Inspiring Women in 2016 - Katrina Szish

Katrina Szish is an American television personality and broadcast journalist. She is currently a regular contributor to Fox Business Network and the Wendy Williams Show.

A native of Wyomissing, Katrina and I became better acquainted over the past 10 years as we evolved our careers and life. We got together with Katrina to chat about her #HSFT life. :)

What is your personal mission statement?

Live life with style and integrity.

What inspires you to create the life you live?

My parents are the most generous people I have ever known, and I was lucky enough to have a wonderful childhood filled with love and FUN. They also taught me to be independent and always made me believe that there was nothing I couldn't do with hard work and dedication. These lessons and values inspire me everyday to challenge myself to strive for both my personal and professional best.

Dreams do come true -- you just have to work hard, believe in yourself and never give up.

What energizes you daily?

I am an animal lover, and my two Italian Greyhounds are the most sweet and loving little girls. Wilhemina is blind and Tallulah has taught herself to be her sister's "seeing eye dog" -- their pure, unconditional love and always-upbeat attitudes inspire me everyday.

What is your favorite piece of advice/inspiration statement?

I went through a challenging time several years ago, and during the healing process my father encouraged me to embrace every new opportunity and experience. He said: "Don't say why... say why not!" Those simple words continue to inspire me to live life to the fullest each and every day.

What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

I recently got married, and my husband is brilliant, but he's also like a big kid. He is an eternal optimist and has such a positive way of looking at the world. I tend to be a bit serious and to get stuck "in my head," but Marc always makes me alugh and makes every moment fun, no matter what we're doing. He is my daily dose of #HSFT!

Check out Katrina's new lifestyle Blog: anchorsandsirens -- excited to be a guest blogger on her blog in the coming weeks! #HSFTlife #anchorsandsirens

Katrina Szish

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