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The HSFT Mug
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Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
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Original Cap Sleeve Tee




    Cloudy and gloomy with snow falling outside my window today has me daydreaming of spring.

    I love a change of season as much for what nature brings as what blooms from the fashion world. I’ve been a student of fashion and lifestyle my whole life and I’m constantly reading and browsing trends and styles of the season.

    This spring, it’s all about the bootie!

    Shoes Make Me Happy

    We all know that a new pair of shoes is the perfect remedy for the winter blahs, especially if it’s a shoe to give you all new options for styling.

    Revamp your wardrobe and take a cue from some of my favorite Instagram bloggers like @stylishsarahnyc and check out how she brings an outfit together for every occasion with great shoes, booties and boots. And check out, for a huge selection of booties in every style and color.

    Hello Fabulous

    The bootie is a versatile boot/shoe that gives you loads of options and works with everything from casual to dressy and office to cocktails. And it’s more comfortable than a traditional heel.

    I’m all about the new trend of the white bootie. It’s edgier, different and looks amazing with jeans or black leggings. And the bootie is the perfection transition accessory for winter pieces that will carry over into spring, giving them a whole new look. No need to reinvent your whole seasonal wardrobe. Just a few key pieces and a great pair of booties and you're all set.

    A Little HSFT With Your Bootie

    I love my white booties with my HSFT pieces. Our signature black and white look is ideal with the look. The contrast is perfection. And the message, as always, is on point. Rock your own look, create your own personal vibe and style, and Have Some Fun Today.

    Peace, Love, and FUN,



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  • These boots will give you a touch of fall and sexy when paired with this camo jacket and HSFT wristlet.

    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It’s usually chillier temps, cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots for many of us this time of year, but instead we’ve been fighting off a heat wave. Velvet, vintage inspired furs, blazers, 70’s plaid and belted coats are Fall 2017 trends that will leave us in a hot flash.

    So how to get a seasonally appropriate without slipping on vintage denim cutoffs and flip flops? The transitional season is upon us, lets call it Fall-ish, but you still can find a way to infuse your look with key autumn-inspired pieces that will work for unusually warm days.

    Light Layers

    With the chilly temps I the morning and afternoon heatwaves, it’s best to work with lighter fabrics and layering pieces that can easily be taken on and off. Think cotton or light wool blazers, or a silk sleeveless shell under a classic black tuxedo jacket (Jennifer Aniston rocked this look just this week for a dinner in LA...). Pair the sleeveless jumpsuit with a blazer or add tights or leggings to a shirt dress. We love our HSFT slouchy tanks for extra comfort and style under any great jacket.

    All About Them Boots

    You can incorporate a fall feel with a great boot and it doesn’t have to be fur lined. Suede booties with laser cutout designs, or peep-toe with a block heel give you an easy seasonal feel. Choose a darker tone in a brown or black and pair with the season’s hot new comeback must have, the denim skirt or with dark rinse, high waisted jeans. (We love this pair from Mother Denim called “clean sweep”.)

    You can even rock the mid-calf Frye boots you love to wear this time of year, just pair with shorter skirts or even shorts and keep the rest simple.

    The Colors Of The Season

    Take your pick from the fall palette of colors that are on trend for the season... Red was a major statement on the runway and is everywhere for fall. Opt for your dark denims and jewel tones like emerald green and deep maroon red; even if it’s in a lighter fabric or a shorter sleeve.

    Be In-VEST-ed

    You can’t get more seasonally appropriate than a vest for fall. And while we usually would think to pair it with a longer sleeve or over a thin sweater, vests are a perfect addition to a sleeveless or short sleeve blouse or shell to pull off the feel of the fall. Erin Andrews of Fox NFL works the sidelines every Sunday during football season and is always stylish no matter the weather.

    She recently posted her latest game day look on Instagram during the unusually warm weather, pairing a silk camisole, dark skinnys, and a sleeveless sweater vest with wide lapel. “I was battling this week on what to wear and still look not so summer,” she told People magazine. We call that a fashion touchdown. Nicely played, Erin.

    The Hair And Now

    Your best accessory is often your hair and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your hair into fall style. Get that haircut to remove the dead ends courtesy of the summer weather and add some low lights or darker tones if you like to play with color. Think chestnuts, auburns and darker blonde tones to bring you into autumn.

    The Denim Skirt

    It’s baaaaack! The denim skirt has returned to its former place of glory, making a big splash late summer and into fall. Pair it with your suede booties or even your mid-calf boots, sans the leggings or tights just yet, and you’ve got that fall vibe, even if you’re rocking a t-shirt or light weight blouse. There’s no better way to bring a little fall feel to your look than with a denim skirt.

    Save the scarves, beanie hats (like our new luxe cashmere HSFT beanie) and the sweaters for the colder weather, but don’t stop your wardrobe from stepping into the season, even if the weather hasn’t.

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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  • Soul Circle: A community of women that surround you with love, healing, positive vibration and acceptance, and always have your back. 


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - So, yesterday was International Women's Day, a globally celebrated day honoring the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Honoring women and all the amazing things we can do is what Have Some Fun Today is all about. Founded by a woman, surrounded by a team of women (and yes, a few awesome men, too) this "mindset brand" is all about lifting up our fellow females with positivity and love.

    We love celebrating women. We love women who love to raise up other women. And women who don't buy the catty bullshit stereotypes and see the beauty in all of us rising up, like a phoenix from the ash. 

    Be A Bucket Carrier 

    We are: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. Women. Beautiful, thoughtful, creative women. How can we make the world a better place for all of us? How can we empower each other? We think it starts with something as simple as carrying a bucket... 

    "I love when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the flames..." Stephanie Sparkles 


    That quote is everything! We fell in love with that beautiful quote by Stephanie Sparkles that we found on Instagram. We can empower other women by being there and lending a hand. Yeah, we are those kind of women. Be a bucket carrier! Be the woman who says, "I've got you. Keeping walking. You're almost there..." 

    Medicine Women & Revolutionaries... We Kick Ass 

    This we know: with age comes wisdom and with experience comes an understanding of self that we just simply can't see when we're in the flames. What a beautiful thing when a woman who has been through the fire can say to another woman, "I'm here. I see you. I know what you're going through." 

    Women are inherent and instinctive healers. We are like ancient medicine women with herbs and salves in our well-worn leather bag that we dole out to those who are hurting or in pain. We've been rocking this nurturing thing pretty much from the beginning of time. We give birth to lots of things, babies, ideas, companies, music, art, revolutions (see Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, and Susan B. Anthony ). Women are powerful beyond measure, especially when we work together. You know that saying, "Women's Instinct"? That's not just a saying. That is gospel. We have an instinct born into us that some would argue means we work from "the heart".  And as nurturers, we've got the most powerful tool of all; love. 

    Find Your Soul Circle 

    When surrounded ourselves with these kind of women, we've created our own soul circle. When we can't love ourselves, they will remind us why they do. They'll pick us up and dust us off and put us back together. They'll cheer the loudest for our victories and cry with us when we fail. There's pretty much nothing we can't do when we have that kind of energy and love around us. Get a soul circle. Be a bucket carrier and immerse yourself in the beauty of being a woman. 



    Written and contributed by HST writer Rebecca Doubek believes in the healing power and love of a Soul Circle......

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