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#HSFTlife: (def) a woman striving for excellence; confident and certain of her style and purpose; focused on health, wellness and authentic joy; mountain-climber of life.

Mission: Share the positive vibration. Find your passion and live a life of joy!

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Pictured: #HSFTgirl Heather @_thefab3

The vibe:

"I am just so pleased with Stephanie’s entire line. The simple but profound message to “Have Some Fun Today” has the power to change a person’s attitude, day, and perhaps even course of action. I have donned the beanie and trucker hat for Saturday errands and complete strangers greet with a smile, a wave, and a “You, too!”  Upon wearing the original tee in the waiting room for a mammogram, the women around me laughed that this was my idea of “fun,” and the conversation evolved into our finding joy and gratitude in health and wellness. A music and theater teacher, I have worn the fleece and tank to rehearsals. Now my high school students tell me that whenever they are having a bad day, they just say “Have Some Fun Today” to themselves, and they feel a little better. There is power in that.

HSFT isn’t just a fashion and accessories line. It’s an inspirational line that puts something beautiful in the world. With kindness, optimism, and generosity seemingly at a premium these days, it’s the little things in life that remind us that we are all in this together. Thank you, Steph, for these daily reminders!" - Jenn, 42, Music and theater teacher

"Have Some Fun Today is such an inspiring brand.  It means finding that ray of sunshine in everything you do, every single day.  When I wear my HSFT I feel almost obligated to enjoy myself and inspire others to do the same.  Life is too short to live any other way!" - Tina Louise, 31, Boudoir and Fashion photographer

"It is refreshing to have a fashion couture line that promotes positivity, creativity, and personality! I love that HSFT apparel and products are edgy, yet sophisticated and always made with top quality fabrics! Have Some Fun Today is an inspiring and very fun product line! I can't wait to place my next order!" - Jayme R., 50, Dedicated volunteer and mom

"I love so many things about HSFT- the story behind it, the way the clothing makes you feel happy while wearing it and when I see the message on the shirts, mug, bag, etc. it puts a smile on my face and reminds me to go and HSFT! ?" - Jenn C., 43, Stay at home mom and Community Volunteer

"I love my HSFT crop top. The fabric is more like a light knit than a cotton so it feels as awesome as it looks!" - Jackie L., 50, Public Relations

"I love wearing the HSFT brand because I feel beautiful, confident and it is always a head turner!" - Marcia H., 37, Insurance Adjuster

"Love Have Some Fun Today it is an amazing high end fashion brand with a uplifting an inspiring message. XoXo" - Shelly M., 51, Antiques Dealer

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