April Inspiration - Top 10

1.  Catching some zzz’s. Goop has advice

2.  Honey to cleanse and plump my skin at night. More free tips ;). 

3.  DIY bath scrubs with coconut oil and raw sugar… another yummy treat for your skin.

4.  My new favorite jeans ! H&M skinny high waisted crop…..in love:)

5. Inspiration. That’s right - in my top ten this month for sure! Nothing happens without it and if you are looking to be inspired, you will be :)

6. A sexy lace-up sandal with a medium heel…… we all love to feel beautiful without losing comfort!

7. The HSFT wide neck fleece ! I wear it with leggings and my favorite new kicks! Chic and comfy!

8. Culture - find some cool exhibits or performances to check out this month! I'll be checking out the Picasso show at the Barnes Foundation.

9. Charitable participation - time to bring it all full circle. Locally, I'll be supporting Opportunity House on May 19th. 

10. Time with family - sounds trite, but a quality conversation goes a long way with connecting.


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