Surviving and Thriving During Covid19

Time is precious. We really have no idea just how precious it is until its gone. While we are entering week 4 of social isolation and self quarantines no one could have predicted the world would be forced to come to a halt from living our usual lives.

   When I first heard that the new target date is April 30th I thought "no way", but I quickly surmised that this is a situation that demands all citizens to comply so that we can slow down the spread of this virus and get our world back to functioning capacity as soon as possible.

   So, we are Surviving.... we are taking the necessary precautions, taking extra supplements, getting rest and staying hydrated, remaining inside our homes and updating what we need to do as we learn more about how to prevent the spread of this virus.

   More than that some of us are even Thriving... going back to the drawing board and working on elements of our business, education & health and even many types of relationships that we hadn't had time for before. 

    I am enjoying taking this time to speak with my daughters about how they feel about things like social anxiety, work stress, and rethinking a direction they were previously heading toward. The kind of conversations we are able to have now are deeply healing ones.

     In a way this is a huge gift to be able to have this opportunity to look at our lives from a very basic slowed down pace so that we can really see and feel who we are now compared to who we were 5 weeks ago and from that we can start to put down a framework of where we want to go in the coming weeks.

   By May 1st hopefully we will have clean houses and closets, we will have emerged from social distancing a little leaner and a lot more grateful for even the little things. During this time I have been especially grateful for many things, but most certainly that Have Some Fun Today is more relevant now than ever.

   I started this brand to remind people to appreciate life. Through strife & through the doldrums of life we can often forget to appreciate these little things. But they should never be forgotten because they are the fabric of our lives. 

  As my 55th birthday approaches and the 6th anniversary of the passing of my father, the person who inspired me to start Have Some Fun Today and as a nod to all the people who are down on life right now I am sharing a code for 50% off HSFT this week. ( code only works from April 25th - May 1st)

* Use CODE : Fab55 during checkout & get 50% off.

More than ever we should all be sharing the mantra HSFT or Have Some Fun Today and getting ready for the next chapter of 2020 which will be the big rebound...

As always sending you light & love :)

Stay safe, stay at home and #havesomefuntoday


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