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    HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - When HSFT was founded three years ago, we knew we wanted to be part of a bigger picture in our community and support causes and charities we believed in. We've always believed in the power of giving back, that is part of what makes this brand.

    The Essence of A Brand With Soul

    The very essence of this "brand with soul", the conception and birth of this whole company, was based on the idea of sharing a mindset and mantra, Have Some Fun Today. Founder, designer and CEO Stephanie Taormina was inspired to share the mantra of her late father, so that it might inspire others. A personal pep talk, a reminder to see the beauty and find the FUN in every day. She wanted her father's legacy to be the essence of her company. 

    Karma And Community

    And she always knew that HSFT would support and back those things in the community,  and in the world, that make a difference and help others. 

    "I think we make the world a better place when we take time to do something outside of ourselves to help other people," she said. "It may seem like something small to us, but the impact of giving back is powerful."

    Whether she's donating a portion of her proceeds to a certain cause, or donating inventory for a charitable fundraiser, Stephanie believes in the good karma that comes from doing good.

    "It's so easy to see the negativity in the world all the time," she says, " so I love being able to put my company behind a force of good. It just makes sense to me and it's what HSFT is all about. Live. Love. Wear. Share."

    The Student Becomes The Artist

    Initially, Stephanie started with a cause near and dear to her heart, supporting Type II Diabetes, something her late father was afflicted with later in his life. She's also supported breast cancer services, humane society events, a local women's shelter, and more recently, arts education and outreach at the very place she learned to first paint.  

    The Yocum Institute of The Arts has long been a gathering place for the Arts, with dance, art, photography, and theatre. It's also where Stephanie developed her craft and furthered her love of painting.

    "That is where I learned to paint with oils, with the late great Jack Coggins and where I learned how to paint with water colors with another amazing teacher, the late Judith Kreiger. Both were very accomplished Berks county artists , and Yocum is a great institution for our county."

    How You Can Help

    Stephanie is offering a 20% of the proceeds from her online sales March 22nd through April 2nd to Yocum's Art Outreach programs, which serve over 7,000 at-risk kids. 

    "It's a great way to treat yourself to our cashmere-soft cozy fleece or our sexy slouchy tank and know that your supporting in good cause in the process," she said. "As an artist, I love that this supports art outreach at the place where I learned so much."

    We're all about full circle moments and you don't get much more full circle than that.

    Sometimes it's what inspires that pushes us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. That's what this brand is all about.

    For more information about our charitable opportunities or how you can HSFT with your fundraising efforts, contact us here.



    Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves a good full circle moment...

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  • Add a Little Color to Your Life

    Go Boldly

    It's a great big, beautiful world out there! Why not add a little gorgeous to your life? At HSFT, we love beautiful things. We believe art is everywhere and in everything. You don't have to spend a lot to have beauty in your life, just look for the beauty that is always around you. Notice the details, breathe in the air and let yourself be inspired by what you see.

    Five dollars of Fabulous

    Today's inspiration was a bucket of breathtaking roses on the street corner. Five dollars for a half dozen. Well, that was easy. The saturated deep hues of orange, pink and yellow were breathtaking and irresistible. Two, please!

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    The deep coral color of those flowers conjured up the coming Autumn season and changing leaves. Now they sit in a simple vase on a table by the entry way, breathing life and color into the day. Surrounding yourself with beauty is a necessity. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY! Buy fresh flowers, find your inspiration, and live boldly. It really is that simple.

    Written and contributed by HSFT writer and blogger Rebecca Doubek who took time to stop and smell the roses today

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  • Bringing HSFT into the new year!

  • HAVE SOME FUN TODAY COUTURE was an idea that came to me while reflecting in my daily morning"spot". This was my late father's favorite saying. I must have heard it everytime I spoke with or saw my father. The message it carries inspired me to create a line of fashion apparel, soft home furnishings,  accessories, and fine art to spread this positive message about the way we live. Wear it, use it, see it.... everyone should HAVE SOME FUN TODAY:)

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