• How A Sweatshirt Can Spread The Love

    "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..." -Burt Bacharach

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Love. We love LOVE. We love being in love, giving love, getting love. We're kind of crushing on LOVE. And yeah, we need more of it. You know what love does? Love softens our hearts. Love makes us kind. Love takes hold of us and  changes the way we see the world. We do lots of crazy, wonderful things in the name of Love. 

    Love Is For Sharing

    We're pretty transparent at HSFT that we're all about sharing the love, spreading the good vibes and making the world a better place with our message. Have Some Fun Today is a mindset we want everyone to embrace. Because when you actively seek to Have Some Fun Today, maybe you remember to let go of the fear and the worry, or the doubt. Maybe you remember to smile. Maybe it's a shift in how you see your whole day. Maybe you remember to look for the rainbow. 

    Love Is In The Air

    And maybe, just maybe, your sitting on an airplane minding your own business, wearing your cashmere soft Have Some Fun Today embroidered fleece, and you notice the elderly woman next. You strike up a conversation and it's clear she's distraught about leaving her family as she's flying home. Her age and her health make her fearful she may not see them again. 
    "When we stood up to leave the plane, I opened up my jacket to share your 'Have Some Fun Today' message on my sweatshirt and her smile was the size of Texas! Through you, I felt I touched another's life. Thank you for your inspiring message, you are reaching so many. Keep on your path, you are spreading so much love!" - Felicia, HSFT customer 

    Love Is A Legacy to Share 

    When those little stories and messages find their way to us at HSFT, we take pause. Gratitude. Validation. Sometimes there are tears. That's pretty much why we do what we do. That is the embodiment of Live. Love. Wear. Share. When the message reaches people, we connect. HSFT founder and creator Stephanie Taormina keeps designing and creating beautiful gifts and goods to share the HSFT message of her late father; passing on his legacy of love. And it's her inspiration to keep going and keep sharing and creating. 

    Share Your Stories 

    Got an HSFT story to share? We'd love to hear it. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.  #sharingHSFT 

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek who loves love...

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  • Spread Gratitude - Write thank you notes to people you love and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Or just thank them for the fuzzy slippers you got for the holidays. Either way, practice gratitude. (featured here, our signature Crown Stationary Set from HSFT.)


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - January brings about a natural introspection and time for reflection. We've lived through the indulgence, decadence and hubbub of the holidays and we've celebrated the passing of another year while ushering in a new one. So now what? We've got 12 months to explore possibility. What will the year bring and what will we make of it? 

    We are all embarking on starting something new; a new year. A clean slate. And it's the perfect time to usher in gratitude. 

    Let's Play The Gratitude Game

    Gratitude, by definition, is "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." To return kindness. Let that sit with you for a while. What it means is that gratitude is reciprocating and gratitude is a state of mind. Anyone can conjure up gratitude. Cultivating being grateful for what you have, not focusing on what you don't, is energetically and vibrationally powerful! Basically, it's life changing... 

    And yeah, there's even science behind it. It says that creating gratitude and reflecting on what we are grateful for increases our well-being and happiness. Like, improves the quality of your life. Are you getting this? 

    Just Say Thank You 

    Each year, as I begin the new year, and contemplate what I'm grateful for in the year past, I'm reminded of how similar we all are in this human experience. We are yoked together by some very simple core principles, despite the differences and diversities of all of us. I'm grateful for these commonalities, what we share and what binds us together as human beings. I find gratitude in that because it means none of us our going it alone in this life thing, because there is certainly enough shit in the world to divide us.

    It's my gratitude for writing and blogging for HSFT that inspired me to create this blog post. I soooooo appreciate working for a company that values the "human experience" and that was solely created on a legacy of love. It's a company and a founder that believe in living a life that matters. Stephanie Taormina has set out to change the world with those Soul Shifting four words. Have. Some. Fun. Today. Words her Dad used to say and words she uses as a compass through her life. For me, it's a pretty cool job getting to write about that. 

    Take A Shot Of Life

    Have Some Fun Today is more than just four little trite words encouraging you to do shots at the bar with your friends, although that may sound like fun. We're talking about more than the one dimensional kind of fun. We're talking about seeing your life with a new perspective, with the chance of something unexpected around every corner. What does life look like if you're looking for FUN everyday? HSFT maybe means your taking a chance and the road less travelled because you're looking for the silver lining and the magic in a plain ol' day. And when you can start looking for the FUN in everyday, that will give you something to be grateful about. 

    Lead with your heart. Be grateful. Practice the HSFT mind set and there's no question it's going to be a kick ass 2017. 




    Written and contributed by Rebecca J Doubek who is grateful...



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