How Do We HSFT Amidst the Chaos?

Well now 2020 is really turning out to be quite a new decade! So many thoughts are going through all of our heads as we deal with this Covid-19 pandemic. It's more than dealing with not going to our jobs or school or doing all the social things that made up our lives, it is the constant thoughts that are spiralling through our minds from trying to stay positive, staying informed, being prepared and being mindful of balancing these things without losing it.

So let's help each other through these tough times, by sharing positive inspiration and methods for making the best of a bad situation.

1. Number one thing I can suggest is to do what you can to get your mind in the right place. To do that I need to make my surroundings comfortable, clean and decluttered. Then I can light some candles, brew a cup of stress free tea, listen to a led meditation or a sign up to the To Be Magnetic program where I see they are doing a free Self Quarantine workshop! ( I'm going to check that out this weekend!)

2. Think about or make a list of all the ideas that pop into your head of stuff you want to do, but havent had the opportunity to do. My list is: cleaning out my basement, reorganizing my showroom, painting, getting back to my home workouts, finishing my friend Michelle Davis's book! - I've never been busier !!

3. Take care of yourself! Even though we may not be seeing too many people on a daily basis, it still makes me feel good to get dressed and put myself together. The more you take care of yourself and keep good habits in place, the easier it is to feel positive that we will get through this and be better off than before. 

 4. If you always wanted to start taking health supplements now is a great time to start. My sister Lisa Rado's online nutrition company; Rado Nutrition is stocked up on all kinds of healthy supplements ready to ship out, she has been a life saver for me and my family.

5. Keep yourself inspired! Listen to great music, watch some great films and yes indeed get some HSFT! Have your morning coffee in our Have Some Fun Today mug, slip on one of our cozy fleece pieces, go for a walk and wear one of our baseball caps. Send a friend who is down and isolated a gift from us...we will gladly put an inspiring note inside for you!

6. The Code: 2020  - use this code at checkout when you shop today and it will give you an extra 25% off 

This challenge will not break us. If anything it inspires me to do more, to be better, to rise to the challenge and to Have Some Fun while I am doing it. Sending you all Love, Strength and Inspiration :)

"Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

Love & Light,


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Yes watch a good movie play my my guitar play some cards with my wife and have a good super stay inside and thank god I can still do these things

Anthony Harcourt

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