Top 10 Things to Inspire You in January

    1. Smile! It sets the tone for your whole day!

    2. Do something for others :)! It often does more for you then for those you are helping.

    3. Get cozy in The HSFT Wide Neck Sweatshirt (pictured above).

    4. Detox! Commit to a Complete Custom Detox from Rado Nutrition. Start your year off right with Lisa (my amazing sister!) Rado’s balanced and energizing plan. Use code: newyear20 for 20% off!

    5. Spark Joy, the art of organizing and tidying up. The shift you experience practicing the Kon-mari method is amazing!

    6. Food 52 blog for yummy, healthy inspiration! Today's lunch inspiration here.

    7. Make a vision board for 2016 on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest page to get started!

    8. Recommit to your exercise routine – helps keep your mind and body balanced!

    9. Get outside! Whether it’s skiing, a hike or a walk in your 'hood, spending time outside provides us all with a fresh perspective.

    10. Disconnect from technology. I have a daily morning ritual of gratitude practice. For 15 minutes without a phone or tv in sight, alone in the house, I sit in meditation. Try doing this in the morning and also before bed - and experience the positive impact on your mental well being!

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