HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Want to find a calmer mind, great workout and spiritual peace all wrapped into one? Yoga has taken a foothold in the fitness world as one of the best ways to stay in shape and offer a multitude of health benefits. At HSFT, we've long been fans of getting on the mat. Here's our 14 favorite reasons why yoga should be in your life:

    1) Just Breathe

    Sounds funny to say, but too often we forget our breath. Vinyasa flow and asana-linked practices in yoga put a big emphasis on breath connected to movement. Our breath can slow us down and deepen our practice. And has been proven to lower stress levels and high blood pressure. 

    2) Feel the Stretch 

    You'll stretch muscles you didn't know you had and release tension and tightness all over you body.

    3) Strength 

    You'll be amazed at how strong your body can become by simply doing yoga. Building core strength and toning muscle as you move on your mat is a bonus to your practice. 

    4) Accessories, please!

    Everything from mala beads to lotus flower yoga mats have hit the market and you'll have plenty of beautiful products to support your practice from the perfect mat to your idea wardrobe. We're fond of our HSFT sports bra and leggings, of course!

    5) Sweat

    Whether you chose a heated Bikram-style class or not, yoga releases heat from the body so many classes will leave you glistening and glowing. 

    6) Better Digestion 

    Moving our bodies, twisting our torsos, and the constant shift of our organs in yoga gets the blood flowing and the body moving. It's deeply powerful for improving the body's general functions, like digestion.

    7) For You Health 

    Yoga has been shown to lower heart disease, increase brain function, increase bone density and lower blood pressure. That and you'll look great in your clothes? We're in!

    8) Rock Your Body

    Build core strength, strengthen and tone your legs, butt, thighs and abs, and watch your biceps, shoulders and triceps come to life with plank pose and downward facing dog. Yoga builds muscle, literally, from head to toe. 

    9) Quiet the Mind

    Yoga helps us focus on movement and breathe and takes us out of the mind and most classes open and close with a few minutes of a meditative practice. There's no better way than to slow down the hamster wheel than to get on a yoga mat. 

    10) Yoga = Happy

    A research study from Harvard found that women who had been through an emotional trauma and were experiencing depression and anxiety, decreased their depression and anxiety by 50% after three months of yoga, just twice a week. #yogamakesyousmile

    11) Community

    Yogis who frequent classes and their mat are typically kind, loving, accepting and tolerant. There's a warm feeling when your in a class with people who aren't judging you for what your wearing and how long you can hold a pose. Most yogis don't bother with that and are always glad to move their mat over to make room for one more. 

    12) Build Your Core and Your Confidence 

    Getting toned and fit is always the goal with exercise, but there is so much more to a practice of yoga. You'll find a renewed confidence in yourself that comes from learning to accept yourself and to just "be on your mat" no matter what. A regular yoga practice gives you strength and the ability to feel confident that YOU have got your own back. 

    13) Change the Way You See the World

    When we quiet the mind, strengthen the spirit and the physical self, we shift our thinking. We drop the judgement of ourself and others, we find patience more easily and we stop blaming. 

    14) Hormone Balance

    When we twist and turn and move the body, all while releasing sweat, toxins, we give our organs a rinse, release hormones and increase blood flow. Yoga has been proved to help with painful periods and cramps and improve hormonal imbalance. 


    A yoga mat is the doorway to a better you. Try a local class or search online and see what the yoga buzz is all about.



    This article was written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who is a certified yoga instructor and a yoga believer... #getonyourmat 

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  • Have Some Fun Tonight - It's a Full Moon tonight, baby! What kind of fun can you scare up tonight? (pictured, HSFT slouchy gold metallic tank)



    Get Ready for the Moon Mojo 

    We love good vibrations at Have Some Fun Today, it's what our brand is all about. So, tonight's sky will bring an intensely bright and big full moon, full of energies and rejuvenation.  Sitting low on the horizon as it ascends, it's lunar mojo will carry a powerful punch. It will look ginormous and it may feel it, too. 

    It's a scientific fact the earth is sitting directly between the sun and moon when we have a full moon. The moon harnesses the power of water and pulls the tides and in out. Our bodies are 70% water so many believe the almighty moon has a powerful pull on us, too! Often called a "Harvest Moon"  because it's thought that farmer's used the extra light in the dark sky to pull in the crops, what can you accomplish tonight in the intensely bright moonlight?

    Lunar energies are thought to be very powerful and healing, so get your moon shoes on and be prepared to step out into the beauty and the magic. It will be bold and beautiful but it's also bound to create a little drama. That Fall full moon is full of magic, baby! 

    Here's our Lunar guide with 11 tips, facts and need-to-knows to make the most of your Harvest Moon. 

    1) Aries Is A Badass

    Not to get too heady about it, but the full moon of October is an Aries moon and apparently that is some powerful shit. Aries is all about clearing out the obstacles and making way for change and connecting to our badass selves. 

    2) What's it All Mean?

    The Full Moon in October means abundance, harvest, wish-fulfillment, manifesting desires, sexuality, achieving all dreams, and protection.

    3) To the Moon!

    Celebrate the Harvest Moon with a Pumpkin Pie Martini - Because it's Autumn and it's a fall moon and why not? Remember, the full moon in Aries means it's all about you, so make that toast to your badass self. Cheers!

    4) Soak it Up 

    The Harvest Moon is thought to have an intense energy so many lunar spirit junkies will place their rocks, stones, crystals, mala beads or Runes rocks outside to soak up the moon mojo. The Energy is thought to cleanse them and be absorbed for some positive vibes.

    5) Take it Easy 

    The energy of a full moon can cause a frenetic, cosmic buzz. We've all heard the phrase, "It must be a Full Moon!" when something is particularly whacked. This Harvest Moon is no exception. The October full moon will only amplify feelings, emotions and intensify situations, so practice calmness and be chill. It will all look different in the morning.

    6) Meditate in the Moonlight 

    Want to align your chakras, calm your spirit, or rejuvenate your mojo? Sit in the full moonlight and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale the vibrations that are powerful enough to move the tides of the oceans. Breathe in the moon!

    7) Burn Baby, Burn  

    Believe it or not, it's good time to burn shit. Literally and figuratively. Letting go of an old relationship? Moving on from a bad work experience? Aries is the fire sign and burning things can be quite healing under this full moon. Take it outside under the moonlight and find a clearing or safe spot. Let your barbecue grill or your fire pit be the place where you watch flames engulf a letter to your ex or the business card from your old job. Fire is cleansing and it makes way for the new. You never know, a phoenix may rise from the ash, so get some matches...

    8) Express Yourself

    Apparently all this Aries full moon vibe draws out our self expression and our most fiery passions. Our deepest soul expressions are thought to come alive under an Aries full moon. What better reason to get out a canvas and a paint brush, color, draw, write, make music. Create! The moon is your muse....

    9) Have Some Fun Tonight

    Is their magic in the moonlight? As it shines brightly on the horizon and stays long in our night sky tonight, we'll let you decide. But it's a pretty good reason to open up to the possibility of "What if..." and "Maybe I'll..." as we consider the magic of the moon. And being open to possibility and magic is pretty much what Have Some Fun Today is all about. Maybe a glance at that big ol' moon tonight will remind you of that.... 

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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    • Hello, Hollywood.... We've Been Waiting For You

      HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Looks like A-lister Kate Hudson is the latest celeb to catch the Have Some Fun Today vibe as she was spotted wearing our embroidered zip hoodie in NYC last week. We've been pretty stoked to see Have Some Fun Today showing up high-profile celebs like Brooke Shields, Hilary Duff, Olivia Wilde, and Reese WitherspoonBut we can't say we're surprised.

      Three years ago, HSFT started out with the goal of sharing a mindset, a vibe, and a philosophy on how to live life. The chic tees, totes, hats and other accessories are just the vehicle to share the message. 

      The message may seem simple, but it's a call to action. Hey, you. Yeah, you! Pay attention and look for something in your day that's fun! Go out and find a little fun or find a lot of fun. Look for it, cultivate it. But whatever you do, Have Some Fun Today. 


      It Was Just A Mission Statement 

      And so, when you get HSFT, you get it. For some people, Have Some Fun Today is a mission statement to grab the day by the collar, dammit, and have some FUN. For others, it's a reminder to pay attention to the details and not take it all too seriously. What we love about this "brand with soul" is seeing it resonate with people in all different ways and how they share that with us. 

      Our owner and designer Stephanie Taormina gets countless emails, notes, texts and pics of people sharing their HSFT experience. We've heard from people struggling with health issues to people taking that "bucket-list" trip of a lifetime. We've heard from college kids and preschoolers, to moms to grandmas. Everyone has their own take on HSFT and that's the beauty of it. 


      Have Some Fun Today, Baby

      Each note or card, email or text about how HSFT connects with our customers drives home the same point and something we've always known to be true. We're connected. And we all need a reminder to just slow down long enough to have some fun. 

      Whatever it is, it's proved to be powerful and palpable. And a little bit magical. HSFT has become it's own thing and has a different meaning for everyone. A company that was born from the legacy of a late father's mantra, Have Some Fun Today. You don't get much more soulful than that. 


      Membership Is NOT Required 

      It's not an exclusive VIP club or a "Members Only" kind-of-a-thing. Yes, we love seeing celebs donning our cool statement tees, hats, hoodies and luxe totesbut only because it spreads our message and shares our mindset.

      The message is free and it's a profound way to live. Possibilities are everywhere and when we open up to HST, you never know what can happen. You don't have to be famous to figure that out.




      Written and contributed by Rebecca Doubek who loves the HSFT vibe....

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    • "Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All Wisdom..." -Aristotle 


      Hello, Nice to Meet You

      What do you really know about you? What things are steadfast and true about the person you are? 

      Self Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.

      We are all wounded creatures. Wounded by life, wounded by love and wounded by the human experience. It's just part of the deal. But how we deal with the injuries and the scars of life is what makes the biggest difference in our happiness.

      Having enough self awareness to accept that we all come from some form of broken-ness is the first step to finding real joy. Nothing and no one is perfect. Once we accept that, we can move on from that and heal. There's power in understanding our broken-ness. This is the only really way to become healed and whole. 

      Therapy Is The New Foreplay

      It's sexy as hell when you meet someone who can own their shit, who understands their imperfections and has done the work to heal their wounds. We can only grow, evolve and change when we find this path to self-awareness. 

      "I feel that people who are self-aware are the ones who are continually evolving and rather than aging, they almost seem to get younger," says CEO and founder of HSFT Stephanie Taormina. "It's like a circle." 

      The Law of Attraction basically states that putting out some form of energy will attract a similar form of energy to you. Like attracts like. So, when you are putting out the vibe and energy into the world of a healed, whole you, that is what you are going to get back. When we are mired in the wounds and the undone parts of ourselves, it only brings more brokenness and we find ourselves unable to move past the old stuff to make way for the new.

      Next Stop, Happiness

      It's that age old wisdom from Alexander Graham Bell says "When one door closes, another door opens".... but how can the door really close if we're blocking the threshold with all the unresolved stuff?

      It doesn't require confrontation or blame, it just requires understanding of what you've been through and experienced, so you can deal with how it has affected you in your life. That's self awareness, -looking those experiences dead in the eye and saying, "Yeah, I see you, but you don't define me." 

      We make room for our true divine self when we let go and heal. We make room for the light and for joy. We make room for the happiness. And for the FUN! And we're all about having the fun at Have Some Fun Today

      Life is Beautiful

      The beauty of our mission and our mantra, Have Some Fun Today, is that at the core of it, it is simply about having enough mindfulness to live in each moment. It's a childlike way to see the world and live your life, but don't kids have it all figured out? See life through the eyes of a child, and you'll see a life worth living. In the end, it's the little things that always matter more.

      Find your truth and your power in healing yourself, because that's where the essence of our beauty resides. You'll shine like a diamond when you step into your own light. 

      HSFT, baby...

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    • You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

      HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It started with four words on a t-shirt; words that were said by a late father to his family. What happened on the way to creating a legacy of a father's love was the birth of a grassroots brand. A company with soul. Along our journey to making cool tees, luxe totes and amazing gifts, we discovered a community of people who "get it". You got it! You got the vibe and the essence of Have Some Fun Today.

      Your Daily Pep Talk 

      Those four words are so much more than our cool t-shirts. It's now become a mindset. A philosophy, a little slip of paper in the fortune cookie of life. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. It's a call to action to make your life FUN, even in the most mundane or challenging of moments. It's a reminder to push yourself outside of the "the box" and see something you've never seen before. It's the simplest of things but the impact is profound. The Law of Attraction is pretty basic. You get what you give. Why not try putting positivity and possibility and FUN into your world today? Why not Have Some Fun Today?

      It's All How You Look At It

      Not long ago in our studio, from a brainstorming sessions about HSFT, our founder Stephanie Taormina came up with a simple phrase that encapsulates perfectly what this is all about. A Brand With Soul. She couldn't possibly know that a vision of a painting would turn into all this two years later. But this is a brand with depth and connection. We're interested in changing the way we look at life, not just selling a t-shirt. We're pushing a mindset. And that doesn't cost a thing. 

      It's All About You

      Yeah, we make great t-shirts, totes, and gifts emblazoned with those four words, but it's become so much more. You've joined us on our path. You've shared your HSFT stories, your experiences and why you love the brand so much. You have become part of us and that is truly inspiring.

      As we grow and expand the business, so too, does our community. More amazing people are becoming part of our Collective Inspiration. We want everyone to be part of that. Our Community is a beautiful patchwork quilt of all these HSFT people, like you, and experiences that are re-defining what we are everyday. You could say it's taken on a life and breath of it's own.

      There's Always Room For More

      We love what our HSFT  Community has become. Haven't jumped in yet? Know someone that should? Share The Vibe. It's simple, really. Be Adventurous. Smile More. Be Grateful. Be Confident. Spread Happiness. Have. Some. Fun. Today. You can buy our luxe t-shirtscool trucker hats other HSFT gear, but the magic of HSFT is that that it's free. #SharingHSFT




      Written by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who believes in the Law of Attraction....



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    • It's time to pack up the bikinis and the flatform sandals! But your HSFT Luxe Tote is the workhorse of your fall wardrobe. Switch out your sunscreen for your fall scarf and your good to go. And Good News, free shipping this weekend on any order over $60! (good 9/22-9/24/17)


      HAVE SOME FUN TODAY-  At HSFT, we're all about the vibe of change and something new. It's days away from the start of Autumn, the third season of the year, and we're easing out of the carefree days of summer. We're feeling the energetic shift that comes with the shorter days and colder temps.

      It's NOT All About The Pumpkin Spice 

      There is a tangible change that comes with Fall and it's not just back on the menu at Starbucks. Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the season of fall is associated with the element of metal. Metal governs organization, order, communication, setting boundaries and limits, the mind, and letting go. And that's pretty cool, if you think about it.

      The shift in energy prepares us for the coming days of winter, when our body is more sedentary and our energy naturally slows. Even if you're not packing lunches and doing the car pool lane, those yellow buses and lines of kids at the corner each September give us the sense of starting again. 

      Life Lessons From an Acorn

      An acorn holds a single seed and when it falls to the ground, it has the power to become a tree. That's some serious potential! What do we have the power to do when we let go? 

      It's the perfect time of year for a "letting go" and for real change. Whether it's your closet or your personal life, letting go is always a re-set that makes room for new possibility. And that is what Fall is all about. 

      We Love A Girl In A Hat

      That's kind of what we love about this season. At HSFT, we're all about making space and growing and shifting, with new designs and new products. Change brings inspiration.

      Our latest inspiration? HSFT designer and founder Stephanie Taormina is introducing a new cashmere beanie HSFT this winter. (Available December 2017) "I love elevating the HSFT experience," Steph says of the new luxury hat. The decadence of cashmere with the practicality of a winter beanie for warmth, it's the perfect combination of chic style and necessity. 

      Let's Get Deep Over a Falling Leaf 

      Leaves begin to fall, air is cool and crisp, autumn is upon us.  What if we took a cue from Mother Nature and looked at our lives like that?  As the season shifts and gives pause to winter, we too can catch a breath, put away the sunscreen and beach towels and reflect on what's next. All that from fall foliage. 

      Autumn is All About Have Some Fun Today 

      HAVE SOME FUN TODAY was founded on the very principles of honoring life, taking a chance and living life to the fullest. Letting go and shifting with the season of Fall means we're open to what's next. And when you're open to what is next, you're bound to Have Some Fun Today!

      Our totes, hats and tees are awesome but what we're really about is a philosophy and way of life. Welcome to Fall... Peace, love and acorns. 


       Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek...

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