• HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We've just closed the book on January of the New Year and for many of us, resolutions have come and gone. We've all but forgotten what our intentions were to make this a fabulous year. But 2017 is still in our reach and it's never too late to make a few simple changes that will have maximum positive impact on our lives. We are in the driver's seat to creating our world and our success. Let's grab hold of these next 11 months and see what the world brings us!

    1) Practice Meditation

    You don't need to look far to find countless articles, studies and research touting the benefits of meditation. It's no longer just a new-agey thing that yogis do, it's been put to the scrutiny of scientists and doctors alike who have discovered it has a profound effect on our bodies and our brain. We're big believers of meditation here at HSFT, and most of us practice some form of meditation on a regular basis. Whether you want to focus your intention on one specific outcome or just release your mind from it's hamster wheel of thoughts and stress, meditation has a big payoff. 

    It's known to lower stress levels, increase our attention levels, and actually alter the brain by increasing grey matter and specific brain functions. Here's the best part about meditation; it's a powerful tool that is accessible to anyone and it doesn't cost a thing. Start in a comfortable space. Close your eyes. Begin by focusing on your breathing. You don't need to sit there for hours, just start with five minutes. You'll be amazed at how quickly it goes. You can find some very cool resources on line for meditation like this one at UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center where you can download several different guided mediations to get you started. 


    2) Develop A Ritual

    Forming a new habit can be as challenging as breaking a bad one but a ritual goes one step further. Blogger Daisy from Simplicity Relished describes it as this, "Rituals are simply habits imbued with meaning..."  The beautiful thing about infusing rituals into our life is how they give us a go-to familiarity that is like a rhythmic touchstone in our day. Maybe you already have a ritual; morning mediation, 3-mile run, prayer, journaling time at night, a walk in nature. Whether you know it or not, you may have already carved out your own, but a ritual is personal and it's something you do for you.

    " think about the things you are grateful for, and the people that you love, and the things you need to do in a day to thrive..." - HSFT Founder Stephanie Taormina on her daily ritual.

    HSFT founder Stephanie Taormina talked about her own daily rituals that help to keep her centered and grounded in her busy life in a recent HSFT vlog episode on HSFT's YouTube Channel. "It's always good every morning to take some time before you start your day. I like to do my runes, they're really amazing. They are these very old Viking symbols and they are these little discs have symbols on them. So every morning I like to come here and say thanks and regroup my thoughts and my goals. So you kinda think about the things you are grateful for, and the people that you love, and the things you need to do in a day to thrive. It's a journey." 


    3) Stop the Negativity  

    There is no shortage of negativity in our world, your own personal world and the great big one we live in. We get bombarded pretty frequently with negative thoughts, actions, events, or even others, in the course of day. It can be overwhelming and difficult not to feel the effects of all those negative vibrations. We're pretty good at filling our own heads with negativity already. And then there's what exists around us every day.

    That's when you have to just STOP. Stop the madness and the dance of negativity in your head. Remove negative external influencers. If watching the nightly news upsets you, then stop watching it for a while. If you're spending time with people who have a negative outlook on life, take a break from that energy. START by having SOME FUN TODAY. You're gonna miss the beautiful parts of your life if you keep yourself focused only on the bad stuff. There really is a great, big, beautiful world out there full of pretty amazing people. Choose that world and choose FUN over "The sky is falling!" mentality. Shift one negative thought to a positive and you will add some much needed color to your canvas. And yes, Have Some Fun Today... c'mon, you know you wanna.



    Written and Contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who is having some FUN right now...


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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We're on the threshold of a new beginning! All the possibility of the New Year brings is upon us, while we leave behind 2016. And isn't it just like us to begin by overloading on resolutions for 2017, and then toss them all out the window before the ball has even dropped in Times Square. HSFT is here to help with a few resolutions that are "high impact" but require minimal effort. It doesn't take much to make a big difference in your life, so let's break it down. Let's divide and conquer. Let's have the Best. Year. Ever. Hell yeah, New Year, we've got this!

    1. Have Some FUN Today, and every damn day.

     Well, of course we think it's all about having FUN. Have Some Fun Today was founded on the very philosophy of seeking joy in the everyday, even when you can't see it. It's profound, when you think about it. What if we put our focus on finding more FUN each and everyday? It's easy, it's free and it's life changing. C'mon... you know you wanna. Have Some Fun Today.

    2. Drink More Water

    The health benefits of water for the body are MAJOR. Did you know that one of the biggest influencers of spinal degeneration is dehydration? One of the biggest impacts you can have on the look and feel of your skin is by drinking more water. Those afternoon "crashes" when you reach for another cup of Joe may very well be dehydration. Curb your appetite, feed your skin and even change your mood, by drinking more water. If you need more inspiration, we just happen to have a super chic HSFT water bottle that looks great in your bag. Take it with you, drink on the go, but drink more water.

    3. Write Yourself A Love Letter

    "Dear You, You are amazingly funny and have a great smile... " What would you say to yourself in a love letter? This exercise is empowering and powerful. Write down all the things you love about yourself, and if you can't think of any, write down things you know other people love about you. Write down your  2016 "wins" and all that went right. Then write down the things that didn't. Include your hopes for the year ahead. Seal it in an envelope and pull it out next year. Studies show that writing down our goals (not typing) is a powerful way to make a concrete connection to our desires and making them happen. You can use our beautiful Signature Crown Stationary to write your letter, because after all, you are a queen. 

    4. Move Your Body

    We're not going to tell you to join a gym or get a trainer, but what you can do is simply resolve to move more. We get so sedentary in life, always in front of computers, in our car, or in front of a TV. Make a resolution to simply move your amazing body for the sake of moving. Whether that's taking the dog for a walk, going dancing with your friends or a spin class. You can wear one of our "pep talk on a t-shirt" muscle tanks or hoodies while you do it, but move your body and watch it glow. 

    5. Take A Trip

    This year, plan a trip to someplace you've never been before. Big or small. Foreign or domestic. It matters not. What matters is that you go someplace new and for no other reason than to go there. It's so easy to just live in the space around us and forget there is a whole big, beautiful world out there, teeming with life and colors and experiences. Pick a place. Any place. And go, and blow your own damn mind.

    6. Just Breathe

    The power of focused and rhythmic breath is unparalleled. You can calm yourself, reduce your stress and improve your health when you practice just simply breathing. The New York Times just wrote about controlled breath and the amazing affect it has. Sit in a comfortable place. Close your eyes. Feel your chest expand and contract. Now engage your belly as you breathe. Focus on a count on the in-breath and match it to your exhale. You will learn to calm yourself and your body and feel so peaceful when you connect to your breath. 

    7. Get your Beauty Sleep

    So clichè, but so true. We do need 6-8 hours every night to keep our brain function at its best and to keep our immune system protecting us. It also keeps us youthful. Get your Zzzz's.

    8. Put Down Your Phone More

    Our phones have become powerful tools to help us streamline our work and home life and keep us in touch wherever we go, but that's part of the problem. We are learning to never be without them. We've become so reliant on the constant flow of information that we forget there is a present life unfolding all around us. Let's make a time throughout each day to simply put the phone away or out of sight. Be consciously aware of being present, without the temptation of checking your device. It will change the way you see things.

    9. Get A Vice

    Dammit if there isn't a little FUN in having some mischief. Have one thing that isn't about your health or the right thing or obligation. Have one little treat that maybe isn't the best for you, but it is decadent and/or delicious and isn't about anything other than the fact that you just like/love/want it. Indulgence in moderation is okay, too.

    10. Say More Nice Things

    You know what's great about this resolution, it just couldn't be easier. At HSFT, we vow to spread and share positivity all the time, but imagine if more of us were doing it. It's as simple as telling the person in the checkout line that you like her boots or complimenting a stranger on their style. Or thanking someone for doing something for you. Saying more nice things can only bring more good into the world, including yours. You look beautiful, by they way, did we mention that? 

    11. Get a Piggy Bank

    Whether it's one that sits on your dresser or the kind the bank gives you in the form of a savings account, start putting something in it at least once a month. It can be change from your pocket or an automatic deduction from your paycheck. Five dollars or $50. Having a little stash of cash is a great way to empower yourself. It's the art of the discipline of saving and the practice of doing something of yourself.  

    12. Visit The Library 

    Unless you live on a 20,000 acre cattle ranch, chances are you've got a local library near you. Yes, it's convenient to read on a laptop or tablet, but there's something about holding a book in your hand. And the library is an amazing place full of fact and fiction and things to inspire. And it's totally free. A good book is an escape from life. A great book will change your life. 

    13. Get your Check-ups

    Don't let another year go by without getting those body tuneups. Pop your hood, get that annual exam or if it's time, the dreaded mammogram. Get that dermatologist body scan you've been putting off and the eye exam you know you need. Teeth cleaned and checked lately? You are the only one who can take care of that amazing body you have so make sure its had those check-ups it needs to run smoothly. You can't conquer the world and kick ass every day if something is broken down. Make those appointments!

    14. Call A Friend 

    If you struggle to balance work and home life, chances are you don't make room for much else. But in the new year ahead, let's make it a point to call our girlfriends. Spending time with girlfriends is known to produced oxytocin in the brain, which gives us that feel good feeling and eases stress. Cultivate friendships and make dates to see each other. Date night with your girlfriends is a must in 2017. 

    15. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

    Big or small, the power of a random act of kindness is that it energetically creates good in the world. Doing good makes us feel as good as it does for the person receiving it. Doing something for another human being just "because"  sets off a chain reaction in the universe. The kind we need more of. You'll be blown away just how much a small act can open your heart big. 

    16. Meditate

    It may sound like a new age, hokey thing that you read about last week in the Huff Post but meditation is an amazing way to calm the mind, ease stress levels and lower blood pressure. Wanna start taking charge of your life in a powerful way? Meditate. Wanna bring your "vision board" to life? Meditate. It is a life changing strategy that most highly successful people use in their daily routine. There are apps to guide you through meditation, websites, and even some podcasts. Our mind is the single most powerful thing we have, let's use it to have a beautiful life. 

    17. Be Bold

    2017 is calling and it wants you to bust through that New Year with jazz hands and a feather boa! Own this year. Decide it's yours. Decide that things are going to happen for you that YOU are going to make happen. Life is what you make it, so why not make it FUN. Bold means to be unafraid and fierce. Be confident and proud. Be you because there is only one. That's bold!

    Grab hold of the goodness that is getting read to pop like that champagne bottle on New Year's Eve and embrace 2017 like a new lover. It's yours, lovelies. Can you feel it? Happy New Year to all and HSFT!



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who resolves to write her novel in 2017...



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  • Stephanie Rado Taormina is a visionary. She founded her lifestyle and fashion brand Have Some Fun Today in 2015, inspired by four little words her late father always used to say. These words are a guiding force, a philosophy she lives by, and a way she honors the father who taught her and her siblings to find the FUN and see magic in the world every day. An artist, interior designer and entrepreneur, her unique vision for creating something beautiful and interesting is at the hallmark of all her projects. Whether she's got a paintbrush and canvas in front of her or a sketchbook she's filling with new ideas for HSFT, her creativity keeps her moving. As does being mom to two daughters. With a brand new HSFT gift line launching this week, she's busier than ever, but took some time to talk about with her inspirations and what's next for HSFT. 

    What is your personal mantra or Mission Statement?

    Move from your heart and give your best to every endeavor, but be mindful to stay balanced in work, rest and play.   

    What inspires you?

    Everything… life in general. Nature, music, art, fashion, relationships, conversations. And my quiet time to think, dream and plan.

    What do you value most in life?

    My health, my family, and my ability to create beauty in the world.

    Do you use any disciplines or practices to energize you?

    Yes, I do. I do several types of meditation. I have a very health conscious mindset, including a macrobiotic diet and working with a trainer twice a week. I do daily stretching and yoga, drink lots of water and get a good nights sleep. Plus, I think that being conscious of balance in your life actually creates balance in your life, so that you have space available to have fun and accomplish a lot.

    What is one piece of advice or words of inspiration you live by?

    When you move from your heart everything falls into place. Nothing is given to you, so you have to do the work to reap the benefits.

    What's next for you and for Have Some Fun Today? 

    I am thinking about more educational opportunities. A woman's forum on leadership, support groups to inspire youth, just taking the HSFT philosophy out in the community in an even more tangible and powerful way. 

    What helps you Have Some Fun today, each and every day?

    Staying balanced and believing that the universe has a plan for me so that I can enjoy the good times and can ride the wave through the harder times… There is always some fun to be had in a day even if it is just some laughter with a friend. 

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  • The "Crown Pouch" from the new HSFT gift line.  


    At HAVE SOME FUN TODAY, we are all about catching the vibe of something new. Changing, growing, climbing the mountain of life and being open to what the universe brings us is all part of how we HSFT

    HSFT is growing and changing, too. We've expanded our vision to include a new gift line and are cooking up new ideas every day. When we make space for new ideas, we open the door to new opportunities. 

    Life Lessons From an Acorn

    Last minute invite to to London for the weekend? Yes! A new job in New York City? Yes! Take a chance and say yes to new possibilities; that's the HSFT philosophy. An acorn holds a single seed and when it falls to the ground, it has the power to become a tree. That's some serious potential! What do we have the power to do when we let go?

    Let's Get Deep Over a Falling Leaf 

    Leaves begin to fall, air is cool and crisp, and autumn is the perfect time for self reflection. It's kind of like the New Year's resolutions you made with that glass of bubbly in your hand back in January, except it kinda makes more sense in September. What's happening outside directly correlates to us inside, even if we don't know it. It's a time to let go, move away from the excesses of summer and move inward. 

    The earth around us is prepping for winter and storing energy new growth in spring. What if we took a cue from Mother Nature and looked at our lives like that? Thinking of taking that class to learn something new? Have some health and fitness goals for your body? As the season slows down and gives pause to winter, we too can catch a breath, put away the sunscreen and beach towels and reflect on what's next. All that from fall foliage. 

    So now what? 

    Okay, so leaves are piling up and it's getting colder, what are we supposed to do with that?

    Cultivate moving inward and see what you are capable of! Take a yoga or meditation class, meet with a friend weekly for coffee and talk about your goals, keep a journal and write down goals for yourself and things you want to accomplish. Giving ourselves a time and a place with a little quiet and our own thoughts can be powerful. You can conquer the world if you want to, the only question is, which world?

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY was founded on the very principles of honoring life, taking a chance and living life to the fullest. Yeah, we make fabulous t-shirts, chic accessories, and just launched a beautiful new gift line, (have you seen the new gift line?) but what we're really selling is a philosophy and way of life that we hope spreads like wildfire. Live. Love. Wear. Share. It's way more than t-shirts. Peace, love and acorns. 






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