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The HSFT Mug
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Garment Dyed Vintage Fleece
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Original Cap Sleeve Tee



  • “Your life, your masterpiece.”

    Whew, now breathe in and breathe out......:)

    As I stand here today with what feels like at least 10 lives under my belt I can comfortably say that I have so much more to learn. (and that is a huge relief as I was afraid I might know everything there is to know...) haha joke.

    So just when you are getting bored with hearing people spout on about nutrition, positive thinking and wellness something new slaps you in the face and says,”what about this?”.....
    I find it amazing that I can still be surprised by how much I do not know about human behavior and myself.
    Just recently I experienced an enlightening idea that even though I have done a lot of internal work I still have so much more to understand about life and strangely enough it doesn’t give me anxiety, It makes me feel free.
    To acknowledge that we are all works in progress is comforting. It is a space that allows us to give ourselves permission to explore other facets of who we are and that’s kinda fun...:)

    If this concept seems out of left field then my apologies, but if you were kinda heading here on your own then let’s talk:)

    As I do what I do daily as the founder of a brand, a movement, a lifestyle concept that involves creating a positive open vibe and hopefully inspiration for people to enjoy their life more fully. I am always open to exploration of how to manifest the best possibilities for myself and Have Some Fun Today.

    ....and I have only just begun.

    A few years back a new friend called me a “late bloomer”. I have to admit I was a little offended by his assessment at the time, but he was right. I am.
    And that’s ok.

    I think actually many of us are. For many we have been raising kids, devoting ourselves to careers, struggling to find a lasting relationship, living in a place we just ended up after college and now we are waking up and saying: “hey, wait a minute... what do I still want out of life?”

    For one, we want to be happy.

    It's never too late that is my thing about life. I may be a late bloomer for making my talents and abilities shine to the level they can, to living in the place that allows me to thrive, but it ain’t too late :)

    It's time to give ourselves space to be open, to be free to explore at our own pace what that could mean for each of us.

    And yes we need reminders. For me and many others positive reminders are extremely helpful, that’s why Have Some Fun Today is a perfect vehicle for helping people to do that.
    A pillow in your home, your everyday tote bag, your clutch for going out for a fun night, your exercise gear, your hoodie & t shirt or the coffee mug you use everyday. I invite you to use the code: Nevertoolate for a 35% discount on your next order at and let that help you be reminded to have more fun!

    "It is not what you say or what you do that people will remember, it is how you made people feel." - Maya Angelou

    Sending love and encouragement to everyone to have more fun in life, it is never too late.

    Now get back to work on your own masterpiece :)

    "Have Some Fun Today" - Joe Rado

    Love & Light,



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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's December 1st, baby. And it's about that time. Time to fill your days with chestnuts roasting and gifts-a-giving. With Christmas and Hanukkah weeks away, what are you wrapping up for the ones you love this year?


    Give the Gift of Cozy

    Warm, fuzzy, soft and cozy. A definite must under our tree this year. With two HSFT styles of cashmere-soft wide neck fleece, you'll give the perfect combination of sexy and cozy. The embroidered Have Some Fun Today or our Signature Crown fleece are both customer favorites! And there's nothing better than our HSFT zip hoodie for easy and chic layering this winter. Don't forget to stuff the stocking with our HSFT knit beanie and you've completed your mission to give cozy comfort. #cuddletime 
















    Give The Gift of Fun

    Gift giving in the office doesn't have to be a bore, even if your boss is. Functional and practical is fine as long as it's still fabulous. Whether it's the Office Gift Exchange or your own mission to spread some holiday cheer, you can't go wrong with  our Have Some Fun Today compact travel umbrella, the Crown luggage tag, and the HSFT coffee mug. Because what better place than the office to remind everyone to Have Some Fun Today. #lightenup #hsftoffice 

















    Give The Gift of Good Health

    Wanna motivate someone on your list to hit the gym? Stylish and cute workout clothes are a good place to start. The Have Some Fun Today muscle tank will easily become a favorite workout tee, especially when you top if off with the Crown Zip hoodieThe HSFT water bottle is the perfect complement to any gym bag because we're all about staying hydrated. And since we all know that post-workout hair isn't always pretty, our white HSFT snap back hat  solves the problem stylishly. Because we all wanna look good on our way to looking even better. #gymlife #toyourhealth



    Give The Gift of Positivity

    Our new favorite saying around the HSFT studios: "Life is what you make it, so make it FUN". We like to think of our tees, totes and gifts as a daily pep talk. It's a mantra we live by. Just a little reminder to see the magic in every day. When you give the gift of Have Some Fun Today, you're helping to spread the good vibes. Wouldn't it be great if we all sprinkled a little more FUN around? Yeah, we think so, too. A tee, a tote, a hat, a mug.... take your pick, it's the message that matters. Spread the love, baby. #stateofmind #livelovewearshare






    Check out our HSFT online store or join us at one of our local pop-up shops or studio events. Holiday gift giving couldn't be easier when you shop with HSFT. 



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who is giving the gift of peace and love this year.















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