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HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - So this amazing young woman popped up at one of our HSFT Pop-Up shops last year and we were immediately smitten. Monet Tiberii is beautiful, smart, and a "go-getter" of life. And she's the embodiment of what this brand is all about. She knows life is precious and knows you've got to find the FUN in everyday. A recent contestant in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, she is also a full-time college student and runs her own health coaching business. She's faced challenges but chooses to look at them as opportunities rather than limitations. She sat down to talk to us about her life and why she loves HSFT

1. You struggled with your health as a young girl. Can you briefly share some of the challenges you've faced?

Sure, I battled a heart condition starting at 10-years-old and was finally diagnosed when I was 14 with a condition called Super Ventricle Techacardia (SVT). To make things simple, I basically had an extra ventricle that would cause my pulse to reach all the way up to 220-225. I became immoblized when it would happen and had to just relax until it was over. I finally had surgery in March 2010 and had about a year and a half of recovery.

 2. How did that experience lead you to getting involved with the pageant system?

Although my experience was a struggle, it was also a great blessing. It helped me never take a day for granted and helped me realize how blessed I was to simply have a body that functions and moves. After getting back into shape, I decided I wanted to give back to all those who weren't as fortunate as me and help them. This is when I got involved with The Children's Heart Foundation (PA chapter), which furthered me into joining the pageant system. Heart conditions have become my platform (in pageants). I wanted to inspire girls from all around and show them that nothing, not even a heart problem, should stop them from getting up and feeling confidently beautiful. 

3. How has your involvement in the pageant system affected your life so far?

In ways I never could have imagined!!! I've been able to speak out for all those battleing a heart problem, gain confidence in my charcter and the person I am, and of course, make friendships that I know will last a lifetime! The pageant system isn't all glitz and glam, but more so a way for girls to team up and make an impact with our actions, beliefs, and voices. Joining the system has been one of the best decisions I've made so far! 

4. We love that you exude the Have Some Fun Today vibe at such a young age. Why do you think you connected with the healthy mind/healthy body mindset so early?

I think this mindset simply comes from the struggles I've had as a child. My childhood was greatly altered due to my condition and there were things I couldn't do. I never wanted it to stop me though, and I certainly never wanted pity! Instead, I took it as a blessing and lived every day knowing how lucky I am and how nothing could stop me. 

5. How do you think the positive “Have Some Fun Today” message and vibe embodies your own style and way of life? 

 LOVE LOVE LOVE HSFT!! Inspiring females of all ages to go out and HAVE SOME FUN is huge! I work three jobs and am still a full-time college student, so sometimes I allow the stress of this world to get to me. I beleive that no matter what life throws at you, you should always spread joy and happiness. That is what HSFT is all about! And I need I say, all the HSFT clothes and accessories are too fabulous!



You can reach Monet to inquire about her health coaching business or her work with the The Children's Heart Foundation at .


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