The Best Thing About Have Some Fun Today - Unity

As I am working from my office on a typical day running my brand, fulfilling orders, designing new pieces to add to the line I often get stopped with what I am doing with a text or a tag of someone somewhere wearing HSFT with a smile on their face.

Its a great feeling..... and just today as I was working another one came in from a cool woman who I have never met in person, but we have become friends nonetheless through Have Some Fun Today. She shared one of the photo's above of a complete stranger wearing the wide neck fleece and because she too is a fan of the brand it complelled her to go and say hello.

I have to stop a minute and see just how beautiful that is. To think that a simple brand sharing a simple message could evoke that kind of reaction and response from people is truly a gift and a miracle in today's world. 

One that I am forever grateful to be a part of. When strangers can be united in conversation about a shared love of something positive it is a beautiful thing.

I am more than happy to design the brand that people go out of their way to wear and share to create good vibes wherever they go, be it a vacation, a holiday, to work, the gym or wherever their life takes them.

Have Some Fun Today is a brand for living life and creating special moments to cherish with family , friends and yes even strangers we meet:)

Celebrate this month of pride with a special discount code all month that will give you 40% off the entire site. The code is : Pride

and the next time you see a stranger wearing the brand make sure to connect and say #HSFT:)!

The world needs unity and love and positive vibes more than ever.



  Love & Light,


 #pride #celebrate #unity #simplemessage #positivevibes #sharing 

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