Inspiring Women - Lisa Austin Lelm - Fitness Trainer

Lisa Austin Lelm is one kickass woman. A former nationally ranked triple jumper from the University of Texas, Arlington, and the former track and field coach at UNLV, she has made fitness her passion and her life. For the past 18 years, Lisa has worked as a personal trainer to help bring her love of fitness and health to her clients. Her clients include an impressive list of professional athletes from tennis players, to pros in football and basketball. If it's about fitness, chances are Lisa can train you in it. She works as a Crossfit Coach, Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Instructor for Core Power Yoga, Master Trainer for the Core X System, and an indoor cycling and pilates instructor. We caught up with her between her busy teaching schedule and getting her yoga training and asked her how she stays balanced and how she likes to HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.

What is your personal Mission Statement?

I wholeheartedly care about the experience of individual and group fitness that specializes in strength, conditioning, exercise, and athletic performance. Through coaching instruction of private, group, sports conditioning, cross training, indoor cycling, yoga and sculpt classes, I aim to assist those who want to explore the possibilities of physical fitness as the way it relates most to what they value in their lives. I bring an intent, interest, and desire to uncover the unique way for individuals to adhere to a program that best suits their needs as an exerciser or an athlete. 

What inspires you to create the life you life?

I am inspired by people who have an intense dedication to the things they value the most. I truly appreciate when I get a chance to connect with those who freely live through their hearts and share what they feel lies deep beneath the surface. I think, when people share how much they love what they love, it is the gift that cannot be judged or competed with. I am blown away by the potential of this because of the possibilities that human feeling can reach. Sharing of the soul can resonate loudly with one person, a wave of change can unfold and I'm excited to know the implications of this possibility.

What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

The best way I have fun everyday, is finally being an adult with an immense appreciation of quality downtime. I love walking my dogs to a coffee shop, listening to music that I may use in a class. Taking time to connect with a family member or friend and having a meaningful conversation swells my heart to a point it could burst. My client sessions have been sometimes therapy for both of us. I learn so much about what we both care about. When they share their hearts, it's like a momentary look at the being that is under the sweat and sometimes tears. 

Do you use any daily disciplines or practices to energize you?

My practices vary daily, but I have recently been involved with cryotherapy at Cryowave in Manhattan Beach. It is a recovery treatment that I use to help me feel my best after classes and training sessions. It reduces bodily inflammation that comes from muscle soreness or a other stressors on the body. It can help with pain reduction in irritated muscles and joints. I go to cryotherapy 2-5 times a week. I practice yoga and recently completed my 200 hour yoga training. I don't lift as often or heavy as I used to, but I understand the importance of maintaining a strong body and now lift 2-3 times a week for sustainability. 

What is one piece of advice or words of inspiration you live by?

Live by a standard of grace rather than perfection, acknowledge the unique and wonderful differences in human value and support all beings with where they presently are on their journey. Unapologetically, I practice this as often as I can, yet stumble and learn from each opportunity. More gifts! 

For more info and to connect with Lisa, find her find on Facebook at


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