A Nutritionist's Guide To Women's Whole Health, Beauty & Wellness


Premium quality supplements and products like these are the key to fueling and feeding the body for optimal health. 



The inevitability of aging is something we all share. No matter your current age, our bodies change and grow each and every day. Women’s health is a complex and beautiful thing that evolves through our lives. From puberty to child bearing and menopause, our health and wellness goes through rigorous and delicate shifts. Add to the mix external forces like stress and diet and it’s no wonder many of us find ourselves in a health crisis at some point along the way. 

In a nutshell, women’s bodies go through a lot! Health and wellness is always at the forefront of what we do at Have Some Fun Today. We value the mind/body/spirit connection and its influence on our lives. It is an integral part of the brand. 

Find An Expert

Our founder and CEO Stephanie Rado Taormina decided to put her own body to the test and find a way to address changes and physical shifts with the help of a nutritionist. 

Lisa Rado of RADO Nutrition is an integrative health coach and nutritionist. She had the opportunity to discuss with Stephanie her issues and concerns with goals with her health. It’s an added bonus that Stephanie is her sister and she knows her quite well, but Lisa thoroughly evaluates each of her clients. She tailor-makes a program with supplemental support geared to addressing their specific issues. Stephanie started by sharing with Lisa things she is looking to address:

1. Overall health and energy

2. Joint Inflammation and stiffness

3. Increased weight mention in abdomen

4. Loss of collagen

5. Stress related issues

6. Inability to stay asleep

7. Bone Density

8. Brain Function


The Goods For Optimizing Your Health 

Lisa recommended a variety of supplements for Stephanie including:

1. Womens Pure Pack (a complete multi-vitamin pack which includes calcium and D3)

2. Curcumin (produced in plants and found in tumeric, it is a powerful all natural anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants.)  

3. Adipolean (all natural dietary supplement made from African mango)

4. Energy Extra (all natural supplement for stamina, overall health, and stress)

5. Arthroben (reduces inflammation and stimulates joint, cartilage and ligament mobility and repair)

LR: "I selected those products for Stephanie after our discussion and some insight I have as her sister.  One of the most crucial anti-aging tools is sleep.  Being a single parent, owner of a demanding start up business, mother to 2 teenage daughters, and an interior designer, I assumed Stephanie was living with chronic, low grade stress that she’s adapted to and it was affecting her overall health status, as well as her sleep.  Let’s fix the sleep first and get a leg up.

I like to send a few sleep samples to my clients so we can pinpoint what nutrients are needed. This can take 1 night or 6 nights, but I eventually get the call, “I had the best night sleep last night in a very long time, thank you”  Proper sleep is the magic hour for everyone,  This is when our body repairs, rebuilds, restores and refuels on a cellular level for the next day. If I restore her sleep, then we have a game changer to fixing focus, stress, belly fat, inflammation, fatigue and so much more. Game on!"


The Heart of The Matter

With her extensive knowledge and background, Lisa created options and formulations specific to Stephanie’s health and came up with a game plan that would target these issues for the next 4 months. Here's what Stephanie asked her sister about optimal health and wellness...

SRT: So how can taking supplements help our bodies function better?  

LR: Supplements are designed to supply a deficiency in the body; whether it is a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, amino acid, or fatty acid.   Our body systems operate on these nutrients for cellular fuel.  If the body is deficient, then taking a product to supplement over a period of time can improve our functionality with hormones, metabolism, circulation, digestion, energy, rest, recovery, immune health, mental and emotional well being, and so much more.  Consistency and high quality are keys with supplementation.


SRT: What vitamins do you recommend for women approaching or going through menopause?  

LR: Every woman is different but like to focus on foundation products and targeted individual products for women.  For a woman mid 40’s – 60, I like to include Perimenopausal or menopausal support, breast and ovarian health, cardiometabolic health, emotional well-being and occasional stress support, as well as sleep support.   

One of my favorite products for women 45-60 years old is PURE encapsulations WOMEN’S PURE PACK.  It provides essential vitamins and minerals for women’s everyday needs, breast, emotional, bone, eye, cardiovascular health and antioxidant support. Women’s Pure Pack is a one convenient, comprehensive packet with 9 capsules to take with a meal.


SRT: If someone wants to contact you to set up a program what kinds of services do you offer and how do they get in touch with you?  

LR: RADO Nutrition offers many options for people who are striving for optimal health.   I work with clients who play and coach in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA.  All of my clients have access to me if they choose to do a client consultation.  My intake is an extensive health history, as well as a study of habits, lifestyle, sleep, choices, goals, etc.   I also look at a client’s blood work to see if there are any metabolic disrupters that may be preventing someone from feeling or performing at their peak.    A one-on-one consultation is $350.00, which includes 70 minute one on one consultation, personal access to me after the consultation, and game plan we put in to motion.  (Schedule via email searra@radonutrition.com).

If that isn’t in your budget, my foundational program is our 14 or 21 day Liver detoxWithout a healthy liver, it’s impossible to have a properly working metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, clean blood, vibrant skin, deep sound sleep, laser focus, strong digestion and strong mental health.   I’ve seen every one of these shift in just a few short weeks during and following my easy and delicious detox program.   The detox programs start at $279 and they are DIY – we ship you everything you need to detox. (Visit the shop at RADO Nutrition).  

We also have post detox options with high quality, nutrient dense products.  Whether you choose to buy the 30-day detox packets to continue feeling great all month long, or our creamy dairy free, soy free protein combined with our Antioxidant Superfoods, which we claim are the best on the market. 

 We also have a great shop of products listed by category. If you don’t see something on our site, shoot us an email or give us a call. We are always happy to work with clients to provide the right products for them. 


SRT: Is there really a difference between the vitamins you can buy at a GNC and those from a higher quality brand?  

LR: Huge difference! There are no government regulations when it comes to supplements.  What that means is an item you might pick up at GNC, Costco or CVS could be labeled to read it has 200 mg of Magnesium Glycinate in the product, BUT if you were to go have it tested, it’s more likely the product may have 20 or 40 mg rather than the 200 mg you are paying for. There is also a tier system when it comes to the raw materials that supplements are derived from. Big box stores, products you see advertised on TV, online, and “health food store” brands, usually buy the lowest grade of the raw material when it comes to quality, integrity, purity, bioavailability and efficacy.    

Bottom line? You will pay a little more for a good quality product, but it will actually contain the dosage listed on the label. These manufacturers are typically sold through licensed practioners like myself, or through a physicians office.  

We actually have this listed on our website in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page because we want to educate our clients about the difference between quality products and lower grade products. 


SRT: What are your top 3 supplements that you think any woman over 40 should have in her arsenal for better health?

LROnly 3?   That’s a tough one!

1) Vitamin D3

2) Omega 3

3) Magnesium

4) High quality multi-vitamin

5) Antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants!!! - we drink ours


To your health!  You can connect with Lisa Rado at RADO Nutrition or on Facebook to get more information about their amazing wellness programs or schedule an appointment. 




Compiled by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek
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