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HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - We're a tribe, of sorts. A squad, a posse, a collective community. We're connected as much by what makes us different as what makes us the same. We're movers and shakers, designers and artists, writers and thinkers, and glass ceiling breakers. We're all someone's daughter and someones friend, some of us are moms and wives, sisters and aunts. We're creators who were inspired to create something that inspires others. #hsftwomen 

You Can Be HSFT

Wanna join us? HSFT women like to laugh, take the road less travelled and share love. An HSFT woman smiles a lot, with a twinkle in her eye. She says yes to adventure and something new. She's confidence and grace; and grateful for the everyday magic. It's in her soul. 

We think you might have the stuff HSFT women are made of.... Sure, you can wear our amazing t-shirts, hatstotes and clutches that are the perfect daily pep talk so you never forget to Have Some Fun Today. But the HSFT philosophy is free.

Pop-Up, Party, & Positive Vibes  

We wanted to create something that changes the world; a vibe of positivity and love that keeps us looking for the glass half full. Our shirts, hats, hoodies, and gifts are designed to share the vibe. You can host an HSFT party and share the goodness with friends in your home OR join us at one of our HSFT Pop-Up Shops or our in-Studio Events.  Life is what you make it, so make it FUN. #hsft 




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Let’s have some fun today!!

Justine Schade

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