Alrighty Then.... Let's HSFT NOW !!


There is a Buddhist quote I remember that the only moment we are truly alive is now. Not a minute ago because that is the past and not the next moment because that is the future, but this moment now.

I am contemplating thoughts like these now, because that is the kind of person I am. When I was younger, in my college years people would tell me I'm too deep and I wondered if that was a bad thing to be and why.  

As I got older I often didn't feel like I fit in. Even though I was part of various groups throughout my life, I've never really been a "group" person. Not because I was trying to be different, I was actually trying to fit in... but the way I processed ideas was usually different than the people I thought of as friends, and so I always came away from things wondering if I was doing a good enough job to fit in to get people to like me, so that I could have a life that was "normal" and good.

For the many people who don't feel like they fit in, I want to tell you that is actually a great thing. I will tell you that today, and I will tell you that tomorrow, and the next day (and the day after that.)

So how do these two ideas fit together now with Covid19

Well, we have been social distancing for about two months now... I know - #HSFT:) and I think its safe to say we are getting sick and tired of it. I sure am. BUT, I am not one to complain, whine or feel victimized so instead I philosophize.

AND I am going to change up my routines now after months of doing certain things in a certain way so that I can reinvigorate myself NOW which is living in the moment and I am going to celebrate my perserverance in having my own perspective, which I hope inspires others to celebrate their uniqueness so that they may stop belittling themselves because they dont think they "fit in".

I don't care if you are 18, 21, 27 or 47. Many of us question ourselves, are we good enough, are we smart enough, do we say the right things, do we wear the right clothes to get that person to think we are cool. It's an epidemic of our society no matter what age some of us are. So for as many times as it takes, and as many people as it takes we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are enough.

Right now as things slowly open in certain areas over time we can remember to live again in the now. Your town may not open for a few weeks or longer, but that is no reason not to be living your truth now. You dont have to wait until the gym opens to get back in shape, you don't have to wait until restaurants and bars reopen to get cleaned up everyday and wear something more than PJ's. You dont have to wait until schools reopen to learn... I'm loving the Masterclasses btw:) and you don't have to wait until the things that we took for granted come back at some level in order to live with appreciation. This includes you - you don't have to wait until that person you want to be friends with notices you to realize you are a great person, you don't have to wait to be recognized for some unique gift you have, to appreciate and share your gift anyway. 

We all can live now. We can simply be ourselves, bad skin, short legs, frizzy hair, beautiful smiles, longing hearts, singing to the radio, having crushes and letting them know, whatever is inside you and how you are is all good. We need to let each other know that we are good enough just the way we are.

In the spirit of celebrating the now... in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation I am sharing with those of you who love an uplifting message my brand Have Some Fun Today. Here is a sweet discount code : 2020 to get an extra 25% off the site! Enjoy!

Simple as that....

"Have Some Fun Today." - Joe Rado

Love & Light,


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