Inspiring Women in 2016 - Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson is an amazing woman! Her background achievements in fashion for the past 25 years include styling magazine covers, ad campaigns, fashion runways and A-list celebrities. We are excited to have a conversation with her about her passion project which is the non profit foundation she started called GLAM4GOOD.

After spending 15 years as the National Fashion Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation, she was inspired to take all her experience and global connections to create the GLAM4GOOD Foundation. “I found a way to use my passion for fashion to honor courage, bolster self-esteem, give confidence and ignite joy,” she says. Through this foundation she has been able to reach over 3,000. men, women and children in need through the various partnerships and initiatives that focus on empowerment through style. Check out GLAM4GOOD and become part of this amazing community. We will be posting more from our conversation with Mary Alice in an upcoming segment. #HSFTwoman

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