 thing I believe in is to be your authentic self. No apologies, no excuses, just living life and "owning your truth."

    As a mother and a single parent, I have come across countless issues, circumstances and patterns of behavior that I have had to deal with and while doing so I realized that it was important for me not to ever be a hypocrite, but to always be authentic.

    Being a parent and a mom is a job that carries so much responsibility in how I conduct myself and my life. I always felt that I was raising two intelligent human beings and that in the course of their training if I wasn't authentic that would be misleading, confusing and undermining.

    To me everything in life is integrated. My beliefs, my actions, my work, my leisure, and my health. I truly live everyday by this belief and my children know this.

    I realized that my authenticity in all things was important in guiding my decisions and that helped me form the basis of how I was going to set boundaries for my children and others around me and conduct my life.

    It is not easy to be truly authentic in an overly opiniated and approval seeking world.

    I repeat it is NOT EASY:) 

    "To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing." Aristotle

    So, here we are ten years later. My kids are now adults, we often have in depth philosophical discussions about life and why people do what they do.

     We can have healthy and productive discussions about everything from fashion to politics because they know that what I say and what I do and what I think are aligned and they TRUST me because I dont lie, I dont sugarcoat and I have never undermined them or behaved like a hypocrite. When you live your life this way, you establish trust and respect around you.

    So as we come to the closing of a decade, we can look back and see what all we went through. For many and me included it was a decade of transitions, establishing new healthier patterns, digging deep to create something meaningful not just for myself, but others and leading my children to a good place where they can start their adult lives with a healthy outlook on their own individuality. 

    This would not be possible if I did things differently than I did. Looking back and reviewing the chain of events over the past 12 years showed me that my authenticity through all the struggles is what kept it real.

    I will preach to anyone who is moving through the chaos to work on knowing yourself and to strive to own it. Believe in yourself. Be authentic. Own your truth.

    I started Have Some Fun Today because I had a vision of what it could be to share the things I design with others to make them happy, to make people smile, to remind people that LIFE is SHORT!

    I believed in it. I was capable of making it happen and the people around me believed in me. Being Authentic is what helped me earn the trust between me and my backers, because they knew I would work tirelessly to do what I said I would do no matter how much I would have to dedicate myself to reaching my goal.

    In less than a month a whole new decade will emerge and I am stoked!

    What is vastly important to live your best life is to define who you are, what is important to you and why. This is the groundwork for creating meaning and purpose in your life and let me tell you it is Never Too Late.

    I share the discount code ; NEVERTOOLATE with you for a 30% off discount on HSFT - one use per customer. It is a great little incentive to change up your game, motivate you to live in the moment and get excited for a fresh new decade...

    Life truly is amazing and everyone has something of value inside them, you just got to be courageous enough to figure out what that is:)

    Love & Light,


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  • This is where things get real...... 

    Last summer I caught a podcast on Goop and started to go down the rabbit hole around the idea of why some people seem to get what they want, the job, the relationship, the success, and other people try and just fall short.

    Then I started to read about Lacy Phillips and her manifestation workshops that you can do online. The more I read, the more I asked myself why don't I have a relationship? why haven't I attained better success with my past endeavors?

    I know I have all the ingredients required for amazing stuff to happen: I'm talented, smart, attractive, fun and (stable), so why don't I have all the things that I want in life?

    I had nothing to lose and on a whim I signed up for the TOBEMAGNETIC program.

    I've been doing it now since the beginning of the summer and just the other day I realized that I am actually manifesting right now the things I specifically set out to manifest. It's like a miracle in a way, but it isn't at all because it is merely me doing the work.

    The work is looking at, thinking through, and rediscovering my past to understand where my own personal disconnect is around certain topics of ownership, authenticity, self love, self esteem, trust, worthiness and the list goes on. These essential patterns of behavior can be reprogrammed in our brains if we know how to tap into the subconscious and retell the story in a way that reveals our authentic needs and dreams. Unblock the energy. Create a new story that will tell the right story to the universe.

    And so 6 months later after journalling, meditating, delving deep into my past experiences and seeing where I want my future to go I am amazed that the things I set out to work on through this series of workshops are actually working. And it makes total sense, it is not magic, it is science.

    I'm just going to say this: if you don't have what you want in life, you need to take a step back and clear away the clutter of old habits, old ways of thinking that aren't a true reflection of your authentic self. And at every step ask yourself if you are standing in your worth. If it isn't a hell yes, then it's a hell no. And that is when you gotta own that truth and move past whatever that test was.

    Here is the crazy part; as you stand in your worth and reject things that are not aligned with where you want to go, that is the moment when the right opportunities appear and work out.

    So this is where I say to you, close your eyes and tell me your wildest dreams. What do you want? Think about it and write it down. Say it out loud, post it on your social media. Get the word out and stay in your worth to achieve it. 

     Here I am now; 54 years (young) and finally figuring out that it was me holding me back. Me failing the tests of life because somewhere deep down I told myself I wasn't good enough, not worthy enough and I didnt even realize I was doing this!

    When I asked myself WHY dont I have everything I want in life, I was open to hearing this explanation and it made sense to me. Maybe one of you will hear my message and you too will look into changing your future.

    Wishing you all the desire to go after your wildest dreams. Whatever they are because it is Never too late:) especially as we are about to begin a new decade!

    Use the code NEVERTOOLATE to get 35% off our website today.

    At Have Some Fun Today we walk the walk and talk the talk:)

    "Have Some Fun Today" - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,


    #tobemagnetic, #lacyphillips, #HSFT #Havesomefuntoday #manifest #goop #podcast




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  • “What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”  - Mary Oliver

    Great question to think about, but what is your answer? And please don’t say I don’t know. 

    Here’s the deal, many of us are just floating by in life without a sail and that’s totally cool If you are happy just sailing wherever the current takes you. But you can steer....:)

     I decided a while ago, I wanted to steer. I still have to flow with the currents, but I have spent the time to decide the direction I want to go. I have a goal, I know I’m capable, and now I have a plan too. This is how I can manifest what I want out of this precious life of mine and you can too!

    "It is never too late." That is the theme of my Have Some Fun Today blogs. 

    For the rest of 2019 I challenge whoever is reading this to try something new if you have never done it before. Make a list of your top 5 priorities for the remainder of this decade. Yes I said decade. And there are only 3 months left! 

     2020 will bring in a new decade, and I can’t think of a better time than now to start to manifest the life you dream of.
    When you are done reading this get out a journal and a pen and write down your list of the things you still want in your life. 

    I say to do it now because in order to set the energy of yourself and the energy of the "universe" in motion you need to own it. And there is no time like the present!

    You can’t just randomly think it, you can’t be wishy washy about it, maybe you want it, maybe you don't deserve it, maybe you aren't good enough for it, “it’s ok; I dont need it.” - Get rid of all those excuses now and believe that you do indeed deserve great things to happen to you.

    Nevertoolate is a special code I share with my blog readers to give them a little incentive, "a little fun" - pun intended:) 

    Use the code Nevertoolate after you are done reading this blog (and making your manifestation list) to shop for something that you can use or share to inspire yourself to do something more with your life.  
    Everyone has a purpose. The purpose isn't going to be emailed to you, or sent to you in the mail. You will have to do the work to discover what it is.

    Right now I have committed to cool online manifestation group called To Be Magnetic.
    It has been an amazing, eye opening journey for me to uncover my own personal blocks and shadows - the things keeping me from manifesting all that I deserve. It has also helped me to expand by seeing other people who are achieving similar things that I too want to achieve. So many wonderful programs are out there, this is just one I have been loving and seeing results from. 

    So remember - 3 months left of 2019....

    What do you want in the time left? Make the list. Set your intentions. Plan out what you need to do to start to make those things happen.

    1. Go back to school

    2. Lose 10 lbs

    3. Run a 10K

    4. Do a triathalon

    5. Buy a house

    6. Propose to your girlfriend

    7. Start that company

    8. Start a podcast

    9. Write that book

    10. Learn how to play the piano

    ANYTHING you want to do you can do. There are steps, but it is Never too late.

    Check out the Have Some Fun Today line and shop today for 35% off when you use the code nevertoolate at checkout. Great t -shirts, totes, bags, jewelry and lots more to remind you that life is freaking great. Its not easy by any means, but there is so much Joy and Fun to be had. 

    Now get back to work on your own masterpiece :)

    "Have Some Fun Today" - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,



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  • “Your life, your masterpiece.”

    Whew, now breathe in and breathe out......:)

    As I stand here today with what feels like at least 10 lives under my belt I can comfortably say that I have so much more to learn. (and that is a huge relief as I was afraid I might know everything there is to know...) haha joke.

    So just when you are getting bored with hearing people spout on about nutrition, positive thinking and wellness something new slaps you in the face and says,”what about this?”.....
    I find it amazing that I can still be surprised by how much I do not know about human behavior and myself.
    Just recently I experienced an enlightening idea that even though I have done a lot of internal work I still have so much more to understand about life and strangely enough it doesn’t give me anxiety, It makes me feel free.
    To acknowledge that we are all works in progress is comforting. It is a space that allows us to give ourselves permission to explore other facets of who we are and that’s kinda fun...:)

    If this concept seems out of left field then my apologies, but if you were kinda heading here on your own then let’s talk:)

    As I do what I do daily as the founder of a brand, a movement, a lifestyle concept that involves creating a positive open vibe and hopefully inspiration for people to enjoy their life more fully. I am always open to exploration of how to manifest the best possibilities for myself and Have Some Fun Today.

    ....and I have only just begun.

    A few years back a new friend called me a “late bloomer”. I have to admit I was a little offended by his assessment at the time, but he was right. I am.
    And that’s ok.

    I think actually many of us are. For many we have been raising kids, devoting ourselves to careers, struggling to find a lasting relationship, living in a place we just ended up after college and now we are waking up and saying: “hey, wait a minute... what do I still want out of life?”

    For one, we want to be happy.

    It's never too late that is my thing about life. I may be a late bloomer for making my talents and abilities shine to the level they can, to living in the place that allows me to thrive, but it ain’t too late :)

    It's time to give ourselves space to be open, to be free to explore at our own pace what that could mean for each of us.

    And yes we need reminders. For me and many others positive reminders are extremely helpful, that’s why Have Some Fun Today is a perfect vehicle for helping people to do that.
    A pillow in your home, your everyday tote bag, your clutch for going out for a fun night, your exercise gear, your hoodie & t shirt or the coffee mug you use everyday. I invite you to use the code: Nevertoolate for a 35% discount on your next order at havesomefuntoday.com and let that help you be reminded to have more fun!

    "It is not what you say or what you do that people will remember, it is how you made people feel." - Maya Angelou

    Sending love and encouragement to everyone to have more fun in life, it is never too late.

    Now get back to work on your own masterpiece :)

    "Have Some Fun Today" - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,



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  • Lean into having more FUN everyday

    The best anti aging remedy out there is having fun:

    Ever notice the people who "play" at life seem to be the ones who are smiling and laughing and moving with ease? Well it is no coincidence that staying young at heart, body and soul has a direct correlation to how we enjoy life. All of life.

    "The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labour and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both. - Zen Master

    To me this is how I intentionally choose to experience life. Long before I decided to start Have Some Fun Today, I connected with this Zen Master quote and a lightbulb went off that this is my life goal. Then Have Some Fun Today came along and I dove right in to the deep end. Without a business plan, without being involved in fashion for the previous 20 years, yep- just did a double off the high dive.

    And guess what? I'm having fun:)!!

    I'm not saying its easy. It's not. I'm not saying I'm retiring, I'm not..... But it is a refreshing journey everyday and the rewards I see from diving in without my floaties is that I am evolving on multiple levels and my life has dimensions that I would never have experienced if I didnt just go for it.

    So what is it that you have been keeping on the back burner in your head? Travelling to some exotic place? Learning to play base guitar? Getting certified to dive? It could be anything..... The point is, now's the time to do whatever it is that you have been putting off. Have Some Fun Today.

    This is the key. This is what struck me that morning 5 years ago when I was thinking about what my dad said for all those years. He didn't care if it sounded silly. He had full conviction and that is what it takes to make dreams reality. Boy I miss him, but he gave us all a gift of reminding us to enjoy our lives.

    Make it an intention. This is why I started this brand and am on this journey. To share this amazing mesage with everyone I can by putting it on stuff that we use and wear. Use the code: Nevertoolate to get 35% off when you shop for something you can use to be your reminder to have fun. 

    I'm not saying quit your job and eat candy all night binge watching Game of Thrones, but I am saying check out our awesome athletic high waisted leggings to wear to work out in to motivate you to enjoy keeping your body healthy.

    Life is what you make it, if you believe there is more for you to experience then dive in like I did:)

    "Have Some Fun Today" - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,


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