30 Inspiring Women in 30 Days - Amber Valletta

Amber Valetta

Amber Valletta, supermodel, actress and activist. Her modelling career took off when she made the cover of Vogue at 18; then did it 15 more times. :) To the outside world she looked like she had it all: glamorous life, glamorous job; but apparently she did not and this is where she becomes "inspirational" to me. In July of 2014, she spoke to MindBodyGreen.com about How She Lives With Addiction EverydayIt was a powerful and illuminating talk that gave more insight into the "why" people may choose to use drugs and alcohol. By her sharing her story she is opening up the conversation about how we deal with addiction in this country and putting herself out there to be part of a solution. I find that to be incredibly beautiful and inspirational. #HSFTamazing

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