Set Yourself Free in 2020!

No checklist this year.
No resolutions.
It is time for a fresh start.
Beginning where you are today, what kind of energy do you want to have around you as you begin this completely new decade?
Sage the house, your office, your car... cleanse the old energy and let’s begin again. 
Go through your closets, shred old bills, weed through the contacts on your phone, unfollow energy draining people, throw out old makeup, clean out your refrigerator, and get rid of the clutter around you that is just taking up space.
Set yourself free!
You’ve read enough quotes, you know the only way to get in shape is to actually sweat and eat nutritiously, you know the only way to make changes for the better is to improve your daily habits, you don’t need me or anyone else to preach to you on this. 
So today I’m sharing with you that I’m excited for this new year and new decade. As much as it makes me smile to say HSFT when I’m having a bad day, it’s also making me smile to say “2020”! 
With all the new challenges I am already in the thick of, I am also completely determined to have fun. 
Plain and simple - F U N.
This year I’m in love, I’m going to be sharing my brand to millions of people on QVC and I’m dedicated to staying healthy and enjoying my family and friends every chance I get.
As the designer and founder of Have Some Fun Today, I am offering a new code to my blog readers to inspire you start this decade off with lots of FUN and adventure. 
Use the code: 2020 to get 25% off your next purchase on our website. 
We have introduced all kinds of cool new accessories to be a part of your next trip or hike or healthy habit.
Backpacks, fannypacks, cross bodies, market totes, clutches and more. 
2020 here we are!!! And we are ready more than ever to Have Some Fun Today

Love & Light,


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