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The HSFT Mug
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Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
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  • Founder, designer and CEO of Have Some Fun Today, Stephanie Taormina...


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - You know that innate feeling you get that if you just push a little harder or dig a little deeper, you just know you're going to do "it"? "It" could be nailing that interview, going that extra mile during your morning run, or sealing up that job promotion. You've worked hard. You know it's going to happen. You're determined and fierce. That is powerful stuff. And that is powerful enough to propel a rocket into space, launch big ideas into bigger realities, and help inspire one woman to start a "lifestyle" brand in a small town of PA. 

    Show 'Em What You're Made Of 

    It's grit, and guts and tenacity. And that what research has now proven. Determination and sheer drive is one of the biggest influential factors in succeeding at anything. A recent article in Inc. magazine, "How Grit and Determination Exceed Talent and Intelligence Every Time" exposes the idea that working hard and being persistent are powerful forces in our success. 

    Have Some Fun Today was started on those same principles of grit and determination. HFST Founder Stephanie Rado Taormina is a do-it-all kind of entrepreneur. She's set her sights on being a global brand. A global "mindset" brand with a positive message and a community who follows. 

    "No matter what success means to the individual, studies actually show that those who exhibit more "grit" and persistence have a better chance of reaching milestones and exceeding personal goals. And guess what? Grit, like many other competencies, is something that can be developed with practice."  -Brent Gleeson, Inc Magazine

    One Brick At A Time 

    It's not always easy being a one-woman-show. On any given day, she's packing up her car with HSFT gear for an event, looking over the books, writing checks, implementing new designs, checking emails, creating looks for her social media accounts, and hand-packing orders from her website. She often squeezes all that in before noon. Sometimes it's overwhelming. And she's the first to admit, it doesn't always all get done. 

    "A lot of stuff falls through the cracks, because it's just me," Stephanie says in the YouTube episode of HSFT: Building a Brand With Soul. In this episode, we see her spending a much-needed afternoon in her PA studio, getting caught up with the many tasks required to run a company. 

    It's All About The Details

    She still sees clients with her interior design business, is a single mom raising two daughters, and tries to find time to work out and keep healthy. She likes keeping her hand in all details of HSFT, big or small, because after all, it is her vision. And it's a vision she fiercely protects as she builds her brand. 

    "I actually write a little thank you note on most of the orders....," Stephanie says. "....I really try to add a personal touch to everything that we do, to make people feel special for buying Have Some Fun Today."



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek

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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - You need this new trend in your closet. Here's an easy way to bring your basic wardrobe into high fashion this Spring, that will last you through summer. Write this down.... Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut.

    The Color Gods

    No, these aren't fancy new drinks on the Starbucks menu, these are the hot, trending colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report for 2017.

    The guiding force behind the color palette for fashion, these Pantone colors were splashed all over the runway and are now making their mark in paint colors and home design.

    So Much More Than Just Tan and Pink

    We adore the neutrality of these colors. The Hazelnut color looks gorgeous in a modern cut pant, a beautiful flutter top silk blouse or classic blazer. Think shades of a pale khaki or rich ivory. Cream, buff, ecru, champagne.... it's catalog speak for a color that may sound incredibly dull but is actually beautiful and offers versatility to your closet.  

    And Pale Dogwood is that just blush of pink, a hint or a whisper of its more vibrant counterpart. Muted, yes, but nonetheless fabulous. This is a gorgeous rosè in a crystal glass or the palest pink of the spring cherry blossom. And universally, both of these colors tend to be flattering on most skin tones.

    How To Wear It

    We love the look of the neutral nude set to the classic jeans and t-shirt. But you can take it from basic to fabulous with just a few additions.

    The easiest way add these color trends to your everyday look is with accessories. Your go-to favorite jeans and still trending "statement tee" are the perfect foundation to go any direction that your day may take you.

    Running errands around town or meetings with clients on the fly? Take our cool HSFT Live Love Wear Share tee and jeans to another level with hint of the barely there hue in a great slide sneaker. (We heart these classic Van sneakers from Nordstrom in a perforated suede) or you can opt for these fabulous canvas espadrilles in nude from Anthropologie.

    Your day turns into night and it's time for cocktails with your hottie? Switch out the slides for some sexy, strappy sandals in this creamy color. Add a chic natural leather cuff, a buff-tone leather choker, and did we mention this color looks amazing with gold? Layer your go-to gold pieces whenever you pick this muted palette. 

    Complete the look with a fabulous bag like this quilted Chanel classic bag or  any one of the delicious options in this barely there color. We love the Michale Kors Mercer Convertible Tote in fawn   or this fabulous Loeffler Randall dome satchel with tassels in a buttery natural leather. 

    Dive Into the Color Pool 

    You don't have to over do it to be "on point" and look amazing. Mixing trends with classic looks and basic pieces from your wardrobe gives you just enough nod to a look or a style. 

    And however you decide to dress it, Have Some Fun Today!

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  • A Flair For The Dramatic

    There's something about our Have Some Fun Today luxe t-shirts, hoodies and fleece that make us never want to take it off. And the newest trend hot off the Spring 2017 runway is all about "Statement Making Slogans" on tees, skirts and dresses. Pairing a simple and easy piece like a our HSFT t-shirt or hoodie with a dramatic piece like a textured jacket or jewel tone was the look for Christian Dior and Stella McCartney at Fashion Week. A pretty skirt gives or a super wide-leg pant paired with our HSFT original tee you a totally different vibe of fabulous.

    Styling Made Easy

    You can create a chic and sophisticated wardrobe by mixing "high" and "low" pieces in your wardrobe. A t-shirt might be a low impact piece, but a slogan or saying makes it a statement piece. Mixing that with a high impact piece like a fabulous lace maxi skirt, a beautiful vegan leather bomber, or a color block high-waisted pant, gives you instant style.  

    You'll slay when you dress up your wardrobe with this simple formula, but it won't take a personal stylist to pull it off. Shop your own closet. You've got more in there than you think! And invest in one great piece this season that can carry a trend like a workhorse. (loving the "flatform" sandals and super long pendants...) Look for textures and colors, (bright colors, oversized bags, anything 80's glam!) Balance with a neutral like a great fitting jean, belt, fabulous heel.

    Cocktails with the girls, date night with your hottie, this look is chic and sophisticated and looks amazing on everyone. It's sophisticated and simple all at the same time, just like HSFT. Now go be fabulous! 



    Written and contributed by Rebecca Doubek who loves a good slogan tee...

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    You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It started with four words on a t-shirt; words that were said by a late father to his family. What happened on the way to creating a legacy of a father's love was the birth of a grassroots brand. A company with soul. Along our journey to making cool tees, luxe totes and amazing gifts, we discovered a community of people who "get it". You got it! You got the vibe and the essence of Have Some Fun Today.

    Your Daily Pep Talk 

    Those four words are so much more than our cool t-shirts. It's now become a mindset. A philosophy, a little slip of paper in the fortune cookie of life. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. It's a call to action to make your life FUN, even in the most mundane or challenging of moments. It's a reminder to push yourself outside of the "the box" and see something you've never seen before. It's the simplest of things but the impact is profound. The Law of Attraction is pretty basic. You get what you give. Why not try putting positivity and possibility and FUN into your world today? Why not Have Some Fun Today?

    It's All How You Look At It

    Not long ago in our studio, from a brainstorming sessions about HSFT, our founder Stephanie Taormina came up with a simple phrase that encapsulates perfectly what this is all about. A Brand With Soul. She couldn't possibly know that a vision of a painting would turn into all this two years later. But this is a brand with depth and connection. We're interested in changing the way we look at life, not just selling a t-shirt. We're pushing a mindset. And that doesn't cost a thing. 

    It's All About You

    Yeah, we make great t-shirts, totes, and gifts emblazoned with those four words, but it's become so much more. You've joined us on our path. You've shared your HSFT stories, your experiences and why you love the brand so much. You have become part of us and that is truly inspiring.

    As we grow and expand the business, so too, does our community. More amazing people are becoming part of our Collective Inspiration. We want everyone to be part of that. Our Community is a beautiful patchwork quilt of all these HSFT people, like you, and experiences that are re-defining what we are everyday. You could say it's taken on a life and breath of it's own.

    There's Always Room For More

    We love what our HSFT  Community has become. Haven't jumped in yet? Know someone that should? Share The Vibe. It's simple, really. Be Adventurous. Smile More. Be Grateful. Be Confident. Spread Happiness. Have. Some. Fun. Today. You can buy our luxe t-shirtscool trucker hats other HSFT gear, but the magic of HSFT is that that it's free. #SharingHSFT




    Written by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who believes in the Law of Attraction....



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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Winter is upon us here in the Northeast and that means bundling up and staying warm but it doesn't mean you can't still have style.  

    We've got a few winter"go-to" pieces that are perfect until the next trip to South Beach or LA. We are never without our cashmere-soft embroidered HSFT Limited Edition wide-neck fleece. It's a staple this time of year. Yes, we love it as a cover-up for days we hit the gym, but it's a versatile piece that can go high-low and so it also dresses up for cocktails with friends. Comfortable can be chic, especially when you pair pieces that give just the right amount of style and trend. 

    The New LBD

    A great pair of black pants are like the LBD - (little black dress), and everyone needs a pair. They're versatile and can be a workhorse for any look in your closet. You don't have to break the bank to have stylish pieces in your closet. Our favorite black pant this season is the buttery soft vegan leather "biker" pants from Zara. They're cool in a casual way and fit like a glove. 

    These suede block-heeled booties from Zara with the side zipper have been also been a constant in our wardrobe this winter. They're classic and versatile and best of all, comfortable. Both boots and vegan leather pants were less than $100 each. And this time of year, you can stock up on chic pieces with killer sales happening both in store and online. 

    On Trend But Not Over Budget

    Don't let a limited budget limit your style. It doesn't have to cost a lot to look on point and fabulous on you. Add some great jewelry, and of course, a cool winter beanie, like our new style HSFT patch knit hat that is everything! 

    Stay warm and comfortable but don't sacrifice your fabulousness... ever.


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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  • Here’s a little story we’ve got to tell….

    So we've been working up a little something at the HSFT studios that we're beyond excited to share with the world. Today we officially launched the First Episode for our new vlog series, Have Some Fun Today: Building a Brand With Soul, Episode One "It Started With A Vision". We think the story of how we came to be is a really good one and it makes us who we are, a brand with soul. 

    Have Some Fun Today is so much more than luxury goods with a positive message. It’s the legacy of a father’s love, it’s the mission of one woman to change the world, it’s a “kick-your-ass-claw-your-way-to-success” kind of story.

    It Started With A Vision

    We hired an amazing videographer, Patrick Corcoran, who followed us around with his camera for a while and helped us capture the essence of what Have Some Fun Today is all about.

    In Have Some Fun Today: Building a Brand With Soul, you’ll see the blood, sweat, and tears of manifesting an idea, with a fire in our gut and sheer determination. You'll see that time we hosted a Happy Hour at Facebook. Or the time we got lost in Philly on our way to an event. Real life. Real heart. A real brand, with soul. 

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    We'll post new episode of our HSFT Vlog every few weeks. Check out our HSFT YouTube Channel and Share the Love. Life is what you make it, so make it fun...

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