HSFT is Celebrating its One Year Anniversary!

It was this time last year while doing my morning meditation practice that I had a vision of HSFT....

I am a believer in positive messages and how to incorporate those reminders into our daily lives to keep on target with evolving into our best selves....

My vision was for sharing the message of my late father of "Have Some Fun Today" on tee shirts, accessories, art and home furnishings... A combination of all the work I have done over the past 25 years.

A year later, with a small team of talented individuals and many supporters of our mission we are evolving as a lifestyle brand that is right on target with today's global thinking.

Please share our mission... we are celebrating the accomplishment of growth with a special week Anniversary Sale (code: 1YROLD 7/16/15-7/19/15) on our website, so take advantage with a purchase of FUN to remind yourself or a friend to HAVE SOME FUN TODAY!



CEO and Founder at Have Some Fun Today

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