You Are Only as Limited as the Boundaries you Place Around you....

The truth is we have created the boundaries around us. We've also created our own limitations due to past experiences of failure or success; and too often we choose to stay within the confines of those experiences which forms the idea of who we believe we are, even though many of us long for more within our true authentic selves buried deep down underneath all the years of life.

Through manifestation practices we can change those boundaries without moving a muscle. Within the power of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, there are amazing new techniques for creating the life you truly want.

Now a month into 2020 I am setting my sights on some larger goals. Every step on this journey; day by day and month by month, is a chance for me (and you) to evolve your thinking, your mindset, your daily habits, your weekly habits to move toward the places you want to go with your life. Whether it is your body, your career, your home, your finances, your relationships, your future; it's all able to improve if you set your "mind" to it.

The program that got me moving into a new realm of possibility is through Lacy Phillips and her To Be Magnetic program which is all done by you online. But, she isnt the only one, there are so many other spiritual leaders out there for you to check out and take a tidbit from here and there for your health and overall wellness.

It's not time wasted browsing through instagram if you are following people who are "expanders" for you. It's not time wasted to take a half hour in the morning to be quiet in your thoughts, or to listen to an empowering podcast on your commute to work. I could go on and on ..... you must decide what sparks you.

As I move through what I am exploring in relationships and career goals and my overall well being I am again sharing with you my readers a nice discount code from my brand Have Some Fun Today to serve as a reminder, a reinforcer of the positive mantra that kept my dad going through all of his physical and career challenges. Use the code : 2020 at checkout to get 25% off our line. One use per customer. It is the gift to yourself that truly keeps on giving.

My brand is all about integrating well being from the inside out. Which means from your mindset out to what you wear, share, do and say.... 

"Have some fun today." - Joe Rado

Love & Light,


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