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The HSFT Difference

We value real materials with a focus on sustainability

  • 100% recycled canvas tote bags

    100% recycled canvas tote bags

  • 100% natural leather used

    100% natural leather used

  • Linings made with recycled cotton

    Linings made with recycled cotton

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Make oversized totes your bag of tricks, or use small shoulder bags to hold the small things that make you smile. HSFT bags are ready for your adventures.

Lookbooks 2022

Lookbooks 2022

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A father’s encouragement to have fun

A father’s encouragement to have fun “Before you go, just want to say, have some fun today” - Joe Rado

That’s what our founder’s father said every day - after every call, meeting or interaction. Soon after he passed, Stephanie realized how much that meant, not just to her and her family, but  to everyone he touched. It was at that moment that she decided she could not let that phrase, those simple 4 words, die with him and started our Brand with a mission to spread that phrase around the world!

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