How A Sweatshirt Can Spread The Love

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..." -Burt Bacharach

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Love. We love LOVE. We love being in love, giving love, getting love. We're kind of crushing on LOVE. And yeah, we need more of it. You know what love does? Love softens our hearts. Love makes us kind. Love takes hold of us and  changes the way we see the world. We do lots of crazy, wonderful things in the name of Love. 

Love Is For Sharing

We're pretty transparent at HSFT that we're all about sharing the love, spreading the good vibes and making the world a better place with our message. Have Some Fun Today is a mindset we want everyone to embrace. Because when you actively seek to Have Some Fun Today, maybe you remember to let go of the fear and the worry, or the doubt. Maybe you remember to smile. Maybe it's a shift in how you see your whole day. Maybe you remember to look for the rainbow. 

Love Is In The Air

And maybe, just maybe, your sitting on an airplane minding your own business, wearing your cashmere soft Have Some Fun Today embroidered fleece, and you notice the elderly woman next. You strike up a conversation and it's clear she's distraught about leaving her family as she's flying home. Her age and her health make her fearful she may not see them again. 
"When we stood up to leave the plane, I opened up my jacket to share your 'Have Some Fun Today' message on my sweatshirt and her smile was the size of Texas! Through you, I felt I touched another's life. Thank you for your inspiring message, you are reaching so many. Keep on your path, you are spreading so much love!" - Felicia, HSFT customer 

Love Is A Legacy to Share 

When those little stories and messages find their way to us at HSFT, we take pause. Gratitude. Validation. Sometimes there are tears. That's pretty much why we do what we do. That is the embodiment of Live. Love. Wear. Share. When the message reaches people, we connect. HSFT founder and creator Stephanie Taormina keeps designing and creating beautiful gifts and goods to share the HSFT message of her late father; passing on his legacy of love. And it's her inspiration to keep going and keep sharing and creating. 

Share Your Stories 

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Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek who loves love...
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