30 Inspiring Women in 30 Days - Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine is an American fashion designer, stylist and musician based in Nashville, TN. In 2014, Amanda finished 2nd in Project Runways Season 13 and showed an amazing collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We interviewed her recently to see how she gets inspired and how she balances her #HSFTlife.

Who are some women that have inspired or shaped who you are as a designer and as a woman in the art and business world?

My mother taught me how to sew. She made our clothing growing up, between painting landscapes, illustrating books and teaching volunteer art classes at our schools. By example, she taught me to live a creative life.
My grandmother Amy also had a big influence on me - she had a cross stitched pillow on her couch that read “A Woman’s place is in the house, the senate and the supreme court.” By example, she taught me I could do anything I wanted to do."

 When asked if she had ever received any lasting advice she would like to share:

Tim Gunn always told me to “work smarter not harder” - which I’m STILL figuring out how to implement. I think as artists we think we are supposed to suffer for our art, but really our work should be understanding how to be efficient and live fulfilling lives as well.

All successful women have their secrets to maintain balance in their busy lives; this is what Amanda had to say about hers:

I love Pizza and Green Smoothies. I love art museums and trashy tv. It’s all about the yin and the yang!

As for practices that help her to focus and restore:

Transcendental meditation and running. I NEVER do enough of either, so I’ve found watching the real housewives and drinking wine with your girlfriends also does the trick.

Check out Amanda's work at amandavalentine.com  and follow her Instagram @valentimes. We LOVE her story! #HSFTwomanAmanda Valentine

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