Day 6 – Post Surgery 

    1. You have to be mentally strong to do a surgery like this
    1. Everything leading up to this surgery and since then, has given me an appreciation for a healthy body
    1. I have a renewed respect and fascination for medical innovation and science
    1. Sometimes you have to put your faith in the science to fix the problem, instead of putting a Band-Aid on it
    1. Recovery is a full time job, mentally and physically
    1. Being as healthy as possible going into any surgery will make recovery easier

    Just a little over two weeks ago, I had a bilateral hip replacement. It was a bold decision to have both my hips replaced at such a young age, but with the help of an incredible doctor, some indisputable facts and knowing I had tried everything else I could, it was time.

    Why did I do it?

    I’ve had some time to think a lot the last few days, as I watch my body go through the incredible process of healing. A walker, my bed, my laptop, occasional visitors; this has been my world.

    The biggest gift of this whole process is what it’s taught me and reminded me about myself. A double hip replacement forces one to slow down, but it’s also an invitation to go inward and reflect. I can clearly see now that my whole journey through pain, treatment and eventually surgery, has truly been such a gift.

    I’ve been living with intense physical pain in my hips the last four years. And I spent a large part of that time seeking alternative treatments and doing everything I could to make it better. I was determined to change it.

    Your Body Really Is A Temple

    For most of my adult life, the one thing I’ve been able to control was my fitness and body image. After my youngest daughter was born, I made a commitment to take better care of myself so that I could be healthy and strong for my daughters. I truly believe that’s one of the most important things you can do for your children.

    By my late 30’s, I had a better, stronger, and leaner body than ever before in my life. When my sister started RADO Nutritionin California, it opened me up to a whole world of nutrition and natural supplements. My workouts moved to things like Pilates, yoga and personal training. I loved the way I felt.

    My journey to stay fit and eat healthy foods opened up a more evolved sense of self in my 40’s. I began to study spirituality, psychology and really make a mind-body-spirit connection through things like yoga and meditation.

    I’ve found that being healthy and strong both mentally and physically, carried me through the difficult times that were ahead for me, like the ending of my 17-year marriage and several years later, the death of my father.

    A Brand Comes to Life

    When I started Have Some Fun Today4 years ago just after my father passed, I knew it would take my blood, sweat and tears to bring this brand into existence. It was an enormous amount of work that would require all my stamina and strength and anyone that knows me, knows that I wouldn’t be doing this half-ass. This was going to take my everything, if it was going to be something worthwhile. 

    A year into the building of my company, I started having difficulty with my hips and movement. I initially thought it was a minor injury or strain on my joints. But soon I was having a hard time working out and even walking. I started looking for anything and everything to help me; chiropractors, physical therapists, sports medicine therapists, Pilates instructors, strength trainers and massage therapists. In addition to my new company and being a mom to two teenage girls, attending to “my hips” was becoming a full-time job.

    A Crystal Clear Revelation 

    A few months ago, I was reading about some alternative therapy for joints. I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and another doctor to start some alternative therapy. ”Hip replacement” was not even on my radar.

    As I chatted with the physicians assistant about my plan, the doctor came in and bluntly said, “You need a full double hip replacement”. For the first time since this whole thing had started, I was able rationally able to see it. I needed a double hip replacement and no amount of alternative therapies were going to change that.

    I realized that everything I was doing would not result in me being able to move without pain the way I wanted. Sitting there in that doctor’s office, it became so crystal clear to me that it was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to waste any more time and scheduled the surgery as soon as I could.

    Re-building and Reconnecting

    Looking back, I think I was learning to live with my pain, without realizing how much of a limitation it was really putting on my life.

    In the days since the surgery, through all the pain and the slow recovery, I keep coming back to this one thing. With my legs numb and swollen, as I push myself to get out of this bed and walk every hour, the message is loud and clear. The only person that I have to answer to is me. If I want to get better, then I have to push myself. If I want to heal and be strong again, I have to dig in and get on this road to recovery, because no one else is going to put me there. I want to get better for me.

     As I work daily and hourly to re-connect my mind-body, it takes an excruciating amount of concentration between my brain and my body to just move. Small steps with a walker, little victories as I see things changing in the smallest of ways, I feel the shift. I realize how much our thoughts control our actions. I’m using those same tools that I honed through my health and wellness journey all those years ago. Then I get back in the bed, prop my legs up and rest until it’s time to do it all over again in another hour.

    Gratitude Is A Game Changer

    And through all of this, I do NOT feel sorry for myself.  I just feel grateful. The gift is that when I am better, I will have joy of knowing what it means to move without cringing pain or limping. I will know the difference.

    My fitness, nutrition and spiritual habits have been my go-to for coping until the storm passes. I feel like taking care of myself this way has saved me from the depths of despair when things have been most challenging. And now my body will be even stronger, wiser and healthier as I continue to climb the challenges that life brings me every day.

    A steady mind, a healthy life will persevere through almost anything. 


    I cannot wait for what is in store and what life has for me just around the bend. 

    What I’ve come to understand is that this was about quality of life. My wise father said these four simple, sweet words when you left his company, “Have some fun today”. And after he left this world, his words are still with us. They mean more to me now then I could ever know.

    Those words are brilliant. And that philosophy, the HSFT mantra, is why I ultimately said yes to the double hip replacement. Have Some Fun Todayis seeking quality of life, searching for that little bit of magic, reaching for something higher. Something better.

    I said yes to something to give me back my quality of life so I could truly live the “HSFT” life. I knew I had to make a change to be free, and live unhindered by pain. There’s nothing stopping me now from having “fun”. We are not here for that long. Our time is fleeting in this world and what lies in between should be our own wonderful, crazy, interesting and unique story. Stake your claim. Make the decision to do something bold and unexpected so you can live the best life you can!

    That’s what I think my Dad was saying. Have some fun. Today. Don’t put it off. Don’t find another excuse. You don’t get another shot at this.

    Thanks, Dad. I really needed to hear that.

    Love, light and HSFT,




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    Something New For HSFT

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power we have to shift our lives when we use our mindfulness and positivity. Like living the HSFT mindset. I love how contagious it is and how it can impact everyone around us.

    That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new HSFT affiliate program. So many of you fell in love with the HSFT philosophy over the years and have been asking how you can be part of spreading the HSFT message. We can’ think of a better way.

    From Vibe To Tribe

    It couldn’t be easier to link your vibe and your energy to our mission and spread the word about HSFT. You can start by simply going here and apply to join as an HSFT affiliate.

     Once you’re approved, you will receive your own personal link, which you can begin sharing with your friends and followers! You’ll be able to use your link to log-in and track your sales, too. Any purchases made with your link earns you a 10% commission, just for sharing the vibe you already love!

     All the details and specifics about becoming our affiliate are on our website and if you have any questions, just email us at info@havesomefuntoday.com.

    Let’s Celebrate With A Summer Sale!

    It’s the perfect time to start sharing HSFTwith our huge “End of Summer” Clearance Sale. I always like to make way for the new with a good clearing out and that means fabulous shopping. It’s literally our biggest sale of the year with 60% off!! (Use code endofsummer at checkout.)

    And it is a perfect reason to re-stock your arsenal of your “daily mantra” wear. The hoodies, the muscle tees, the tanks, oh my!

    Welcome To The HSFT Community

    This is one of the by-products I’ve loved about starting this brand; bringing like-minded people together and sharing the message that my Dad shared with us. Have Some Fun Today.

    And the affiliate program is just another extension of that for me. When I started Have Some Fun Today over 4 years ago, it was to honor the mantra my father said as he parted company with anyone. My Dad lived his life with love and intention. And through my brand, HSFT, I’ve given life to those words again.

    I hope you’ll join us and in sharing Have Some Fun Today.


    Live and Love & Always, HSFT,










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    Lotions, Serums and Creams, Oh My!

    I’m slightly obsessed with beauty products. I’m a full-fledged, self-confessed beauty products junkie who is always on the hunt for a product that helps me look, feel, and even smell beautiful. And I love when I find just the right one. 

    There are so many products out there, from anti-aging to hydration. And we need different products for different stages in our lives and even different seasons. Our skin is our largest organ, so how you take care of it matters.

    Damage to our skin can come from lots of different things. Aging skin loses elasticity. Sun damage, hormonal shifts, environmental toxins, even foods we eat can directly impact how our skin reacts.








    What's in the Bag, Baby

    As I gear up for some HSFT in the summer sun, beach days and pool lounging, (in between working relentlessly for my brand HSFT), I’m building up my arsenal of new summer beauty products.

    We’re showing lots more skin in the summer months, for starters our HSFT high cut one-piece, so I start by finding products that help me protect my skin and give it that pretty summer glow.

    This summer, my HSFT luxe tote becomes my beach bag and I’m filling it with my beauty “must-haves” for my beloved trips to the Jersey shore. Here’s a few of my new favs.

    Summer Beauty Bag

    • Firming botanical oil from African Botanicsis fabulous. It has a great fragrance and is just sheer heaven for exposed arms, decollate and legs. It’s a summer “staple” and really nourishes and tightens skin.
    • I’m loving a new company from Malibu, CA called Kayo. Their Body Serum is made with hyaluronic acid and gives intense hydration. It’s so good it’s currently sold out online! Their Body Beautiful Cremè is made with an omega oil blend and it takes your skin care to the next level.
    • I love a slight summer “sheen” to glowy and dewy summer skin. Sol de Janeiro makes a dry, non-stick glow oil with this beachy fresh smell. Brazilian beauty is on point and this body shimmer is everything. My fav is the Ipanema Sunset glow oil. It’s a limited edition, so get it before it’s gone.
    • It’s true, I love a little summer sun-kissed skin but never without some legit sun protection. I’ve always got my HSFT trucker hat in my bag and a great sunscreen. The latest and greatest is this SPF 50 from Kate Somerville called “Uncomplicated”. I’m hooked. It’s a soft focus makeup setting spray with a whole lotta protection. So good, I bought two.
    • Great skin calls for great hair and I LOVE the new brand called LOVE Hair. We all went through that phase with giant tub of kitchen-grade coconut oil mixed in with our beauty products. But this is “next level organic cold-pressed coconut oil. It’s made to condition hair that is stressed from styling and the elements, like summer sun and fun. Sure, Beach Hair Don’t Care, but keep it effortless and healthy. Bonus that you can use it on your skin and nails and it smells divine.


    I hope your summer plans include lots of fun in the sun. Just make sure to drink lots of water, grab a great summer read and keep that glowing skin healthy and beautiful!

    And always, HSFT!

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  • When we consistently practice positive daily rituals, every challenge becomes an opportunity. 

    Jesse Golden

    How Did You Find Me?

    Inspiration. It comes to us in all different ways and when it takes hold, it speaks to us for many different reasons.

    My own struggle with chronic pain and arthritis put me on a path to finding new and different ways to healing and living pain-free. I was particularly drawn to a brand and the woman who started it, Jesse Golden who has been living with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years. Her company is “The Golden Secrets”.

    A Painful Truth

    A few years ago, I experienced a random injury when I hyperextended my labrum, a part of the hip socket that keeps the joint in place.

    I later found out the everyday pain I was experiencing was actually arthritis. I was just finishing up the first year of my company Have Some Fun Today when the pain began to really impact my life. I started to seek knowledge and information on arthritis. I tried therapies, worked with trainers and really tried to learn as much as I could about what my body was going through.

    When I found Jesse through a friend’s recommendation, I learned she had put herself into remission through holistic practices including diet, essential oils, exercise and meditation.

    She created a whole line of wellness and beauty products including essential oils and has written a book “Golden Secrets To Optimal Health” where she shares her philosophies.

    Sharing The Love

    Each of Jesse’s products comes with a set of affirmations to “further enhance its benefits and encourage daily rituals of self-love.”

    I have become such a fan of her work what she has accomplished. Her philosophy on life, her energy and her honesty has given her strength to face adversity and follow her path, no matter what. Her journey to creating this brand has evolved into a successful business where she shares her story to help people like me.

    Living My HSFT 

    My brand, Have Some Fun Today , is founded on the principle of feeling good, living in the moment and just letting go. I’ve learned so much about myself as I’ve learned to work with the things happening in my body as I live with arthritis.

    HSFT has become a mindset for me; when I nourish my mind and my body, it fully integrates me into the experience of life. That is the heart of my HSFT. Mind, body, spirit, soul.

    It’s the essence of what drew me to someone like Jesse who is living out her truth to help others and in the process, has created something from her biggest challenge and obstacle. That’s her “Golden Secret”.

    That’s my HSFT.

    It's All Good

    Whatever your path, whatever inspires you, stay in the HSFT mindset. As Jesse says, Stay Golden. However you get there, just get there.

    Share the HSFT mindset. Nourish the soul, feed the spirit. And of course, love your mama!

    This week, our 40% off HSFT sale is all about sharing the love. Use our Mother’s Day Code: urthebest to receive the sale price.

    You can find out more about Jesse on her blog and follow her on Instagram.


    Love, Light and HSFT,



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    The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. -Coco Chanel 

    Who are You?

    One of the things I have always held as an unbendable truth is individuality. Being who you are, rather than what everyone thinks you are, takes courage. It can be so hard sometimes to keep your own vision and see your own unique path, especially when it's different from everyone else.

    This is what I love about fashion, design and art. Having a unique vision and an individual perspective can be risky but it can also set you apart from what everyone else is doing. Can we stay true to who we are and our vision and still have success?

    The Beauty of Individuality

    Yes, yes, yes! I believe it’s the only way to have real success and happiness. Our authentic self is the way we can truly express our creativity and our perspective. Don’t settle for anything less than being you. At times in my life, it has almost broken me to maintain my individuality. But I believed in my vision because I believed it was right, even when it wasn’t the mainstream.

    There’s so much distraction and comparison and it's tempting to sometimes take the path of least resistance, because it’s easier and because we fit in when we take the “path most travelled”. It takes a strong and confident person to walk in their individuality. But I think that’s when the magic happens.

    When I read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, it reinforced my belief in individuality as a worthwhile life goal to achieve excellence and breakthroughs in this world. “If we all followed all the same rules, life would be boring, there would be no break thoughts or discoveries or cures.” When we step out of the box, real life begins.


    Having Some Fun And Being You

    April is my birthday month and I always take time to reflect on lessons of the past year. Lessons I’m still processing and pondering, direction for the future, for myself, and for Have Some Fun Today. I’m evolving and growing every day and every year, and becoming truer to who I am. I’m listening more to my inner voice and true self and less to the noise.

    And that’s the full circle moment of Have Some Fun Today. In its simplest form, it is just appreciating the here and now and carrying a reminder or wearing one that tells you to Have Some Fun Today.

    Be your own YOU! Have the ice cream, take the incredible vacation, follow the pull of your heart. It’s easy to shut those things down or talk yourself out of it when it’s not what we “should” do or what others want us to do.

    I believe in listening to your inner voice and following the vision. That’s the HSFT. Life is too short to worry about fitting in or being mainstream. And sometimes, it should just be about the ice cream.





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  • Nothing like a photo shoot to inspire your style!

    Like a Boss, Babe

    Today HSFT hit NYC with model Chrissy Ionno and photographer Hassan Kinley. We styled Chrissy in the cool vibe of  Have Some Fun Today like a “Boss Babe” -ageless, fit, healthy and stylish.

    In my own personal style, I love to combine great fitting jeans or leggings with one of our new HSFT Spring tees. I also love the option of a classic but modern mini skirt.

    It's Just Getting Better

    I’m always working to tweak and update our HSFT line to make it the best in it's cut, style, fit and fashion. I love quality fabric and cuts and I’m excited about some of the newer t-shirt body styles we’ve introduced for the Spring. They're more feminine in fit, to hug curves and shape the body better.

    Our new “Live Love” muscle tank has been a staple in my wardrobe as of late. I’m loving it with leggings for the gym but it’s also fabulous with a leather mini and booties.

    The grey muscle tank is all about the neutrality and perfection of that color and it's fabulous fit. I’ve been wearing it with my slim high-waisted jeans and white booties.

    I always gravitate to simple and clean looks that have a modern twist and a cool style. That was my motivation for the new tees in our Spring line. The tees are chic and stylish with that trendy boutique feel.

    Three Steps To Spring Style

    For effortless Boss Babe style:

    • A new t-shirt can go a long way. The gym or cocktails, it’s all about how you wear it.
    • A pair of booties. It’s all about the boots this spring and summer. With a western flare or a classic pointed toe, they’re showing up in every color and style. We’re partial to the white.
    • High-waisted denim. This cut of denim is so super flattering, it’s better than shapewear, instantly flattening the tummy and giving you that shapely waist. We love the ones from Mother Denim at shopbop.

    Pop on a leather jacket or chic blazer and you’ve just created your go-to Spring look for any occasion. Just like that...

    It's all about sexy, chic and stylish and it's always about HSFT.




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