• Have. Some. Fun. Today.

    Three-and-a-half years ago, I started an entire brand on those words of my late father; words that I've used as a guiding force in my life to remind me to find the joy and fun in my life. I've put those words on t-shirts, totes, mugs, hats, candles, hoodies, -just about anything I could think of, emblazoned with that mantra. A reminder for all of us to embrace life and enjoy.  

    Rainbows and Unicorns

    And yet, I don't always awake every morning with song birds at my window, whistling while I work, smiling all the day at the beauty and the FUN in every last moment. It's not constant joy and sunshine, as I gaze at those words in my studio space, packing up shipments or setting up a pop-up shop. Some days it's pretty %#@! hard to Have Some Fun Today.

    Some days, it's a struggle to find the joy at all. Isn't that true for any of us? Some days, I am overwhelmed with the weight of running my own business, my two college-age daughters who need me but don't "need me", my journey with chronic pain and arthritis in my hips, and the demands and pressures I put on myself to get it all done. Some days, I forget that I'm supposed to stop and take a moment and just remember how lucky I really am. Some days, I sarcastically think to myself, "Oh, yeah, this is really fun...". 

    Spike The Egg Nog

    It's never been more true than this time of year, as we all scatter about with the hustle and bustle of holiday cards, gift shopping, parties, perfunctory holiday traditions. I'm trying to fit it all in, and still run my own business during one of the busiest buying times of the year.

    I know I have to work that much harder to "HSFT". I really have to reach into the mindfulness practices that I have set in my life to remind me to pause. I have to be okay with just letting go of some things because it's necessary for my sanity. I have to be good with saying, I can't do it all and that's okay. 

    There is No Easy Button 

    Sometimes that's when I just have to laugh. When it all feels like more than I can handle and I just might snap, I realize there's a hilarity in it all. What else can you do but laugh in those moments? I think that's what my Dad was really trying to say, in those moments more than ever, it's crystal clear. "Hey kid, it's gonna be tough and it's gonna be overwhelming, but try to find something about it all that is good. That is joyful. That is FUN." 

    No one ever said it was going to be easy, this Have Some Fun Today thing. We have to work that much harder sometimes to find our joy, find our happy. What small moment can we carve out for that? 

    A Little Something For You 

    Take time for you. Remember that you do enough. Remind yourself it's okay if it doesn't all get done. Do something for you. Don't let this time of year absorb you completely without taking a moment to savor the joy and the FUN. 

    And when you survive it all and have come out on the other side, we'll be having a little "day after" sale. A little "thank you" for our customers who love what we do and want their HSFT reminders. Tuesday, December 26th is our Have Some Fun Today big sale. Treat yourself for having been so good all year and for having made it through with your sense of humor. 

    And hey, Have Some $%@! Fun Today! 

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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY -  There's nothing better than a good friend. As women, being nurturers and caretakers runs deep in our DNA. We are wired to care for and watch over our families, but when we take the same care of our friendships, it's like a force of nature. There's a palpable energy capable of changing the world when we nurture other women with love and support.

    A Friend Indeed

    Wanna give the best holiday gift to your bestie? Be the best friend you can be... and just be there. There's an art to being a good friend, and it's one worth being good at. Research has shown that friendships, especially as we get older, are hugely important for our health. They ease our stress levels, keep our minds sharper and make us happier. Friends can be a safe haven from the stress of jobs and families. They can offer honesty and support during difficult times. And good friends can make us laugh and remind us not to take any of it too seriously. 

    Good For Me, Good For You

    Commit to making time for your friendships. Once a day or once a week, send a text just to connect or better yet, make a phone call. Make time for your girlfriends. Make a date to see each other once a month. Studies have shown that spending time with our girlfriends creates oxytocin in the body, which feels good and soothes anxiety. Chances are they're as busy as you are and they need some girlfriend time, too. 

    A good girlfriend will get you through the hardest of times of your life and be there when you're celebrating the best. Keep them close and love them up. They're irreplaceable. 

    Love You, Girl

    Our mission at HSFT is to celebrate women and the love we have for each other. We think it's pretty empowering to be those kind of women. Spread the vibe and share the love. Live. Love. Wear. Share. And celebrate your girlfriends this holiday!   


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  • Get into some Holiday Spirit... Our HSFT flat accessory clutch  is the perfect accessory for your holiday party attire and the perfect reminder to Have Some Fun Today. 


    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We are all about seeing the beauty in the everyday here at HSFT, it's our Golden Rule. And while we love this time of year, for all its sparkle and magic, it can get a little overwhelming and stressful. We spend more than usual, eat and drink more than usual, we deck the halls, and fa-la-la-la. We travel to be with loved ones or open our homes to those we love. We wrap, we shop, some of us bake, and we all give gifts. It's a lot.

    So in honor of our mantra, Have Some Fun Today, let's remember to take this Holiday Season one day at a time. Let's enjoy the lights and the music, the trees and the tinsel. We can HSFT our way through the holidays and be better for it in the New Year. Here's a few tips to make your days be Merry and Bright. 

    1) Breathe

    Did you know that focused and concentrated breathing can calm you down, remove physical stress from the body and lower your heart rate? Our physical and emotional well being is directly tied to our breath. Try this. Count on your inhale and try to make your exhale the same count. And when the UPS guy tells you they've lost your delivery for the holidays, just keep breathing.

    2) Move Your Body

    Your gonna have the eggnog at Aunt Sally's and maybe the pumpkin pie after dinner. It's tradition! But don't let your exercise routine go by the way side because you're inundated with the holidays. It keeps you strong and gives you stamina for all that late night wrapping. And keeps you fitting into that adorbs leather skirt you asked Santa to bring you. 

    3) Make Time For Good Friends

    Sometimes our holidays are filled with obligations. Not that we don't love Aunt Sally's on Christmas Eve or catching up with co-workers at the annual holiday party. You've got your squad and your go-to posse; the people that make you laugh, accept you exactly as you are, and always have your back. Yeah, those people. Make it a point to connect with them and have your own holiday celebration. 

    4) Life hacks. Use them.

    We strive to be perfect sometimes in the most unrealistic of ways, especially at the holidays. But sometimes there is a much easier and/or quicker way to do it. No, you do not have to make the piecrust from scratch, there is pre-made. No, you don't have to hand seal every Holiday card with a monogram wax seal. And yes, it's okay if you order Chinese on Christmas night and forgo the turkey dinner. Something has to give sometimes, just be okay with it. Roll with it. And see tip #1.

    5) Let It Go

    You know that annoying Disney song about the Ice Princess? Sing it at the top of your lungs every time you wanna freak out, like when you didn't get the last "cool toy" on the shelf for your kid or your cousin's weird boyfriend won't stop talking about his spiritual awakening into the fifth dimension at the annual caroling party. Remember, it's just the holidays. And the cold never bothered you anyway... 

    6) Treat Yo Self

    Do not underestimate the power of the "To me, From me" gift. You deserve a little something, too. (Have you seen our signature crown rose gold layering necklace! You're generous and kind to those all you love. Be kind to you. Go ahead, Santa would want you to.

    7) Eat, Drink and Be HSFT

    We like to say "Life is what you make it, so make it FUN" at HSFT. And it's true. It's the holidays, so be joyful! Be grateful for all you have. Smile. Put on something that sparkles and makes you feel good. (Our HSFT luxe tees pair nicely with sequins) Clink your glass. Stand under the mistletoe. And HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. Once today is gone, it's never coming back, so live it with some zest and zing. Happy Holidays!




    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca J Doubek who loves anything with sparkles.  

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  • From You, To You

    Wanna know the most important person on your Gift List this holiday? You! You! You!

    There are so many reasons why treating yourself to a little a "From you, To you" gift is  important. During a time of year when our focus turns to others, it's crucial to give ourselves a little love and attention. When we fill ourselves up first, we have more true happiness and joy to give those we love. "Happy-you", who feels loved and valued, is way more fabulous than unhappy-you. And we've got 5 Fabulous goodies from our HSFT Gift Line that will have your "Happy-you" Fa-la-la-ing through the Holidays. 

    1. Crown necklace and earrings

    Be your own damn princess. Forget waiting for someone to give you a crown to make you the ruler of their kingdom. You can get your own crown. We're crushing on this delicate rose gold crown necklace, great for layering. And the rose gold crown earrings are the perfect compliment. Hey, it's your kingdom, just make sure to fill it with love, kindness and FUN. Oh, and your bestie's gonna need a set, too! 

    2. Votive Candle Gift Set

    Whether you want to set the mood or just shed a little light on the situation, our HSFT votive candle set is ready for any vibe. With glass votive holders, the three candles feature our signature crown, "Have Some Fun Today" and "Have Some Fun Tonight" on each one. They also come in a chic black gift box so it's the perfect way to share HSFT.

    3. Crown Stationary Notecards 

    Nothing makes a bolder statement than a personal, handwritten note. Skip the text or the email and write a good, old-fashioned letter. Our set of 8 HSFT crown stationary luxe notecards are embossed with our signature HSFT crown and comes packaged with envelopes. It's all style and class when you send a message on these pretty cards.

    4. HSFT Water Bottle

    Wanna know the number one beauty secret? Drink more water. And the second? Drink even more water! Staying hydrated is key for wellness and that natural glow. It feeds our skin and flushes out all that bad stuff we don't need. You keep your cell phone with you all the time, why not your water bottle? Our HSFT water bottle is chic and portable with a spillproof lid so it's easy to BYO-water bottle!

    5. Crown Accessory Pouch

    If you're a girl-on-the-go, you know it's key to keep things stashed neatly in their place. We love our crown canvas zip pouches for storing all of our bits and baubles. Perfect for the purse and even better for those adventurous getaways when storage is a must. Pouches are embossed with our signature HSFT crown in orange, hot pink or turquoise and matching zipper. They're cute, practical and "give-able".

    There's even more fabulousness and HSFT gifts on our website. Grab one for you and start stock piling for the holidays! Sharing the HSFT vibe is the best present you can give. Live. Love. Wear. Share. 


    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who loves a good gift.

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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - It's December 1st, baby. And it's about that time. Time to fill your days with chestnuts roasting and gifts-a-giving. With Christmas and Hanukkah weeks away, what are you wrapping up for the ones you love this year?


    Give the Gift of Cozy

    Warm, fuzzy, soft and cozy. A definite must under our tree this year. With two HSFT styles of cashmere-soft wide neck fleece, you'll give the perfect combination of sexy and cozy. The embroidered Have Some Fun Today or our Signature Crown fleece are both customer favorites! And there's nothing better than our HSFT zip hoodie for easy and chic layering this winter. Don't forget to stuff the stocking with our HSFT knit beanie and you've completed your mission to give cozy comfort. #cuddletime 
















    Give The Gift of Fun

    Gift giving in the office doesn't have to be a bore, even if your boss is. Functional and practical is fine as long as it's still fabulous. Whether it's the Office Gift Exchange or your own mission to spread some holiday cheer, you can't go wrong with  our Have Some Fun Today compact travel umbrella, the Crown luggage tag, and the HSFT coffee mug. Because what better place than the office to remind everyone to Have Some Fun Today. #lightenup #hsftoffice 

















    Give The Gift of Good Health

    Wanna motivate someone on your list to hit the gym? Stylish and cute workout clothes are a good place to start. The Have Some Fun Today muscle tank will easily become a favorite workout tee, especially when you top if off with the Crown Zip hoodieThe HSFT water bottle is the perfect complement to any gym bag because we're all about staying hydrated. And since we all know that post-workout hair isn't always pretty, our white HSFT snap back hat  solves the problem stylishly. Because we all wanna look good on our way to looking even better. #gymlife #toyourhealth



    Give The Gift of Positivity

    Our new favorite saying around the HSFT studios: "Life is what you make it, so make it FUN". We like to think of our tees, totes and gifts as a daily pep talk. It's a mantra we live by. Just a little reminder to see the magic in every day. When you give the gift of Have Some Fun Today, you're helping to spread the good vibes. Wouldn't it be great if we all sprinkled a little more FUN around? Yeah, we think so, too. A tee, a tote, a hat, a mug.... take your pick, it's the message that matters. Spread the love, baby. #stateofmind #livelovewearshare






    Check out our HSFT online store or join us at one of our local pop-up shops or studio events. Holiday gift giving couldn't be easier when you shop with HSFT. 



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who is giving the gift of peace and love this year.















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  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We've pretty much got this whole Gift Giving thing wrapped up for you this season at HSFT, and yes, it is that season. You know how it goes, holiday decorations are donning store shelves and you're thinking, I haven't even packed up my summer clothes yet! HSFT is making "what to give" and "who to give it to" a breeze. We've got goodies for everyone on your list with our new Have Some Fun Today gift line and our fabulous tees and hoodies.

    The Fashion Maven 

    HSFT  has so much to choose from for a fashion forward woman but we think a serious style guru is going to crush on our luxe slouchy tee, perfect for pairing with high impact texture pieces that are surely already in her wardrobe. And then there are two styles of our limited edition hoodies, perfect the layering with blazers, pencil skirts and even dresses, like we saw all over this season's runway. Of course, she's always got accessories on fleek with every outfit, so she'll swoon over the HSFT luxe clutch. It's the perfect complement to her already perfect ensemble, with black lambskin lettering, brass grommet detailing and raw leather handle. Très Chic, just like her.

    The Home Body

    We know the type. They'll take a hot bath, a cushy pillow and luxury slippers, over a night out on the town. They're all about the creature comforts of their space and home is definitely where their heart is. Setting the mood in their home is everything, so our new HSFT Glass Votive 3-Candle boxed set is a no-brainer. You'll usually find her getting cozy with a pillow and a good book, so she'll love our long luxe message pillow and our 18'' square HSFT pillow. They love to HSFT, just as long as it's from the comfort of their home.  

    The Princess

    The world has always been her oyster so why wouldn't she wear a crown? Our rose gold crown earrings and our delicate rose gold crown necklace are what every princess, big or small, needs in her collection. And while you're at it, our crown accessory pouches can house all her accessories and other princess gear. She is undoubtedly flying First Class to another fabulous adventure, so make sure you stuff her stocking with the crown leather luggage tag, it will make it easier to spot the bag with her tiara.

    The Executive

    She's got a schedule to keep and glass ceilings to break. She's all business but knows the art of HSFT, so office-friendly and practical is the only way to her heart. You can almost see her in a smart and chic black pencil skirt, ivory silk blouse, and the HSFT coffee mug in hand while she preps for her next meeting, sipping green tea, (no coffee, she's all about the antioxidants). Sure, she'd love the crown leather luggage tag for her durable black travel bag when she's on the corporate jet. But she's all about the details, so don't forget to gift her the Signature Crown Stationary Set. She values the statement of a handwritten note and she'll send you one to thank you for the smart gift and invite you to cocktails to talk about her next corporate takeover. 

    The Athlete 

    Her idea of a good time is breaking a sweat so she's usually at the gym or running a "half" just for fun. She carries a gym bag not a handbag and she's pretty stoked about the "Athleisure" trend happening in women's clothing because that's pretty much her whole closet. The Have Some Fun Today muscle tank will easily become her favorite workout tee. The HSFT water bottle is the perfect complement to her gym bag because she's all about staying hydrated, especially when she's on the go, which is pretty much always. And since her hairstyle of choice is a ponytail or headband, she loves a good hat when she runs to the smoothie bar after the barre class. The white HSFT snap back hat is all she needs for "gym hair, don't care". 


    Written and contributed by Rebecca J Doubek who hasn't started her holiday shopping yet.

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