"Embracing Resilience: How to Keep Going When Times Get Tough"

"If it was easy everyone would be doing it"

And so it goes, but yet I wouldn't trade it for the world; because at the end of the day it is the creation of something beautiful that helps people feel good in one way or another. 

That is not to say it isn't often an obstacle course of problem solving all over the spectrum. But this is like anything in life. Whether you're a founder, a mom, a doctor, a teacher, or a fire chief; everything requires resilience. 

Resilience is the ability to pick yourself back up and keep going forward. It is being mentally strong and standing firm in the face of criticism & defeat. It is weathering the storm through many hurricanes and standing tall in the sunshine after it passes.

What helps create resilience is an attitude of positivity and a firm belief in your own capabilities. A strong support system of reliable personal & professional relationships is also very helpful in bolstering oneself up amidst harsh circumstances & events. Learn to protect your energy and stay away from people & situations that foster drama.

Some of the tools I have embraced to keep my energy high and my head clear so that I can stay strong and focused are:

Daily Meditation

Daily Exercise

Well Balanced Diet

Low Alchohol Consumption

Have Some Fun Everyday

Health Supplements

Personal Care Rituals


Talk Therapy


Experience Culture Weekly

These tools as I refer to them are the basic elements of my current lifestyle.

 I think as we evolve our needs change and so the tools we adapt into our lifestyle change too.

Take the low alchohol consumption tool; when I have more than 2 drinks I feel like crap the next day. My body is more sensitive to alchohol now than it used to be, so for me to stay focused and feeling my best I have no more than 2 drinks when I go out, or I'll be feeling it the next day.

You really have to decide what works for you, but you don't know until you try. Some of these tools are new for me and others have been part of my life for a while. The therapy is only 2 years in and I think my therapist is amazing. I also have only really been getting into the meditation thing morning and night for about 6 months now and I love it. Its such a great way to go to sleep with a led meditation sounding into your subconscious  and an inspiring one for the morning as you start your day. 

Having some fun everyday is now something I really pay attention to because it's why I do what I do. It leads to a better and happier life and I believe in those four words so much. My kind of fun is music, people, art, food, culture in all forms so I'm excited to say that I will be spending more time in NYC where I can appreciate all the culture I can get.

So yeah, while being a fashion pioneer isn't a walk in the park, I am resilient and I have a mentally strong mind, a great support system and a great brand that is ready for its time to shine!

Wishing you all a powerful week and that you Have Some Fun Today!

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Love & Light,


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