The Art of Writing A Letter & Why It Matters

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Sometimes it's the smallest of things that make the biggest impact. We're into making a statement at HSFT. Take our beautiful set of 8 embossed crown stationary cards. Simple, elegant and classic. When's the last time you sent a handwritten thank you or personal note? The handwritten letter is a powerful way to communicate and it's making a comeback. Here's why you should start doing it...


The Power of The Written Word

We live in a world of instant gratification with text messages and high speed technology that leaves little to the imagination. There isn't much we can't do from a smart phone. But the smart phone is robbing us of our human connection and our ability to take time for each other. 

A handwritten note is rare and beautiful bird that gives a serious nod to nostalgia and class. Let's break it down. Typically written on stationary, we convey thoughts, well-wishes, congratulations, gratitude, condolences, and yes, even love. A stamp gets your handwritten message hand-delivered to your recipient for less than $.50. But it's worth so much more than that! You've invested your time, money and yourself. Way cooler than a text message or an email. 

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman 

And oh, the joy to receive something in the mail that isn't related to a financial obligation or an attempt at solicitation! The sheer decadence of opening something that is simply meant to share thoughts or communicate words is indelible. It's a little surprise waiting amongst a mountain of useless postal miscellany and bills. 

The Write Stuff - Stamps and Stationary 

A handwritten note makes a statement about your attention to detail, your kindness and compassion. Think about how you feel when someone sends you a note or letter. There's permanence and a tangibility about it we don't get from other communication. We scarcely use our own handwriting anymore for much more than a credit card transaction or the rare occasion we might sign a check. 


"The legacy and art of our handwriting is disappearing..."

                                                                                      - Lakshmi Pratury


Lakshmi Pratury gave a TED Talk about the importance of writing letters and noted that "the legacy and art of our handwriting is disappearing." She received letters from her father when he was sick and now cherishes the gift of his words on paper long after he is gone. "A paper that touched his hand is in mine and I feel connected to him." 

The Bold and The Beautiful 

Get a nice pen, some gorgeous stationary (like our HSFT Crown Stationary Set ) and some pretty stamps. Make it a ritual. Light a candle, grab your HSFT mug of tea and take a pen to paper. Send beautiful mail with beautiful words to say 'thank you' or 'I love you'. It's a beautiful gift. 

Follow up a job interview with a handwritten thank you note. That's a way to make sure they remember you. Send a letter to a family member you haven't seen in a while. Send a thank you note for the dinner at a good friends house. Or just send a note because your thinking about someone. It's good manners, with style and grace.

And that's all part of the HSFT vibe, sharing the love with everyone around you. Live, Love, Wear and Share. That's just how we roll. 

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