Cloudy and gloomy with snow falling outside my window today has me daydreaming of spring.

    I love a change of season as much for what nature brings as what blooms from the fashion world. I’ve been a student of fashion and lifestyle my whole life and I’m constantly reading and browsing trends and styles of the season.

    This spring, it’s all about the bootie!

    Shoes Make Me Happy

    We all know that a new pair of shoes is the perfect remedy for the winter blahs, especially if it’s a shoe to give you all new options for styling.

    Revamp your wardrobe and take a cue from some of my favorite Instagram bloggers like @stylishsarahnyc and check out how she brings an outfit together for every occasion with great shoes, booties and boots. And check out Revolve.com, for a huge selection of booties in every style and color.

    Hello Fabulous

    The bootie is a versatile boot/shoe that gives you loads of options and works with everything from casual to dressy and office to cocktails. And it’s more comfortable than a traditional heel.

    I’m all about the new trend of the white bootie. It’s edgier, different and looks amazing with jeans or black leggings. And the bootie is the perfection transition accessory for winter pieces that will carry over into spring, giving them a whole new look. No need to reinvent your whole seasonal wardrobe. Just a few key pieces and a great pair of booties and you're all set.

    A Little HSFT With Your Bootie

    I love my white booties with my HSFT pieces. Our signature black and white look is ideal with the look. The contrast is perfection. And the message, as always, is on point. Rock your own look, create your own personal vibe and style, and Have Some Fun Today.

    Peace, Love, and FUN,



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  • Our black woven HSFT bracelet and new HSFT patches are the coolest way to remember to get out there and Have Some Fun today...

    From You, To You

    We believe in falling love. Over and over again, with ourselves. The most important person in the world you can love is YOU. You can't give love or receive it if you don't have it for yourself. So why not have a Spring Fling, with yourself! Start by treating you to a few "necessities" for 

    There are so many reasons a little a "From you, To you" gift is so  important. It's crucial to give ourselves a little love and attention, especially because women tend to focus on filling everyone else up first. We are hard-wired for this nurturing stuff but not when it comes to our selves. When we fill ourselves up first, we have more true happiness and joy to give those we love. A "Happy you" is way more fabulous than unhappy-you. And we've got 5 Fabulous goodies from our HSFT Gift Line that will put a Spring in your step and a smile on your face. 

    1. Crown necklace and earrings

    Be your own damn princess. Forget waiting for someone to give you a crown to make you the ruler of their kingdom. Rose gold is still having a moment in fashion these days, so why not doing the party. We're crushing on this delicate rose gold crown necklace, great for layering. And the rose gold crown earrings are the perfect compliment. Hey, it's your kingdom, just make sure to fill it with love, kindness and FUN. 

    2. Votive Candle Gift Set

    You've heard it before, relax and restore. Meditate to motivate. Set the mood or just shed a little light on the situation, but our HSFT votive candle set is ready for any vibe. The glass votive holders with the three candles feature our signature crown, "Have Some Fun Today" and "Have Some Fun Tonight" on each. They also come in a chic black gift box so it's the perfect gift to keep on hand when you want to spread the love. 

    3. HSFT Woven Bracelet 

    Now this is what we call arm candy. Think of our HSFT black woven bracelet as a really chic and fabulous way to remind you to Have Some Fun Today and way cuter than a rubber band. Our woven bracelet with gold HSFT lettering is the perfect compliment to any wardrobe and is ideal as a stand alone or awesome when paired with any other bangles and bracelets your layering up. 

    4. HSFT Water Bottle

    Wanna know the number one beauty secret? Drink more water. And the second? Drink even more water! Staying hydrated is key for wellness and that natural glow. It feeds our skin and flushes out all that bad stuff we don't need. You keep your cell phone with you all the time, why not your water bottle? Our HSFT water bottle is chic and portable with a spillproof lid, so it's easy to BYO-water bottle!

    5. Crown Accessory Pouch

    If you're a girl-on-the-go, you know it's key to keep things stashed neatly in their place. We love our crown canvas zip pouches for storing all of our bits and baubles. Perfect for the purse and even better for those adventurous spring and summer getaways when storage is a must. Pouches are embossed with our signature HSFT crown in orange, hot pink or turquoise and matching zipper.


    Remember that the most loving thing you can do for anyone in your life is love yourself. You are the best version of you when YOU is happy! Happiness and Love is always worth sharing. So, come on lovelies, share your vibe, it's the best gift you can give. Live. Love. Wear. Share. 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who believes in love...

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  • Think Happy, Be Happy, Wear Happy. We've got some cool clothes to help.... Get this look with our Muscle Tank with Serif Graphic, a sassy skirt in the on trend pale pink and some strappy, sexy sandals. This will make anyone's day... 


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We've just shifted into a time of seasonal re-birth, all things shiny & new, and green. It's Spring! The world around us is buzzing with growth, but for some of us, 2017 still has us stuck. Maybe we've missed the boat on some of those well-intended resolutions, and we're not feeling the love of the "New Year/New You". Let's not forget we're only four months into the year and there is still plenty of time left to kick it into gear and make some positive changes. 

    These 3 tips are Game Changers because they'll have a powerful impact on your life with minimal effort. And the best thing is, they're all free. You don't need to spend a dime to make a powerful change and mix it up in your life. 

    1) Practice Meditation

    You don't need to look far to find countless articles, studies and research touting the benefits of meditation. It's no longer just a new-agey thing that yogis do, it's been put to the scrutiny of scientists and doctors alike who have discovered it has a profound effect on our bodies and our brain. We're big believers of meditation here at HSFT, and most of us practice some form of meditation on a regular basis. Whether you want to focus your intention on one specific outcome or just release your mind from it's hamster wheel of thoughts and stress, meditation has a big payoff. 

    It's known to lower stress levels, increase our attention levels, and actually alter the brain by increasing grey matter and specific brain functions. Here's the best part about meditation; it's a powerful tool that is accessible to anyone and it doesn't cost a thing. Start in a comfortable space. Close your eyes. Begin by focusing on your breathing. You don't need to sit there for hours, just start with five minutes. You'll be amazed at how quickly it goes. You can find some very cool resources on line for meditation like this one at UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center where you can download several different guided mediations to get you started. 


    2) Develop A Ritual

    Forming a new habit can be as challenging as breaking a bad one but a ritual goes one step further. Blogger Daisy from Simplicity Relished describes it as this, "Rituals are simply habits imbued with meaning..."  The beautiful thing about infusing rituals into our life is how they give us a go-to familiarity that is like a rhythmic touchstone in our day. Maybe you already have a ritual; morning mediation, 3-mile run, prayer, journaling time at night, a walk in nature. Whether you know it or not, you may have already carved out your own, but a ritual is personal and it's something you do for you.

    "So...you think about the things you are grateful for, and the people that you love, and the things you need to do in a day to thrive..." - HSFT Founder Stephanie Taormina on her daily ritual.

    HSFT founder Stephanie Taormina talked about her own daily rituals that help to keep her centered and grounded in her busy life in a recent HSFT vlog episode on HSFT's YouTube Channel. "It's always good every morning to take some time before you start your day. I like to do my runes, they're really amazing. They are these very old Viking symbols and they are these little discs have symbols on them. So every morning I like to come here and say thanks and regroup my thoughts and my goals. So you kinda think about the things you are grateful for, and the people that you love, and the things you need to do in a day to thrive. It's a journey." 


    3) The Power of Positive Thinking (And a Fab t-shirt To Remind You)

    There is no shortage of negativity in our world; your own personal world and the great big one we live in. We get bombarded pretty frequently with negative thoughts, actions, events, or even others, in the course of day. It can be overwhelming and difficult not to feel the effects of all those negative vibrations. We're pretty good at filling our own heads with negativity already. And then there's what exists around us every day.

    That's when you have to just STOP. Remove the source of negativity. Don't read the news or scroll through Facebook if it upsets you. Don't take that call from a friend if it's more negativity.

    START by having SOME FUN TODAY. You're gonna miss the beautiful parts of your life if you keep yourself focused only on the bad stuff. There really is a great, big, beautiful world out there full of pretty amazing people. Choose Positive! Choose that world and choose FUN over the "everything is going to hell" mentality. Shift one negative thought to a positive and you will add some much needed color to your canvas. We highly suggest wearing a really cool t-shirt just to remind you. C'mon... Have Some Fun Todayyou know you wanna.



    Written and Contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who is having some FUN right now...


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  • Arm yourself with the necessities for Spring.... Our HSFT umbrella is perfect for the finicky weather and our HSFT luxe tote will help you haul your wrap for those chilly nights or the fashion forward trench for rain. And don't forget our Luxe Message Pillow that makes the ideal statement on the covered porch...  


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Ahhhhh, Spring! We've awakened from the stillness of winter and thrown open the shuttered blinds to see the sun out longer and that we desperately need a pedicure. It's time to embrace the season of re-birth (and possible seasonal allergies) with vigor and vitality. Refresh, renew and Dammit, let's "Have Some Fun" this spring....


    1) Spring Clean Your Emotional Life

    Yes, we love the idea of spring cleaning our homes and removing the winter dust bunnies but we ADORE the idea of spring cleaning our emotional closets. The truth is everyone can benefit from a little emotional purge. Holding on to a grudge with a friend? Still stinging from a breakup or broken heart that's keeping you in the single zone? Not talking to your sister because of something stupid she said because she still she thinks she's the boss of you?

    Let it go. Yes, we're quoting The Disney movie Frozen, but just like the ice princess says, it's time to let it go. Move on. The only one who is being held back is you. Your friend, sister, ex, etc. isn't feeling the effects of your anger or sadness. It has little effect on them, but the truth is, we are the one who benefit most when we let go of old negative emotions. Even the Mayo Clinic has done research on the benefits of letting go of old stuff. You're a google search away from figuring out why this needs to happen in your life. And when we let it go, we make room for the beautiful things in life.... Who doesn't need more of that?

    2) Get A Pedicure

    Nothing ushers in the warm weather and the tingling energy of spring like the freedom of our toes in the open air. It's depressing to look down and see the remainder of your sparkle red polish that you donned for the office Christmas Party oh so many months ago. If you're not one for foot pampering, you need to immediately start. A pedicure is small piece of heaven on earth. Someone rubs your feet, remove rough skin and moisturizes, trims and files your nails, and paints them a pretty shade of Spring. It's decadent! And if you don't have the perfect pair of stack heel sandals or cork wedges for the spring, the pedi is a good reason to go shoe shopping. You're welcome. Now let those toes out!

    3) Catch Spring Fever and Have A Spring Fling  

    There's something about the energy of bursting blooms, the budding trees and the energy of the earth this time of year that can make us feel giddy. As Mother Nature is prepping for a party with flowers and bright shades of green, we're catching a buzz of frenetic vibrations. Spring Fever!! In other words, we're all in the mood for a good shag.

    Go out and find some FUN in the form of good love. Flirtation can be fun. Married or have a partner? Spice it up, make it sexy and interesting. Love notes, sexy texts, make it clear you're in the mood for a spring fling.

    Single? Get out there, girl! It's the perfect time to pull out that off the shoulder pinstripe banker stripe shirt you bought when there was still snow on the ground. Get your girlfriends and get out there. You can't meet anyone new in your fuzzy Ugg slippers and yoga pants watching Netflix.  Use the mojo of this time of year to inspire you. They don't call if spring fever for nothing... If the bees can do it, so can you.

    4) Shopping Anyone?

    You won't find a better way to inspire that Spring Cleaning of your closet than a promise to yourself for a shopping after a job well done. You know there's plenty in there to purge. And if your budget isn't as excited about the retail therapy reward as you are, remember you CAN do fashion and trend on a budget. TJ Maxx, Target, Forever 21, and on-line deals can give you a whole new look for not a lot of money.  We love the wide "seaside" stripes, influx of yellow (hello spring!), trench coats and one-shoulder, and of course, the statement tee looks. 

    5) Get Your Outside On

    There's nothing more powerful than spending some time outside this time of year and we don't mean walking to the car from your house. This is a season when immersing ourselves in the elements is good for the soul. Whether there's a chill in the air and you need a sweater or it's warm enough to break a sweat, studies show that spending time outside enhances our mental health and can lower our risk for depression. It's known to increase our vitamin D intake and to lower stress. 

    However you do it, put yourself in the outdoors. A park, a walk around the block, a hiking trail, even a walk to a friend's house. You never know what you might find.

    6) Lighten Up

    Sure, you're packing up your winter clothes and booths, but it's also time to lighten up your diet. Spring is the time we move away from heavier foods like proteins and higher fats, that we naturally gravitate to in the colder months. What you see outside is what should be on your plate. Lots of greens, fruits and veggies are the perfect way to eat within the season. Salads, lean meats and fish are the ideal way to lighten your plate. And you might even make the shift in your wine selection. Many of our salads and greens pair nicely with a lighter white varietal or even a rosè, a lovely compliment to food with the higher acidic palette. Our bodies make a shift just as the seasons do, and so should our food choices.


    There's lots of reasons to embrace the charms and the positive vibrations of the Spring season. Whatever you do, think spring and Have Some Fun Today



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves the vibe of spring... 

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    Spring things.... A classic raincoat from Burberry is the perfect Spring go-to with our HSFT luxe tote, HSFT umbrella for spring storms and our HSFT baseball hat just in case...


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Ahhhhh, lovelies.... It's a season for change and re-birth. For rain showers and wind storms, maybe even a snow. Things are growing and changing all around us. Nature often gives us the perfect road map for what we need in our own lives. Just take a peek outside and you'll know it's time for opening windows, sweeping out the dust from the winter and shifting into the energy of a new season.

    We're being awakened out of the dormancy of winter and into the potential for new growth, just like those buds bursting out on tree branches and flowers that stubbornly push through the soil. Clocks move forward to give us more sunshine, temperatures fluctuate from highs to lows. 

    We're shifting, too. The energy of this season is powerful! Our bodies and minds feel it long before we've put away our winter sweaters. 

    1) Spring Into Action

    Spring is a time for making choices and putting them into action. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the quiet of the winter is a time to dream and imagine ideas and reflections. Spring it's time to watch them come to life, leaping forth like blossoms and leaves. It's the perfect time to start new projects and see where they go. Feeling its time for a new job change? Start looking. Got a new idea for a home project? Perfect, grab a hammer. It's a time of renewal and change.

    2) Get Yourself Outside

    Winter gives us pause and for those of us who have the cold of a winter, it's a cue to slow the body down. Our metabolism naturally slows, we spend more time indoors. Spring brings us warmer temps, and the energetic buzz of things growing and shifting gives us that skin tingling "spring fever". Take your workout outside. Take a walk after dinner, with the extra hours from Daylight Savings. Grab a bike ride on a weekend afternoon. Getting the chi or life energy of our bodies moving and flowing is the equivalent of an internal spring cleaning, so get your move on!

    3) Clean Your Space

    This tradition of Spring is still something many of us who like to get the winter dust bunnies moving on out for a clean and fresh re-set in our homes. Spring Cleaning is  very ceremonial and ritualistic in many cultures, whether for religious holidays or the start of a "new year". It's thought that sweeping out the dirt and dust removes bad luck and helps "sweep" in good luck for the year ahead. It's also thought to trace back to a time when fireplaces would have been burning all winter long as the main heat source for our homes, so removing the soot and the ash was necessary each winter's end. 

    Whatever the reason, cleaning out your living space makes literal space for new things. Space makes way for new energy and new ideas this is thought to increase the flow of energy in your home. In Feng Shui, it is believed that cleaning under things, dusting, vacuuming, etc opens up the flow of energy. Get the vacuum or call Merry Maids, but bring in the season with a deep clean for a fresh start. 

    4) Think Green

    The color of green is synonymous with Spring. Infuse your life with a little green, whether it's a fabulous new handbag, shoes, or a pop of color in a pillow you toss on the couch. Take it to another level and bring in fresh flowers, potted plants, even branches from budding trees and surround yourself with the color of the season. Green is the color of life, energy, renewal and harmony. It's also restful and relaxing, so think green!

     5) Have Some Fun Today 

    The energy of the spring is infectious. Things are growing and energy is pushing up through the earth and pulsing through branches and stems. It's a palpable and gorgeous time of year. Take time to literally stop and smell the air around you. Have Some Fun Today! Find the beautiful in what may seem like the everyday and the mundane. Make it a choice to HSFT and change the way you see the world.


    Happy Spring!



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves the color green....


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