• Happiness in the New Year.

     What makes you happy? Is it food, love, music, a favorite type of movie? So many things make us feel good in the moment. The act of being happy is an inside job for sure. Outside things can certainly give us a little seratonin rush, but the real deal is a lifestyle choice.

     I started the brand Have Some Fun Today to share my father's message  in order to make something that is not only beautiful, but also "useful" to the world by providing a daily reminder to pay attention to the things that bring us joy. 

     A tee shirt, a bag or a hat won't permanently put a smile on your face, but the mere choice and decision to wear it is a step towards you owning your part in achieving the lasting happiness we all crave.

     It goes along with New Years resolutions, or joining a gym, or taking yourself on a much needed vacation. It's the supplements you take in the morning to up your game. It's the morning meditation you put 5 minutes aside to do. It's the connection to your best friends who give you encouragement to keep going after your goals.

     Your happiness journey is a sum of many parts. The inside stuff that we are all about; like exercising, therapy, meditation, journaling, self awareness and the outside stuff that is also part of having some fun while you are on your path to a better happier life. 

     Recenty, I have been getting deeper into my own search for meaning. I'm not gonna sugar coat my experience running a small fashion brand, it's hard. In my own inner journey when I ask the question: What is my purpose? I always come back to the same answer; that I was meant to serve others through my work as an artist, designer & visionary leader. Using my work to make others smile no matter if it is a painting, a hat, a bag or a tee shirt. 

    My happiness in 2023 is about me focusing on my creative work without boundaries or rules or outside acclaim. To be happy just to create whatever comes from the inner work I do. 

    What is your plan for happiness in 2023? I hope you are tackling it from all angles.

     For all the people who are reading this I am offering a very special one-time use per person discount as a way to help push the momentum forward on having the best year yet.... 30% off any product with the code: Happiness2023

    May it bring you luck, may it bring you good vibes, positive energy, smiles as you pass when they read what your hat or bag or tee shirt is saying...:)

    Enjoy and Have some fun today!!

    Love & Light,



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  • Hello again my friends - so nice to be back as I took a little hiatus from writing my blogs this year. I swear every time I was about to start a new blog; I would second guess myself and say who reads these anyway? But today I'm going to dip my foot in once again with some realness about why I've taken a pause.
     Social media has become just so saturated. It seems like everyone is sharing their take on self help, nutrition, wellness, art, fashion & every other topic under the sun. Who needs one more person chiming in? So I took a step back and have been watching what's happening to get a sense of what I feel is really needed & wanted from me. 
    I think as humans we have this negative mind bias at times based on our PTSD of past events. This mechanism is there to protect us, but it also limits us and hinders our capacity to be open to feel joy and have fun.
    So to a point I started to feel like I was adding to the noise, and that is the last thing I want to spend my time doing. What matters to me more than anything is helping others see some light that they didn't see before.
    To me, it is so rewarding when I am out and about and I run into people who let me know that my content is meaningful to them. That feels good. It's not that I want to share every tidbit of my life with strangers, but I do want to help other people by telling stories of my experiences. 
    I think to find true meaning in this world you need to be authentic. For people to trust what you are telling them, you need to have a track record of living your life as true to your core as the one you share with the world.
    To find meaning and truth in the society we live in today is to be vigilant with who and what you follow, that also includes the television shows you watch and the people you choose to spend time with. There is this enigma of vibration. I want to be vibrating at a high frequency. Sometimes I can feel it and the awareness of my vibration is so distinct that when something comes at me that brings my vibration down I can feel it immediatly. When I am at my best my vibration is high. When I am at my worst I am vibrating at a very low frequency. 
    To have an awareness about what frequency you are vibrating at and to be able to control your impulses & reactions to the degree where you can ride the wave of high frequency without dropping into lower levels is optimal for living your best life.

      As we are about to head into holiday season, election noise filling the media, people jockeying every where you look for attention & the spot light, please remember to find space to get quiet and remember the important things that keep us grounded and positive. I'm really not selling you anything. My job is purely to provide a light to see and a reminder to pay attention to the things that bring you joy.

                                                           HAVE SOME FUN TODAY

    From my dad; Joe Rado, my mom Elaine, me, my extended family and the many friends who also believe in the power of having Fun:)


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  • It Is Possible - Now I Know.

    Last week I gave my first talk.

    I spoke to a group of 100 + men & women of all ages at a luncheon. Many of my friends and family were there; but also many people I didn't know.

    I wasn't nervous because it is my story after all, but I had never prepared a talk to such a large group of people before, so that in itself was a new experience.

    The talk was for me to tell my story; based around my brand; Have Some Fun Today. What led me to this project and how I created it out of thin air were two touch points for the talk, but as I started to write it out it lead me to go back further to my entire life.

    I literally retraced my steps from early childhood perceptions, the messaging from my parents & my formative life experiences. Looking with awareness on how those important moments throughout our upbringing affect our ability to withstand outside pressure and make decisions that affect the course of our lives.

    Reliving many turning points in my journey helped me piece together why I had the tools during my journey to take risks, why I sometimes went down paths that later had to change course and how having some forsight, courage and determination made all the difference in where I am standing today.

    I think what is interesting to me now after having done this, is that now I can look back, see it and learn from it again in a new way.

    I see how we can use stories like these to understand that we are not prisoners of our current situation unless we choose to stay there.

    I now see that it is possible to decide to change our lives if we are willing to dig deep & do the work.

    I can share my story with others who are unhappy in a job, in a relationship, in a marriage, or with some aspect of your current self. You can change whatever you decide needs to change.

    It is not easy.

    It is entirely up to you and your willingness to sacrifice a way of being that is no longer serving you.

    Dedication, courage and self love are three things that I needed to get to where I am now.

    There have been countless times I felt alone, misunderstood, conflicted in my path and looking for signs to help me navigate the unknown.

    I had to look in the mirror and see the weaknesses and fears and acknowledge them. I had to own them. I had to be ok admitting I don't know how to do so many things that my journey was requiring I do.

    I had to be ok asking for help.

    I had to be ok not socializing in the way I had known before.

    If you are unhappy in your life or any part of it, there is hope.

    And not that I have reached my destination yet; but I now have a glimpse of a life I constructed out of choices, decisions, sacrifice, sweat and tears.

    I know it is possible to change.

    And that my friends is what Have Some Fun Today is all about.

    Namaste and Have Some Fun Today:)

    Love & Light,



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  • Pursuit, Passion & Paying it Forward

     * This March, Stephanie Rado Taormina; founder of Have Some Fun Today will be telling her story at the Women2Women luncheon event at Folino Estate Winery.  A link to purchase tickets for the event can be found below.


    Q&A With Stephanie Rado Taormina, Founder & CEO of HSFT:

    What words of wisdom would you offer to other women?

    To believe in yourself & have faith.


    What is the most valuable way women can support each other?

    I believe the most valuable way women can support each other is by giving each other the benefit of the doubt. So often when someone is different from us, we tend to be suspicious of their motives, but if we give each other the benefit of the doubt, we are giving them a chance.


    Is there an "aha" moment or experience that defines who you are?

    The moment when I had the vision to create with the slogan "Have Some Fun Today." since that day 8+ years ago I haven't looked back, and I feel such a purpose around creating a truly inspiring body of work for all people.


    What is your favorite mantra, favorite saying or words that keep you grounded?

    Have Some Fun Today!


    What's your mission?

    To make people smile and feel connected to each other.


    What do you consider women's main asset?

    The ability to multitask.


    What do you consider women's main threat?

    Other people's misperceptions of her.


    What three things do you recommend that contribute to your success?

    Belief in myself, being open minded, having laser focus on what it takes to get the job done efficiently and always doing what I say I will do.


    How do you want to be perceived / remembered?

    I'd like to be remembered as someone who shared her gifts to bring joy to others and to be a role model for others to break free from limiting beliefs to turn their dreams into reality.


    What is the best advice you have received?

    To: Have Some Fun Today - (from my dad.)


    You recently shared on social media that you'd like to change things up a bit and include more of what you love. That might include art? Tell us how you realized it was time to reinvigorate the brand / yourself.

    My company Have Some Fun Today was started in 2014 with the idea of a painting I wanted to make. My mind quickly envisioned the painting, then the tote, the pillow, the tees, the hat and so on. All in the span of five minutes one morning while doing my morning meditation. As I developed the brand over the coming months, including the initial pairings, I soon realized that I was stuck on the way the paining were coming out and so I didn't do much with them over the following years.

    Then there was this global pandemic and it seemed like people all over were discovering the artists inside themselves. I had been painting all along, but something moves me to try something again with the words of my brand Have Some Fun Today. Maybe it was the self-work I had been doing, including the therapy I started to do last year. Whatever it was, when I approached my painting with those four words this time in my handwriting, it didn't turn me off! To the contract, something clicked! This time my own handwriting felt just right. Like I turned a corner in my own self-acceptance. The handwriting didn't need to be perfect, it was perfect in its imperfection. Just like me. Just like all us truly are.

    That was a breakthrough. I worked on experimenting with the concept of doing some paintings in my abstract style, with the words Have Some Fun Today boldly written down the middle. I worked for months to find the right formula, and one day not too long ago it all came together. I found the style and it has reinvigorated the brand for me so much so that I am embracing my abstract colorful style back into the designs for the brand in the bags & clothing for 2022.

    You see, I am not a follower. Never have been, never will be. However, when you are making and designing things to sell you do need to balance what people like and want with what you like and want to do. But, now that I have done some substantial laying the foundation of the brand, it's time to be a lot more playful with what we put out there. It's time for color and pattern and some FUN energy in everything we make. Stay tuned.


    Please share why you believe W2W is important for the community:

    For a very long time as a creative, I didn't resonate with being an 'executive'. After moving back to Berks County from NYC 25 years ago, I worked for myself for a very long time as a design consultant. It wasn't until my career path changed that I really went past being a Creative and became a Founder. Now that I'm here in the C suite space of my won doing, I have this new awareness that yes, I am an executive and yes, organizations like Women2Women are really important for our community. I've had my head to the grindstone for the past eight years and finally looked up this past October to attend my first Women in Retail Leadership Summit, and what I experienced has opened my eyes to the benefits of hearing what other women in business leadership roles can offer to each other in terms of support & guidance. It is truly a wonderful resource for our community to any woman who utilizes it.


    Anything else you'd like to share?

    Just that it is an honor to be noticed by other business leaders in our community for my work and having this platform to share my experience. Over the years I've had many people privately reach out to me to give advice on starting their businesses and I am always happy to listen and give some advice. To me, it is very important to give back whenever I can to my community through the different events we have at Have Some Fun Today that often benefit local charities. Part of what makes what I do so special is that it is a way for people to connect and feel connected. Two strangers passing each other both wearing something from Have Some Fun Today are bound to strike up a happy exchange and your whole day feels warmer and brighter. No other brand does that. I'm not solving the homeless issue (although I'd love to work that someday) or curing cancer, but I am creating a way through my designs that reminds us to reframe our attitude. What you bring to your daily grind is a matter of choice. You can go to work or school with an attitude of drudgery, or you can go with an attitude of "Let's make this fun". It changes everything.



    Join us for the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance’s “Pursuit, Passion & Paying it Forward” luncheon:

    On Wednesday, March 16, 2022 owner and founder of Have Some Fun Today, Stephanie Rado Taormina, will be speaking at Folino Estate Winery from 11:30 AM to 1 PM for the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance’s “Pursuit, Passion & Paying it Forward” luncheon. Stephanie is a fine artist and interior designer who began her career in fashion over 30 years ago.  

    Learn more about how Stephanie's life experiences and abilities helped form her life direction, and see how she plans to take her brand into the future by purchasing tickets for the March 16 luncheon here, and be sure to read the full Cover Story in Women2Women's Winter edition here.


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  • Seems like I've blinked and 2021 flew by, but what a year it has been.

    Starting with the beginning days of last January and continuing on through the month there must have been something disruptive in the air because by the end of the month I decided that I was going to start therapy for the first time in my 55 years.

    I don't need to share my full personal experience of why, other than to say I decided to show my full commitment to mental wellness for people close to me by doing therapy alonside them and I discovered that it was a great opportunity for me to uncover and unpack who I really am and why.

    My therapist is great. I look forward to talking to her. I interviewed a couple other therapists before choosing "Carolyn." She's like my super smart, bff who allows me to share insights that I never have before, without telling me what to do or even her opinion, she lets me unpack who I am and why. It is through that experience that my brand and my relationships and even my sense of self is evolving more and more everyday.

     #1- therapy is here to stay for the foreseeable future and I'm A-Ok with that.

    So that happened.

    Along with a harsh recognition that our country & our world are not in the best place, and in tandem with developing my brand Have Some Fun Today; I had to figure out what I needed to say to evolve through the chaos.

    I decided that we had to make changes. Ethical & practical changes around manufacturing, the messaging and the function with a new eco-conscious collection of Sustainable Bags for the brand. In March we introduced our first collection of recycled canvas & natural leather bags. 

    #2 - Being more conscious  & ethical in what I make and how I make it.

    Self Acceptance can be elusive. Seems like a cliche we all know well. I discovered through my therapy that I had a lot of fear. When I would share this thought with a friend I was greeted with surprise around that. "You seem so confident" I would hear. "Yes, I know I project that, but I still have fears around really going for it."

    So, that was something I did a lot of journaling, self reflection and unpacking on. Was it something in my childhood experience that wedged itself into my psyche? It's hard to say, but four things occurred:

    1. therapy and talking about my thoughts and experiences of what I am truly afraid of.

    2. living with a partner who believes in me and doesnt judge me.

    3. painting and unleashing my truth on the canvas.

    4. self love

    These were the conditions where the breakthrough occurred.

    One day last summer, I was started those watercolor paintings that say "Have Some Fun Today" in my hand writing - I've written those words a thousand times by now, but for the first time ever it looked perfect in it's imperfection.

    Let me say that again: "It looked perfect in it's imperfection" let that sink in.

    Now, I am an artist; period and foremost beyond anything else I am. I am also an abstract artist and to think that the seven+ years I have been developing this brand my imperfect handwriting was never GOOD ENOUGH for anything around my brand until now was a BREAKTHROUGH in self acceptance.

    #3 - I am perfect in my imperfection. We all are.

    So, it's nearing the end of the summer last year. I'm energized to start incorporating my art into the brand. I unlocked the secret door and now a whole new dimension is possible. It's truly exciting and going through all this, even the sh!tty events that I had to go through to get me here, were worth it.

    I have a clearer vision of the brand now. I see Have Some Fun Today environments - you walk into a Gallery/Store world of color and this playful message. There is beautiful color and wonderful examples everywhere of ways to absorb this energy. I am flowing with what is and having faith in my thoughts, my work, my vision like never before.

    #4 - I can see the path through the forest.

    It's probably no shocker that I am a bit new-agey. I have a guy in New York who does spiritual readings for me every so often and I was thinking about a reading he gave me in 2018 and it hit me that everything he told me came true. So I reached out.

    A month later I had my reading (yes, he's that busy :) )and he started with the words: "You need to relax", "everything is going to be all right. I know you feel frustrated and uncomfortable, but it's all stuff that is changing on the inside of you, it's good work, keep doing everything you are doing and you will see that it will all work out." - He could've handed me a million dollars with those words.

    #5 - Have Faith - Believe in myself, my gut instinct and go for it.

    That was the food my soul needed. A message from another dimension along with the messages I was receiving in my own subconscious from all the searching I have been doing.

    Something a lot of people don't know about me is my love of psychology and spirituality. My difficult, but impactful read of Marcus Aurelius Meditations is among the books on my table. I knew that by observing other people throughout history and what they did to make an impact would be important to me to figure out my own road map.

    So, also in August; I hired a publicist and brought on some new reps in the south and west coast for my brand. I reached out to various professionals and humbly asked for their advice. I went to my first women leadership conference and I began to take steps out of my cocoon.

    Like a caterpillar getting ready for its next incarnation. Scary, but exciting and exercising my new muscles of faith and belief.

    #6 - Taking The Necessary Steps.

    We get to November and by now I have all this stuff under way and I'm doing all this self reflection, but also feeling frustrated in some way and suddenly I realize I am too comfortable. That is what is actually bothering me and holding me back from where I truly want to be.

    I realize that I need to get OUT of my Comfort Zone. That is scary. I put my home that I LOVE, on the market three weeks later. This is scary. But, I know it is what needs to happen.

    #7 - Get out of your comfort zone.

    Here I am now, fully exposed, fully ready to own my truth. The good, the bad, the great and the scary. They always say that is the best thing about getting older, you just don't care what other people think. It does give you a freedom, but I think it's mostly because you get to know yourself. And when you put real effort into knowing, acknowledging, and accepting all that we are ; it brings a joy into our lives that is calming and peaceful.

    #8 - Learn all about who you are and embrace your uniqueness fully.

    When I went up to Manhattan to pick up my two daughters for the holiday festivities last week I walked through the holiday market an Union Square. I was alone and just enjoying the energy of the city that feels like home to me. I passed one of the booths selling hand knit hats and observed a shop keeper talking to a tall guy holding one of the hats. I stood there and watched the tall man in the brown coat trying on the hat; I noticed his matted hair, saw that his coat looked wrinkled and his shoes were beat up and then heard the shop keeper say to the man: " take it, it's my gift to you" - the man who may have been homeless thanked him and walked away. I looked after the man for a minute and then looked back at the shop keeper and said "That was a beautiful thing you just did" he smiled and said thanks.

    It was a beautiful moment to witness. Why did I see that? Why was I in that exact spot when that happened? I think it was for a reason. 

    In that moment it gave me an idea, another example of how easily we can shift a moment in someone else's life for the better. Make someone smile. I have been giving the mission of Have Some Fun Today so much thought over the past year. I came to the simple purpose of making people smile.

    Over the next year I am pledging to myself that I will find a way to incorporate more good into what we do personally and professionally. I have discovered that beyond sharing my soul and my heart with you all through my work, I am here to serve others. Very grateful to have discovered this aspect of myself over the last year and beyond grateful also to share with you my art and all the new energy we are gearing up for with New Products, New Energy, New Bold Vision for Have Some Fun Today. 

    #9 - Be of service to others in your words & actions.

    As we get ready to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome a new year of unchartered territory, let's be mindful that we have an opportunity to do better and to serve our humankind rather than just ourselves.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and #HaveSomeFunToday

      Love & Light,


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  • As I am working from my office on a typical day running my brand, fulfilling orders, designing new pieces to add to the line I often get stopped with what I am doing with a text or a tag of someone somewhere wearing HSFT with a smile on their face.

    Its a great feeling..... and just today as I was working another one came in from a cool woman who I have never met in person, but we have become friends nonetheless through Have Some Fun Today. She shared one of the photo's above of a complete stranger wearing the wide neck fleece and because she too is a fan of the brand it complelled her to go and say hello.

    I have to stop a minute and see just how beautiful that is. To think that a simple brand sharing a simple message could evoke that kind of reaction and response from people is truly a gift and a miracle in today's world. 

    One that I am forever grateful to be a part of. When strangers can be united in conversation about a shared love of something positive it is a beautiful thing.

    I am more than happy to design the brand that people go out of their way to wear and share to create good vibes wherever they go, be it a vacation, a holiday, to work, the gym or wherever their life takes them.

    Have Some Fun Today is a brand for living life and creating special moments to cherish with family , friends and yes even strangers we meet:)

    Celebrate this month of pride with a special discount code all month that will give you 40% off the entire site. The code is : Pride

    and the next time you see a stranger wearing the brand make sure to connect and say #HSFT:)!

    The world needs unity and love and positive vibes more than ever.



      Love & Light,


     #pride #celebrate #unity #simplemessage #positivevibes #sharing 

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