Latest News about what is new at HSFT Couture

 Very excited about the new items that will be debuting in the next few weeks..... We are adding in some sporty styles for the gym, kids tee's and sweatshirts and infant onesies.....  Not to mention the evolving line of totes, clutches and soon a backpack: perfect for an afternoon excursion or a day at the beach.

 We have also updated the graphic on our womens tee's to add variety to the line and will also be introducing lot's of new products for men and women with the HSFT graphic.

 We love to hear from you and to see your posts on social media. Please be sure to follow us on instagram where we dish out lots of FUN Friday discount codes.... As a matter of fact there is a juicy one about to happen this weekend.... The biggest and longest one yet:) Cheers!





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