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  • HSFT Founder Stephanie Taormina with her two daughters... 


    Happy Mother's Day, Beautiful

    In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, Have Some Fun Today is celebrating the beauty and maternal nurturing of all women. We all have a mother and yes, the beauty of Mother's Day is in honoring those women that brought us into the world. But as women, we are genetically hardwired for care taking and nurturing, whether we've birthed a child or not. Maternal instinct runs deep in our DNA. We are all "moms" in some way, shape or form.

    It's not just a day to celebrate the Mom who's done diaper duty and sleepless nights, but to celebrate the women who nurture and cares for those around her. That's as motherly as it gets. 

    So Happy Mother's Day to all women who are filling the world with all that motherly goodness. And here's 15 ways we've been doing that shit since way back.... #HMD #HSFT

    1) Snack Leader

    You always volunteered to pass out the graham crackers in kindergarten and made sure everyone had a napkin. Especially the super annoying boy who always made a mess, and liked to pull your hair when you sat next to him in circle time. Note to self, he grows up to be super hot and will recall how you were kindergarten "Snack Leader" while you make out with him in the front seat of his Dad's BMW senior year. 

    2) The Human Ponytail Holder

    You held your college roommate's hair back while she regretted and heaved every single one of those upside tequila shots at the holiday dorm party. 

    3) Because Cupcakes Are Always A Good Idea

    You brought cupcakes for everyone to the "Cleanup Day" after the junior high stage production of Oklahoma! in 9th grade. Because a snack was always a good idea and hey, you were snack leader.  

    4) Kiddie Care

    You always offer to babysit for friends with kids when they're in a bind or need some help.  

    5) Just Breathe

    You held your best friend's hand while she gave birth to her first child, and her husband remained wide-eyed and ghost white, insisting his gaze stay "south of the border." As your goddaughter made her way into the world, you marveled at the miracle of birth, and you'd lie and tell your BFF that yes, her daughter was beautiful! Even though she initially resembled Winston Churchill. Thankfully, she'd outgrow that.

    6) Accessories Are Everything

    You love a good apron. 

    7) Lonely Hearts Club

    You pulled an all-nighter, baking heart-shaped cookies and making hand made Valentines cards for the entire Intern Staff your first job out of college, because you felt badly most of them were single. And you were secretly dating your boss. 

    8) Because Shoes Are Always A Good Idea

     Because the 89-year-old neighbor in your first apartment, Mrs. Petrov in 4B, decided she would like some Nike running shoes just like the ones she saw you wearing everyday for your morning run. Down 4 flights of stairs and into your used Honda, you would drive her to the sporting goods store, where she left wearing the "most comfortable shoes she'd ever worn, honey!"

    9) Dish Duty

    Sneaking off into the kitchen and beginning the clean up at a friend's party has always been your thing. 

    10) Say It With Soup

    You say, "Get Better Soon!" with homemade bone-broth, organic chicken noodle soup and a box of tissues (the kind with lotion), for a friend who is under the weather. 

    11) Princess of Tide

    You like doing laundry.

    12) Do As I Say...

    Your friends have always quipped "Okay, Mom!" to you when you've offered some advice or opinion on what they should do, which you've always done.

    13) Gather Round

    Because in your 20's, you dubbed it the "Misfits Turkey Dinner Club" you invited everyone to Thanksgiving Dinner, if they had no where to go. Now lovingly called  "Everyone is Family Dinner", you host the best Thanksgivings ever!

    14) You've Got A Little Something...

    You're that friend (or stranger) who tells people when: their fly is down, there is something in their teeth, they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Because you'd want someone to do it for you.

    15) Bag of Tricks 

    You're never without your Handi-wipes, purse-size tissues and you always have a breath mint. 


    Happy Mother's Day to all women, who create good vibes and share love everyday, all over the world, as we're "mothering" people and our planet.  #whoruntheworld #mothersrock #women


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who always has a breath mint and a word of advice.... 

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  • Beautiful Moms are everywhere! Stylish Moms like Sarah keep staples like a great fitting jacket and jeans that rock your bod. Shop this black Slouchy Have Some Fun Today tank with our early  Mother's Day Sale!  Enjoy 30% off at our studio Happy Hour today or online with code mothersday17 through the weekend. 


    HAVE SOME FUN TOAY - The "Mom Jean" started as a hilarious Saturday Night Live parody about bad "Mom Style". It's since become a real life "cautionary tale" for any of us whose life and closet has crossed the threshold into motherhood. But being a mother doesn't have to mean a "Dowdy and Dated" wardrobe. 


    Whether it's the "baby weight" we're now trying to hide or the practicality of our wardrobe which endures the wrath of Mom life, it's an easy way to suck the style right out of you. And let's face it, when you haven't slept in five nights, staying in your pajama bottoms or yoga pants every day is very appealing. 

    As they babies grow up and we become immersed in playdates, soccer games, trips to the park, and maybe even find ourselves back in careers, some of us have forgotten to put the fashion back in our closets. Avoid the Frump and just say no to the "Style-less". Fashion and style can still be comfortable and flattering, for moms of all shapes and sizes.

    1) It's All About the Denim 

    Let's start with the Mom Jean thing. Ironically the high-waisted jean featured in that skit is actually back in style these days, but do yourself a favor and update your denim wardrobe. You need one good pair of jeans, but they must be from this decade. Yeah, you do look hot in that new bod after doing "Whole 30", but even if you can fit into your jeans from early 20's, it does not mean you should wear them. 

    Denim has changed a lot. A good pair will have a bit of give and stretch and will fit you like a glove without needing to lay flat on the bed to get them zipped. We're looking for fitted and flattering, not spray painted and muffin-topping. (We love Mother Denim and Rag & Bone  on the splurge side and Liverpool Jeans and Express Denim for a budget friendly pair). You want to feel good in these jeans, so be prepared to spend more than you do on your kids clothes. This is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. 

    Take a friend, try on as many as you need to until you find "The One". You'll know when you put them on because you'll never want to take them off. We're sort of obsessing over the released hem look.  Soccer field or with heels and fitted blazer for cocktails with your friends, they'll make you feel sexy no matter where you are. 

    2) It's a Shoe Thing

    Shoes may be on the bottom of your body but it's one of the most important details that many woman overlook. A great pair of shoes can change they way you walk into a room, literally! And a great pair of shoes can give you instant style to an otherwise average outfit. Yes, we love those pointy toe flats and those go-to canvas slip ons, but a heel gives you reason to stand a little taller and feel a little sexier. 

    Even just a heel with a few inches of lift will make big difference. Wedge heels are a great way to get the height and keep the comfort and there are so many options from cork to suede. Block heels are stacked and more supportive but super chic in a strappy sandal for summer. And let's not forget a classic stiletto. 

    Grab those amazing jeans, a cool graphic t-shirt (our Have Some Fun Today original Tee is our go to) and a fitted jacket or blazer. Now slip on those heels. And Momma just stepped up her style....

    3) Pick a Trend, Any Trend

    Jeans and heels are staples and classics that transcend the trends from season to season but a great way to punch up your look is with one seasonal trend that can mix well with the rest of your closet. 

    Take that fitted jacket or blazer. Why not pick a jacket in the hot color of the season, a whisper blush pink or a neutral nude? Both are Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring. And it will go with everything. Dress it up or down and watch it become the workhorse of your closet. 

    Or shop for inexpensive accessories on trend, like a great bag in those fabulous colors, a statement necklace or choker. Simple details like accessories can take your style from basic to fashion forward. Being a mom is the hardest and the best job job you'll ever have but you can still look good doing it.

    Chic and Stylish is On Sale (Shop the Code!)

    And since we're Moms who are in the "mom spirit" of things, we're offering 30% off at our in-studio event tonite from 4:30-6:30 and online through the weekend! Shop the code mothersday17 and treat yourself and some other moms you know.


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  • "Raising Women" - This is a continuation of our series on mothers raising girls in today's often complicated and multifaceted world. HSFT Founder Stephanie pictured with her two daughters...

    It's In The Genes

    Want to know the most powerful thing you can do for you daughters? Love yourself. Modeling positive self image and letting your children see you sometimes put YOU first is sending a message that you value yourself. It teaches them what it means to take care of yourself and gives them a blueprint for what loving self-reliance looks like.

    As natural born caretakers, we are wired to nurture others. When we become mothers, we have a built-in excuse to put someone else's needs above our own. For some of us, this sets us on a path of self neglect and disconnect. A newborn is a jarring lesson in a stark reality that your life is no longer your own. But honoring ourselves and continuing acts of loving and kindness to yourself are particularly important in those times. 

    Like Mother, Like Daughter 

    As our daughters grow and learn the different pressures and expectations of women in our society, they will find plenty of reasons to feel unworthy or secondary. Social media, peer pressure, even friends, will send them repeated messages that their is a greater value placed on how they look, what they wear or who they hang out with. Help them understand at an early age that they are their own best ally and that loving who they no matter what will set them apart. 

    "I try to live by example," says HSFT CEO and founder Stephanie Rado Taormina, mother of two girls."We are all human, but we have the ability to eat well, exercise to maintain a healthy body and attitude, and understand our limitations and goals. I take time for personal reflection, self analyze on how I can grow spiritually and also maintain all the factors for living a good life." 

    Pass It On

     How we live our lives is one of the key factors in how our daughters will, too. Dr. Christiane Northrup has been on the forefront of women's health and wellness for over three decades and has this to say about the complexity of the mother/daughter bond and relationship.

    "No other childhood experience is as compelling as a young girl’s relationship with her mother. Each of us takes in at the cellular level how our mother feels about being female, what she believes about her body, how she takes care of her health, and what she believes is possible in life. Her beliefs and behaviors set the tone for how well we learn to care for ourselves as adults. We then pass this information either consciously or unconsciously on to the next generation."

     It's easy in the crazed pace of motherhood and life to disconnect from how we show up in our children's life. How do our daughter's see us? Do we send the message that we matter? Do we model self-acceptance or hopefulness? How do they see us manage our lives when everything is falling apart? 

    Steph says she tries to emphasis to her daughters doing their best but also to understand it may not always turn out the way they think. As an entrepreneur and business woman building a lifestyle brand from the ground up, she hopes the message they're taking away is that they can do anything if they work hard enough. 

    Love You and What You Do

    "They see how hard I work at HSFT but they also see how much I love it," she says. And with two daughters who have uniquely different styles and talents, she encourages finding their own voices. "I believe in individuality mixed with the foundation of being your best self. So, I have always encouraged them to give their best in every aspect of their life, but not expecting a particular outcome or forcing a direction," says Steph. 

     Loving ourselves means seeing yourself as beautiful and allowing our daughters to see our beauty radiating from us in the most authentic of ways; because we feel it and believe it. 

    "I think accepting who you are, what you look like, and how you feel is a big part of being beautiful and sexy. I think everyone has their own unique beauty. I just continue to reinforce to my daughters what I live; you can still be fierce and independent while being sexy and beautiful."




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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Christina Redner is an HSFT woman who knows how to roll with it. A busy stay-at-home-mom to three children, she lives the challenges of parenting every day. When it comes to raising her two daughters in this day and age, she likes to live in the moment. "To keep my sanity and to keep them grounded, I try not to think about it too much. I stay in the now." she says. "If you think of every challenge girls will face and think of protecting them from everything, you will go crazy. I try to stick to my morals and values and instill that in them and just kinda roll with it. That's the kind of mother I am."

    On Raising Girls To Be Independent Women:

    "I raise them to not be followers. As hard as that might be, don't follow the crowd, but be a leader. Then they can do whatever they set their minds to, whatever it might be. Set high standards and go for it. Life's too short!" 

    "I want to them go out into the world and be good people," she said, "and be close to my husband and I, and their family. I think when they have a strong foundation, they know they are going to be okay no matter what happens and they know they can always come back to that." 

    Son Beckett is 8-years-old, all boy and into his Daddy time right now, "unless he needs a little motherly love," so husband Ryan is his go-to at the moment. She sees that as a phase as her children grow up and all need her in different ways, with each of them at a very distinct age. Daughter Sydney is a teenager at 15 and daughter Brooke is a pre-teen at 12. What does she love most about her girls? "Shopping!" she laughs. "But really, I love that they are my best friends! Nothing better."

    Christina is wearing the HSFT slouchy tee.






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    Have Some Fun Today founder Stephanie Taormina with daughters Allegra and Gabi. 


    They call me Mom 

    I cried behind my sunglasses today as I put my 5-year-old on the bus to her first day of kindergarten. Yesterday, my 13-year-old daughter started 8th grade and my stepdaughter heads to 10th grade next week. They are distinctly different girls all in very different places in life. It is sometimes a struggle to meet each of them right where they are and give them what they need. 

    HSFT founder Stephanie Taormina is also a mom, raising two beautiful girls, in addition to her many other roles like entrepreneur, artist and interior designer. She packed up her oldest for her second year of college just last week and her youngest just started her senior year of high school. 

    It's a Girl's World 

    The milestones of our girls lives upon us, Steph and I were talking last week at the HSFT studio about the amazing gift and ridiculously challenging work of raising women. Okay, I might have been complaining about the difficulty of teenage girls, but the conversation led to what it means to parent girls. 

    When HSFT started our re-occurring series on the blog "Inspiring Women" earlier this year, it was to create and connect community of women, sharing their many diverse talents and gifts. We've had some truly amazing women featured. As mothers, we strive to raise daughters who can someday be inspirational women. 

    New Series on the HSFT Blog

    At HAVE SOME FUN TODAY, we're movers and shakers, artists and creators, daughters and mothers, so we're proud to announce our latest series on the blog called "Raising Women". 

    There are few tasks more daunting than raising children. As parents, we are limited by the scope of our own experiences and what we know, or what we don't. I think we're all just aiming for our kids to be happy, productive and nice people who give a damn about something besides themselves. That would be inspirational. 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger (and mother) Rebecca Doubek 

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