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  • New year, new president, and new outlook on life in 2021. 

    Resilience, grace and gratitude are three ways to start this new energy.

    Last month I shared what helped me feel nurtured on the outside and this month and in the coming months I will continue to share the things, the practices, the products and the people that help me always be moving toward my most authentic and healthy self so that I and the people around me can Have Some Fun everyday:)

    For many years I have known that we as humans should look at all aspects of our lives as being fully integrated in order to get the most out of life. So that means our work, our passions, our hobbies, our relationships, our physical presence and our internal state are all part of who we are as uniquely different and special people.

    Recently in a conversation with one of my best friends, as we chatted about the concept of self "work", the word work can often misrepresent what that really is. When I say I am doing the work, I'm really saying I am loving myself and nurturing my relationship with myself. That is really the truth of the matter and when you are committed to discovering your authentic self and realizing your true potential, doing "the work" is a fun and healthy addiction.

    One of the major components of this self work is taking a better look at your health. I for one have long been a proponent of a healthy lifestyle with what I eat and drink and this includes the supplements I take. 

    Luckily for me I have a sister who is a nutritionist and she has been amazing in sharing her expertise and getting to know other health and wellness practicioners that take longevity of our bodies very seriously. 

    A healthy happy life needs a healthy body. Some of the main supplements I am taking now as a 50+ woman are natural Bio-Identicle Hormones, whole body collagen powder from Rado Nutrition, NMN which is an antiaging supplement that increases NAD, Vitamin D, Zinc, Hyluronic Acid, Tesamorelin, and a cortisol supplement at night. (All the above supplements are available through Rado Nutrition and VitalifeMD.)

    Along with my daily health regimen I have recently become mildly obsessed with sleep. For years I just complained about it, blaming my bad sleep patterns on my malfunctioning hips. But even though it improved after my pain was gone through hip surgery, I had adopted some bad habits that also interfered with my sleep like watching TV in bed into late hours at night. 

    It was only after watching a MasterClass with Matthew Walker on sleep, that I set out to change my nightly routine to get a better quality sleep that will help me thrive in every area of my wellness. I strongly recommend checking that class  out; it will rock your world!

    Once you make a plan and get a routine going, it is so much easier to feel good and feel ready for some fun. With new energy heading our way, maybe it's time to look at your current routine both inside and outside your body and make some tweaks?

    Take a deep breathe, I feel better energy is on the way - what has happenned in your life came to show you something. Even reading these words is happening because there is something here for you. That is what the Have Some Fun Today community is all about after all.

     Choose your vibe, choose your path and enjoy the journey.....

    To help you get in the mood to Have More Fun in 2021 shop our line of all kinds of things to help guide you and remind you that life should be full of joy. Use the code: funin2021 for 25% off:))

      Love & Light,


    #femalefounder #wordsofwisdom #innerhealth #newenergy #DrFradinRead #LisaRado #nutritionist #Radonutrition #Vitalifemd #tesamorelin #Havesomefuntoday #2021 #matthewwalker #sleep #masterclass #vitaminD #cortisol #mnm #NAD #zinc #Bioidenticalhormones #50+ #selfwork #selflove


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  • Lessons for Living a Good Life

    I can remember being in my grandmothers kitchen surrounded by grown ups and listening to their chatter as kids raced in and out of the room grabbing food from the holiday platters. I liked being around the adults and hearing what their lives sounded like and I would think to myself, when I grew up things would magically work out in some amazing kind of way. 

    I dreamed of being a famous designer. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make clothes or design houses and yet I also loved to draw and paint, but that in my mind was secondary to the designing, to me the art was a means to an end. 

    Then I grew up. In a flash I was in college studying advertising because art school was out of the question for some reason. Advertising seemed as creative as I could get with a college degree and it wasn't until I spent a summer in a little town in southern France being an au pair that I knew I needed to go to Parsons for fashion design.

    My parents agreed that if I could get accepted to Parsons, I could go. That was very generous of them to say the least. (I was the oldest of 5 children and by that time they already had 3 kids in college) and now I wanted to extend my higher education with a second degree in NYC!

    Parsons was hard. It was competitive like nothing I had ever experienced, but I had something inside me and I knew had to try. I delved into discovering how to create cohesive designs from an idea and then take it from concept to creation.

    During my time at Parsons I had a few encounters with several noteworthy designers on a personal level that I knew were signs, but I didn't know how to interpret them and use them as expanding experiences like I now know today.

    Like the time Mark Jacobs came and sat down next to me in the student lounge while I was hand beading a chiffon tank top. He came over & eagerly chatted with me that he was doing the same thing for his upcoming show! ( gasp ! - little did Mark know, he was one of my biggest inspirations for me to go to Parsons in the first place! )

    Then there was the time in the elevator in The Design Building and Isaac Mizrahi squeezed in, I had just finished watching his "crit session" and told him as I exited how much I enjoyed & got out of his session and didn't he step out of the elevator to yell after me "Good Luck to you ! "

     Donna Karan was like an icon to me and one night in my first year at Parsons while I was working a private party as the coat check /bartender for the Dean of the school she sat at a nearby table staring at me while her gorgeous husband, the late Stephan Weiss  approached me and asked "who I was wearing"... I was wearing my grandmothers dress from the 40's :)

     Lastly, that time at MK (a posh NYC club in the late 80's) when Calvin Klein walked towards me flanked by a fashionable entorage, and as he passes me he slowly looks me up and down and I thought "WOW - I just got checked out by Calvin Klein!" :)) - That was a highlight of my year:)

     When I look back at those moments now, it's obvious they were signs. I just didn't know how to make sense out of them at that time. And now, as I am moving through sweeping changes in my life and I am delving more into the art of manifesting, I understand those encounters were messages from the universe to tell me I have something special inside me.

    Maybe this blog is for someone who wants to do something but is afraid to start, to share something inside them, to try something they never tried to do before but have a feeling they should. That person could be a teenager, a 20 something, or a 50 something.  A few weeks ago I was interviewed on a cool podcast called Her Success Story and I spoke with the host Ivy Slater a professional business coach about those moments when everything is crystal clear, that ahah moment. I think you have to remember what made you excited or happy when you were a kid, what you thought you would be when you grew up. Those memories are not throw aways, there is probably more info in those memories than you realize. 

    Think too if you have memories of things that maybe now looking back were "signs' for you too. I bet many of you who read this would have a bunch of those memories. Think how they fit together and maybe that idea you have isn't so crazy after all. Maybe this blog was just the thing you needed to read to decide to take an action.

    I think the actions we take toward things we want in life are the things we will be most proud of when we start to slow down a bit and take a look back. To me right now I feel that there is only so much time left to make those successes happen, to learn a little more about something that sounds intriguing, to try some new food, or to immerse yourself in a book and throw yourself into another world and time.

    Living a good life comes down to knowing who you are, fully acknowledging all that you are and making the continued effort to find your purpose and then act on that. Knowing that your life is a series of tests and experiences to guide you in knowledge so that you have the tools to fulfill your purpose.

    So there is no use complaining, no use lying or cheating or being jealous because you would only be sabotaging your own growth and evolution.

    Own your truth.

    That is a happy life. So be what you want to be, follow your own rules and your own path. 

    The world has lots of room for improvement so please let's be part of that.

    Always - lets put on a happy face and Have Some Fun Today! 25% off with the code:2020 

    Namaste and let's be mindful of what is to come on November 3, 2020.

     "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


    #designer #parsons #aupair #advertising #pennstate #markJacobs #donnakaran #stephenweiss #calvinklein #isaacmizrahi #tobemagnetic #lacyphillips #havesomefuntoday #liveagoodlife #lessons #electionday #nov32020 #hersuccessstory #ivyslater #businesscoach #womeninbusiness



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  • Expand or Stay Small - Up to You :)


    Many years ago when I was just starting with Facebook I heard about this other new App where you could share cool photo's on a digital platform. Me, having been an art student and long time photography lover since the early 80's was so stoked to be able to make art on my phone and share it to this cool new App called Instagram.

       That is now over 10 years ago and although I have enjoyed the many different phases I have gone through with my love for being able to make art so randomly and easily, I have come to see it in a new light. 

       To scroll through a feed and see images of women who are doing powerful things in business, fashion, wellness, spirituality; as well as seeing men too who are sharing their ideas about health, relationships, design & food is actually a very helpful tool in the practice of manifestation.

     What you may not realize is that when you are scrolling your instagram, your brain is subconsciously recording these images and other information. How you view the girl with the beautiful wardrobe and the perfect job you would love to have is actually a great expander for you if you choose to look at it that way.

     You see, the way we exist in our daily lives is all we really know. Yes, we can travel to experience more (well not so much now...) we can also watch movies and see people doing cool things that we too would love to do, we can read articles and books to expand our horizons, but now we can also use social media to expand what else is possible for us if we can learn to use it that way.

     One of the techniques I have learned in the past year when I am feeling stuck in a rut on a subject is to cruise my instagram and look for expanders. Which simply means looking for other people who have been successful with whatever it is I am looking to do. 

     Grow your business: Masterclass has helped tremendously with this... and I learned about that on my social media. To hear Diane Von Furstenberg talk about how she had her first meeting with Diana Vreeland at 23 is incredibly inspiring to me, or to listen to Sara Blakely talk about how she grew her Spanx business and what the tools were that helped her. So Amazing to hear! And so I follow these people and I expand my world by expanding my subconscious through seeing and reading about what they have done.

     Live a healthier life: googling the most successful female entrepreneurs of the past 10 years and voila I came across Taryn Toomey who founded The Class in NYC. I started to follow her on IG and now I am doing The Class on demand whenever I want to.

     Whatever you want to achieve someone somewhere is doing something like it and you can find out about them and how they did it. What worked for them and what didn't. Get the idea?

      It doesn't matter if you are 16 or 60... if you have a hunger for learner more, being more, being anything for that matter the power is in you. There is a way to figure anything out if you are hungry enough for it. 

     Here are some starting points if this sounds interesting to you:

    1. Think about some of the things you want to manifest.

    2. Once you are there with this list I recommend looking at what you allow into   your feed. Is it positive? Is it inspiring? Start to create a feed that consists of accounts that can be expanders for you.

    3. Ditch the negative commentary on the girl with the perfect job and the great apartment by looking at her instead as an expander. When you see people doing cool interesting things in this way they actually WILL BECOME expanders. When you look at it negatively, you are actually shutting yourself off from accomplishing these things and you are just keeping yourself small.

    4. Notice what interests you and search for expanders in these areas, it will blossom into manifesting situations that will start to show you a true direction.

    5. Check out the IG page for To Be Magnetic - follow her and also consider joining the community to do the online workshops on manifesting the life you desire.

    6. Be realistic and patient. When we look for expanders we aren't going to have overnight success and have a completely a different life with just a few adds of an Instagram account. These are just some tools for showing your subconscious what can be possible. What does it look like; let me learn more how that came to be. It is in the process of self love, self understanding and self change that we have the actual power to transform our lives.

    Even the things we choose to align with are hugely important. My work at Have Some Fun Today is my work in progress and I look for expanders everyday as a designer, a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur and a voice of a modern woman who feels the need to be present in these changing times and I want to be part of that culture of change.

    In life you have two choices: expand or stay small... you decide and if you are choosing to be open to the concept of expansion know that our brand is here to support that. One of my purposes I have come to realize is to share this message  loud, clear and consistently: Have Some Fun Today!  

    Use the code: 2020 and get 25% off your order right now....:)


     "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


    #theclass #taryntoomey #tobemagnetic #dianevonfurstenberg #sarablakely #masterclass #inspiringwomen #femaleentrepreneurs #instagram #facebook #havesomefuntoday #expanders #manifesting #2020 #spanx # Dianavreeland

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  • The new "NEW" Normal- #HSFT

    Here's the real opportunity: create a NEW normal that is better than anything we have ever seen. 

    As we are faced with social upheaval on every level, we have a unique opportunity to branch out and throw away what has not been serving us as a whole, and reprogram our daily experience with what does serve our changing world. 

    This is not only an American issue, this is a Global issue. To begin to do this, we need to take a look at our own lives and re-evaluate what is no longer serving us to live our best life. After all, we have nothing to lose as we have already lost so much.

    It is a great time to still have those igniting talks with our children, friends, family and co-workers. To simplify our lives into categories and then decide how we can integrate it all together to be better educated on global & local issues, how we can also be healthier, so that we aren't so vulnerable as a society to health concerns. How we go about our days with earning a living and caring for ourselves, our children and the elderly - maybe going to an office rain or shine, in sickness and in health isn't the best way anymore?

    Even where this social phenomenon of 2020 has impacted my personal life as a female entrepreneur in the lifestyle sector has given me pause on what I make, what I say and how I integrate my work, my duties as a mom & daughter and how that reflects my joy and hope for the future. 

    I have changed a lot over the past 8 months in terms of how I am seeing the world and what my place is in it. There are times when it gets me feeling down and instead of brushing it off I deal with it. I feel it, I cry, I withdraw. But, then a new morning comes and I feel empowered to use my voice as a designer, a creator, a woman, a mom, an American and so much more to realize that this is an opportunity to learn and evolve.

    Our lives have many facets, and even though life hands us some unbelieveable challenges, we truly do have the opportunity to work through them to unexpected & better outcomes. As the designer and founder of Have Some Fun Today, the legacy brand I started 6 years ago, I have decided to move my brand even more towards being a global participant in making the world a better place. 

    We understand our mission is to celebrate life, celebrate diversity, celebrate our planet and to do that is to tackle some of the big issues we face today. All we can each do is try. Try to be better, try to accept our challenges with grit and integrity. Try to do our part to extend some optimism to others, wherever we can.

    Help us succeed by supporting our brand, join our email list, engage in our social media platforms and what we will give back to you is positive inspiration, quality products that are accessible, uplifting & will be using more recycled and ecofriendly materials made in factories that care about their employees. We will donate to your charitable causes and we will do our part to be the brand with soul.

    As always in my monthly blog I am offering a discount code to help you HSFT:)

    Try a Tote Bag, a hat, or gift our Gift Box to someone you haven't been able to visit because of Covid. How nice would it be to receive a beautiful black box filled with a nice selection of HSFT gifts such as: the mug, a keychain, a pack of our embossed crown notecards and more... these are all simple little ways to make the world a friendlier and better place:)

    Use the code: 2020 and get 25% off your order right now....:)


     "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


    #globalcitizen #ecofriendly #sustainability #brandwithsoul #femaleentrepreneur #mission #savethechildren #charitablecauses #2020 #covid #Socialmedia #facebook #havesomefuntoday #accessories #education #health 


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  •     I feel like we just lived an extra two years of madness crammed into the last 6 months - right? Well it has felt like that to me:)

        As I have been thinking about this months blog and all the topics fresh in my mind that I have been dealing with, I'm going to start with what my dad was thinking when he began saying "Have Some Fun Today". I know he was juggling a lot: a big family, lots of bills to pay, running a midsize company that he started from scratch with two manufacturing facilities and over 100 employees, several major health issues and his love of having a balance of work and play. Basically a full and complex life like many of us have. Somewhere out of that, this kind, outgoing guy that could sell ice to a Eskimo started to say "Have Some Fun Today." Now I get it more than ever.....

      And to be honest I have had my share of moments where I had to dig deep to find my sunshine. This is what I do for a living right? How can I feel so worn out emotionally and mentally that I can't be authentic in my job of sharing how to HSFT? It happens to the best of us. I have cried more in the past 6 months than I had in the past several years. Cried for the world, cried for those who have lost loved ones, cried for people who have been isolated and depressed, cried for the lack of compassion and leadership our world so desperately needs and when I was done crying I became grateful for my position and grateful to be a voice and a vessel for some happiness that others can feel and wear and share.

         Yes we have a lot to figure out and improve and Yes we aren't out of the woods yet, but these things are here and we either evolve and find ways to uplevel, fix some of these problems and enjoy life, or we don't.

         The past six months have awakened so many of us to the corruption of "the system". If we dwell in the media amongst the childishness of our politicians, and how this storm is whirling over us from so many angles, it is easy to fall prey to becoming depressed and anxious. I have felt this deeply and it has given me a new perspective. We all don't have to agree, but we should be able to respect our disagreements and still play in the sandbox together. That is how we progress as a nation.

        When all the racial riots were in full swing I received an email from a customer of my brand. It was in response to my email that Love is the Answer. While she was polite and well meaning, she wanted to let me know that while she didn't expect me to send out a racially apologetic marketing email addressing the issues at hand, she felt my Love is the Answer email was naive at best. 

        I welcomed the conversation and ansered her about my feelings regarding BLM from my heart (as I am a mother of 1 millenial and 1 Gen Z and we had many many conversations about it) so I was able to share my position with her that I have always had the utmost respect and have worked with and support Black artists, Black models , Black designers, Black photographers, Black customers and Black friends and truly believe that the most beautiful world is one where we respect all races equally. But what came out of my final comment in my conversation with her was that my purpose with my brand is to share something simple that lifts peoples spirits and reminds them whoever they are, whatever race, color, sex or political affiliation to enjoy your life - to Have Some Fun Today .

        She told me she didn't expect to hear a reponse to her email at all, especially from the founder, she thanked me and it felt good to  hear her, and for her to hear me and to give each other the mutual respect that everyone deserves. That is who we are. That is what this brand is about. That is my purpose. That is the brands purpose. We stand by that simplicity and honor the words : Have Some Fun Today.

        So for everyone of you who is reading this, don't forget to have a little fun today.... you never know what the future holds as we have clearly been shown. 

        Carry one of our tote bags, wear a baseball hat, try a graphic tee or send someone who needs a pick me up our new HSFT Gift Box. So many ways to lift your spirit, share a great vibe, feel empowered in caring for your own happiness or to bring some sunshine to someone else. Use the code: 2020 and get 25% off your order right now....:)


     "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


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       A Father's Day dedication to a great man, my dad Joe Rado.

       I believe that everything happens for a reason and that even when people are no longer here they are still teaching and influencing us from that other dimension. My dad had to be my dad. He was the most positive and loving man I have ever known. And even though he is gone, I still feel his lessons; his positive spirit that anything is possible. He kept things simple, family, friends, love and always integrity. And he ended every encounter with the words: Have Some Fun Today.

        I wrote that post two years ago and now 6 years past his leaving us, the man who inspired me to create this brand so that the world could have reminders to Have Some Fun Today is loved more now in his absence than ever before; if that is even possible:)

       As we honor our fathers, the men who stood for us as: protectors, teachers, coaches and providers, let us also be conscious of those fathers who also inspired us through their legacy of love. As a man who diligently shared a mantra that made people smile and took many people off guard with this simplistic message, my dad would certainly say bravo to what Have Some Fun Today has become and where it is going.

        The times we face right now are certainly challenging. It is a time when we may need to dig deeper in exploring what strengths we have that need to be tested and put to work. A good friend recently shared the thought that whenever we have maximized what we have been given, we will always be blessed with more. God didn't make chairs but he did make trees and it is up to us to be resourceful with what he has given us to make the most of it for the future of ourselves and mankind. It's in our DNA to be resourceful. 

      Now is a time to reconnect with the source. Dig deep to find our strength. Look for inspiration in every nook and cranny and embrace the good things in life. As a reminder to the beauty of life, fathers who embraced their duty to protect, lead and inspire I share my brand dedicated to the legacy of love that my father started and my family and I are nurturing.

       Throughout this year I am sharing through my blogs a discount code: 2020 to my readers to receive 25% off Have Some Fun Today so that you can participate in this experiment of love and feel the good vibes of our brand message originated from my dad to you.

    A very happy Father's Day to everyone......:)


           "Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

          Love & Light,


    #Fathersday #2020 #covid19 #fatherslegacy #joerado #stephaniertadotaormina #founder #havesomefuntoday #hsft #lifestylebrand #accessorybrand #QVC #Phillystyle

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