Finding Meaning in The Very Saturated World of Social Media.

Hello again my friends - so nice to be back as I took a little hiatus from writing my blogs this year. I swear every time I was about to start a new blog; I would second guess myself and say who reads these anyway? But today I'm going to dip my foot in once again with some realness about why I've taken a pause.
 Social media has become just so saturated. It seems like everyone is sharing their take on self help, nutrition, wellness, art, fashion & every other topic under the sun. Who needs one more person chiming in? So I took a step back and have been watching what's happening to get a sense of what I feel is really needed & wanted from me. 
I think as humans we have this negative mind bias at times based on our PTSD of past events. This mechanism is there to protect us, but it also limits us and hinders our capacity to be open to feel joy and have fun.
So to a point I started to feel like I was adding to the noise, and that is the last thing I want to spend my time doing. What matters to me more than anything is helping others see some light that they didn't see before.
To me, it is so rewarding when I am out and about and I run into people who let me know that my content is meaningful to them. That feels good. It's not that I want to share every tidbit of my life with strangers, but I do want to help other people by telling stories of my experiences. 
I think to find true meaning in this world you need to be authentic. For people to trust what you are telling them, you need to have a track record of living your life as true to your core as the one you share with the world.
To find meaning and truth in the society we live in today is to be vigilant with who and what you follow, that also includes the television shows you watch and the people you choose to spend time with. There is this enigma of vibration. I want to be vibrating at a high frequency. Sometimes I can feel it and the awareness of my vibration is so distinct that when something comes at me that brings my vibration down I can feel it immediatly. When I am at my best my vibration is high. When I am at my worst I am vibrating at a very low frequency. 
To have an awareness about what frequency you are vibrating at and to be able to control your impulses & reactions to the degree where you can ride the wave of high frequency without dropping into lower levels is optimal for living your best life.

  As we are about to head into holiday season, election noise filling the media, people jockeying every where you look for attention & the spot light, please remember to find space to get quiet and remember the important things that keep us grounded and positive. I'm really not selling you anything. My job is purely to provide a light to see and a reminder to pay attention to the things that bring you joy.

                                                       HAVE SOME FUN TODAY

From my dad; Joe Rado, my mom Elaine, me, my extended family and the many friends who also believe in the power of having Fun:)



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