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I met Katie in New York City about 25 years ago before we became busy moms and entrepreneurs. Many years later with the advent of social media, I rediscovered Katie again and fell in love with her recipes and passion for serving beautiful, simple, tasty and nutritious food. Katie is a certified nutritionist, author of several fantastic cookbooks, a writer about food and nutrition for almost every popular magazine under the sun and the founder of an amazing website called Mom's Kitchen Handbook.

We chatted with Katie about her everyday inspiration and her busy, fabulous life.

What is your personal Mission Statement?

Follow your bliss. I do my best to really tune into myself and follow the pull of what speaks to me. I try to silence some of the “shoulds” and focus on doing what I love. I find that’s the “sweet spot” where I do my best, both in my professional life and personal life, and success seems to follow.

What inspires you to create the life you live?

Family is a biggie. I’m very influenced by my siblings who are both very creative. My sister is a designer with amazing taste in all things. I’m always trying to keep pace with her. My brother is a chef who definitely pushes me in the kitchen. My parents have created beautiful lives for themselves, despite a lot of pain and heartache. I find that very inspiring. And certainly my own little family, my husband and three girls, who are always in the forefront of my mind when I'm making choices, big and small.

What energizes you daily?

Exercise is a big part of keeping me energized and I try to make it something I relish rather than something that feels like a chore. Often, it’s how I spend time with my family and friends; taking a yoga class with one of my girls, going hiking with a girlfriend, or skiing with my family. I also get energy by being creative. Creativity really feeds me, whether it’s poking around a farmers’ market for ingredients or developing recipes in my kitchen. That’s my happy place!

What is your favorite piece of advice/inspiration statement?

Approach Love and Cooking with Reckless Abandon -- The Dalai Lama

What helps you Have Some Fun Today - each and every day?

My kids. Challenging, yes, but playful and funny. They remind me to try and make every minute count.

Follow Katie on her blog at mom's kitchen handbook or her instagram @momskitchenhandbook. #HSFT #Inspiringwomen #momskitchenhandbook #foodie

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