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    By Stephanie Taormina 
    Founder and CEO of Have Some Fun Today


    Chronic pain sucks. It sucks the life out of you. The fun out of you. It sucks to hurt and have your whole perspective tainted by physical pain. And lots of people have it. For the last two years, I've been living with excruciating pain in my hips. And for two years I've been on a quest to understand what it is and how to stop it. 

    I fully believe that the physical body is an expression of the spiritual, emotional and mental body. My chronic pain, it turns out, is arthritis.  Through mindfulness and learning to be present, I'm learning that it's less about stopping the pain and more about being the best expression of myself. With diet, exercise, awareness and openness, my pain is pushing me to be a better and stronger and me. 

    My arthritis is a blessing. It's brought me to a completely new consciousness and awareness about myself and my place in the world. When it hurts and when I can't sleep at night, I've found myself digging deep. I have a whole new level of appreciation for my body, wellness and my life. 

    Finding Joy Through The Pain 

    It may sound strange, but this pain has brought me to a place of bliss. I'm so inspired and motivated to learn, share and connect with people who are the same path, and who work to be better every day. I want to be strong again. I will be strong again and this journey is putting me on the road to something greater. 

    What I'm coming to realize is that every day, our challenges in life are the biggest opportunities on our path to finding true happiness. Think about that. Things that may seem like obstacles or road blocks to getting what we want, are actually things that can help us. My arthritis has been a challenge but it certainly isn't my first and won't be my last. What I do with this opportunity and this new found awareness is what counts. I think that's why I'm inspired to share it with people and talk about it. 

    Something My Dad Used To Say

    I started a brand almost four years ago based on something my father used to say. Have Some Fun Today. I design cool t-shirts, bags, totes, a whole line of products with those four words. I think about my Dad everyday and why he said that to anyone as they left a room. 

    I think what my Dad was really saying was, "Hey, take a moment today and enjoy your life. It goes too fast and you'll miss the good stuff if you're not looking. So look up, take a beat, and soak it in."

    That's mindfulness. My Dad was talking about being present and aware and looking for a moment to be grateful. And so now, more than ever, I am living that every single day.

    That's the beauty. It's taken the pain to show me the pleasure. It's the days I feel good that give me the greatest gift and reminders of how much I have to feel grateful for. And even when it hurts like hell and it's my darkest, I'm still going find the joy and the light. I'm going to work that much harder to Have Some Fun Today

    Peace and Love, 



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  • Love the Skin You're In

    We're kind of crushing on our new arsenal of products for skin and sun this summer. They haven't left our HSFT luxe tote! These have been our staple go-to's for beaching it, long summer days and for a golden summer glow.

    Glow Baby, Glow

    Josie Maran's Aragan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil This smells amazing and works like a dream. Moisturizing and lightweight, it gives you that sun-kissed summer skin even if you can't get to the beach. 
    BaliBody - Cacao Tanning Oil From Australia, this all-natural tanning oil is chock full of organic products, vitamins and minerals, including Cacao, which leaves you with an instant bronze glow and a light chocolate scent. Yum! The packaging is super-chic and great for on-the-go.

    Protect and Serve

    Tatcha - Silken Pore Perfecting Broad Spectrum Sunscreen This facial sunscreen from Japan is SPF 35. Inspired by geisha make-up, it is amazingly lightweight. This decadent product does double duty as a pore minimizer and skin protector. 
    COOLA - Mineral Liplux SPF 30 in Nude Beach This all-natural lip color not only protects your lips from the sun, but is also water resistant. It's the perfect peck of pink color on the lips and looks amazing with glowing summer skin. 

    Have any favorite products in your bag of tricks? Comment below or post and tag us with #HSFTbeauty. We randomly select commenters and posts for giveaways!

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  • Where's your Happy Place?

    "Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..."  -Emerson


    Monday's got us thinking back to our weekend Happy Place. Cool beach vibes, soaking up sun, and feet in sand and salt water. Where is your Happy Place? Where do you go to HAVE SOME FUN TODAY and find your "Happy"?

    We're giving away our classic HSFT white tee this week for the most inspiring HSFT Happy Place pic. Share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HSFThappyplace and we'll pick our fav and announce the winner next week! 


    In the pic: HSFT black ribbed tank, and new HSFT water bottle and canvas zip tote. (water bottle and zip tote available in September.)

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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Make your living space an inspiring place to be. It's easy to refresh and revive the places you spend most of your time with a few simple changes and additions. Pillows are a simple way to have an immediate impact. Our HAVE SOME FUN TODAY luxe message pillow is bold and graphic and fun reminder to seize the day! We love it paired with other patterned and textured pillows on a crisp white couch in the living room. 

    HSFT founder and luxe maven Steph Taormina is also an amazing interior designer. No surprise that the clean, crisp look of our luxe tees, totes, and other goodies is all her vision. She believes in classic, clean lines and decadent comfort. She loves a bold graphic pattern and mixing textures. 

    "Texture is a great way to refresh a space. Layering a faux animal hide rug over a main focal area in the room creates a chic effect that works with traditional to modern interiors ," Steph says. She also recommends replacing a coffee table with a natural textured ottoman, in a fresh neutral upholstered linen, and accenting with a cool tray, like the ones you can find from your local Homegoods. "It's easy to add accessories like a great looking candle, an orchid from the grocery store, and a pretty coffee table book." Instant transformation!

    Look for more chic accessories and fun treasures from our upcoming HSFT gift line available in September 2016.

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek

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