Happiness in the New Year.

 What makes you happy? Is it food, love, music, a favorite type of movie? So many things make us feel good in the moment. The act of being happy is an inside job for sure. Outside things can certainly give us a little seratonin rush, but the real deal is a lifestyle choice.

 I started the brand Have Some Fun Today to share my father's message  in order to make something that is not only beautiful, but also "useful" to the world by providing a daily reminder to pay attention to the things that bring us joy. 

 A tee shirt, a bag or a hat won't permanently put a smile on your face, but the mere choice and decision to wear it is a step towards you owning your part in achieving the lasting happiness we all crave.

 It goes along with New Years resolutions, or joining a gym, or taking yourself on a much needed vacation. It's the supplements you take in the morning to up your game. It's the morning meditation you put 5 minutes aside to do. It's the connection to your best friends who give you encouragement to keep going after your goals.

 Your happiness journey is a sum of many parts. The inside stuff that we are all about; like exercising, therapy, meditation, journaling, self awareness and the outside stuff that is also part of having some fun while you are on your path to a better happier life. 

 Recenty, I have been getting deeper into my own search for meaning. I'm not gonna sugar coat my experience running a small fashion brand, it's hard. In my own inner journey when I ask the question: What is my purpose? I always come back to the same answer; that I was meant to serve others through my work as an artist, designer & visionary leader. Using my work to make others smile no matter if it is a painting, a hat, a bag or a tee shirt. 

My happiness in 2023 is about me focusing on my creative work without boundaries or rules or outside acclaim. To be happy just to create whatever comes from the inner work I do. 

What is your plan for happiness in 2023? I hope you are tackling it from all angles.

 For all the people who are reading this I am offering a very special one-time use per person discount as a way to help push the momentum forward on having the best year yet.... 30% off any product with the code: Happiness2023

May it bring you luck, may it bring you good vibes, positive energy, smiles as you pass when they read what your hat or bag or tee shirt is saying...:)

Enjoy and Have some fun today!!

Love & Light,


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