February Inspiration

HSFT knit beanie

1. Aspire to Inspire - and share your goals with your girlfriends so you can strive together.

2. Commit to reconnecting with friends - great advice from one of our favs The Coveteur. 

3. Stay royal-ly warm in our new Crown Knit Beanie (shown in photo).

4. Get your sweat on! Crank your tunes - loving classic rock and roll this month.

5. A warm bath in the evening restores body and spirit. 

6. And while you're at it, turn up the Chopin - both elegant and soothing.

7. Try a new recipe. Food 52's newsletter has been inspiring me lately.

8. Entertain your friends - change up your guest list to add dimension to your conversation.

9. Be grateful... it re-frames your day when you remember all you have to be grateful for!

10. Find some FUN! Whether it is solo or with friends, plan an adventure and savor every moment!

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