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    Have Some Fun Today Founder Stephanie Taormina and her bestie and HSFT team member Kristin Golden Mancuso


    At HAVE SOME FUN TODAY, we're inspired by women! We love powerful, creative, thoughtful, unique women who follow their hearts and share their vision with those around them. It's the reason we started our "Inspiring Women" series on the blog. It's the reason our founder Stephanie Taormina started the HSFT fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at celebrating women and honoring her late father's lifelong mantra. Our mission at HSFT is to lift women up, share empowerment and passion, and connect women to a community where we celebrate each other. There's beauty and compassion when we honor each other, and ourselves, by sticking together and rising above. 

    1) Don't Hate - Celebrate!

    Empower other women when they have a victory and take it as a win for all women. Yay women! Don't become petty and jealous because another woman's success makes you feel insecure about your own. Let it inspire you and motivate you. We all move forward when a woman succeeds. It's called progress and we need more of it!

    2) It's No Contest... We're All Winners 

    There's no Blue Ribbon Winner or diamond tiara placed on your head for winning the big prize. It's life, not a beauty pageant or a Spelling Bee. Don't compare yourself to everyone woman that walks in the room, or for that matter, into your life. It's way better for all of us when we're all on the same side and not judging each other. Let's not worry about beating each other at the game but rather cheering on our fellow women as they cross the finish line. 

    3) We Have More in Common Than We Think

    We've come a long way, baby! We've only had the right to vote in this country for 95 years. Many of us get paid less money to do the same job as our male counterparts. And all of us at some point have had to overcome at least one stereotype about being a woman. We are all someone's daughter and granddaughter. Some of us are sisters and mothers. There are so many common threads that connect us as women. Let's celebrate our similarities AND our differences and remember we are all in this together. 

    4) Cultivate Friendships, Not Rumors 

    Don't be that woman who talks about other women behind their back. Be true and authentic. What if instead of talking gossip about someone, you just called her? If it's gossip you've heard being dished around, then maybe she needs a friend. If you've got an issue with a woman, be brave and authentic enough to say it directly to her and not through someone else. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if we taught young girls to do this and we did it, too? 

    5) Girlfriends Are Good For You

    Our girlfriends have been scientifically proven to be good for easing stress and making us feel better! If you have a squad of women who lift you up or just one bestie who keeps you grounded, count yourself lucky. Research has shown that being with our girlfriends creates oxytocin in the body, which feels good and soothes anxiety. This is also thought to offset the negative effects of stress. A good girlfriend will get you through the hardest of times of your life and be there when you're celebrating the best. Keep them close and love them up. They're irreplaceable. 


    As women, being nurturers and caretakers runs deep in our DNA. We do it for our families but when we do it for each other, we're a force of nature. There's a palpable energy capable of changing the world when we empower women with love and support. That's our mission at HSFT, share the love, spread the vibe. Live. Love. Wear. Share. And celebrate women! It's that easy.  


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who treasures her girlfriends and the power of women

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  • Katherine E. Thornton is a woman on a mission with a drive for everything she does. "I go by Kate!" she will tell you, but that's only if you can keep up with her. Mover, shaker and HSFT woman-on-the-go, her megawatt smile is only matched by exuberance and passion for her life and for her work. Originally from Kingston, PA, Kate moved to Berks County in 1992 for a job in the Reading Health System as the Director of Volunteer Services. She made her way back to the Reading Health System last fall after a 16 year absence when they named her the interim Executive Director of the RHS Foundation. In April of this year, she was named President of the RHS Foundation, a non-profit organization that oversees community contributions to further the mission of Reading Health System. "There's nothing better than working with community members and RHS employees who are passionate about the health of our community. Every day I meet people committed to making a difference in healthcare -their enthusiasm is palpable. My work for RHS Foundation affords me the opportunity to link the drive of our employees with their support from our dedicated community members."


    What is your personal mantra or Mission Statement?

    I have so much more to do in Life.  I cannot wait.

    What inspires you?

    Knowing that I am making a difference.   

    What do you value most in life?

    My family, friends and community.  Time with my husband. Travel.  New experiences. Education and Learning.

    Do you use any daily disciplines or practices to energize you?

    I work out almost every day.  I make it a priority.  I strive to stay organized.  I prioritize.  I follow through. 

    How do you like to unwind?

    I love to read. I could read for hours and enjoy reading fiction.

    What is one piece of advice or words of inspiration you live by?

    The experiences of life are opportunities for growth.  Stay positive.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.  The only way to grow is by stretching beyond your abilities.  Success comes from accepting and overcoming challenges. 

    What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

    Loving what I do at home and at work.











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  • No surprise here, but at HSFT we’re kind of obsessed with luxe graphic tees. Graphic tees have become a wardrobe staple in recent years. Their versatility and easy style make them accessible at any age and for any wardrobe. No longer just a trend for skaters or college kids, wearing luxe tees is the perfect combination of cool and chic. 

    Stephanie Rado Taormina

    What to wear?

    Pairing a graphic luxe tee with a classic tuxedo jacket makes an instant statement, whether with jeans and wedges or a flounce skirt and stilettos. Our HSFT founder Steph rocks the look with everything from a white blazer and black pants to vintage Levi cutoffs and Adidas Allstars, her current go-to.

    The graphic luxe tee is an unexpected layer. It’s a nod to the unconventional and that’s why it’s chic. It’s also an easy trend to pull off, working with other staples in your closet.

    Whatcha say, whatcha say...

    With clever or quirky phrases, (we highly recommend HAVE SOME FUN TODAY), or your favorite fashion couture brand, you can personalize a look with whatever you choose. Our HSFT luxe tees are made with a dreamy cotton that is so soft and easy to wear. And the styling possibilities are endless. Add a denim or a leather jacket, throw on a great belt. Tuck it, knot it, accessorize it, structure it.

    Have Some Fun Today Luxe Tee

    Dress it up!

    You can rock this look for a cocktail party or the office. Picture a sequin pencil skirt, pale gray slouchy graphic tee, and fuchsia stilettos. Add a great clutch and you're out the door for drinks. A floral midi-skirt, fitted cardigan, statement necklace and stack heels give you a work-ready look. How about a flounce tulle mini and sneakers or with a classic blazer and dressy shorts? There are so many chic options for our HSFT graphic luxe tee.

    We Always Love a Classic

    The go-to "Classic" luxe tee look in the modern women's wardrobe has long been blazer/luxe tee/jeans, paired with heels and a fabulous bag. Switch out the heels for a strappy sandal or crisp white slip-on sneaks and you’ve got the perfect airport-ready travel uniform.

    A personal fav, - the HSFT black tee with white skinny jeans rolled, long gold necklace, and Toms Majorca open-toe bootie. We all rock our HSFT looks differently. How do you wear your HSFT? Like us and tag a friend with HSFT style cause we're giving away our luxe HSFT tank this month to one lucky follower! HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek

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