Inspiration - Where It All Started

Joseph Anthony Rado, Jr.

August 23, 1938  - April 25, 2014
Father, Husband, Friend, Colleague, Entrepreneur, Inspiration

I know every little girl thinks the sun rises and sets on her father. But in my case, it was especially true.

Joe Rado taught me how to become the woman I wanted to be -- to seek my own inner light, set my own goals, and blow through limitations. Joe made the magic happen for himself and he guided everyone around him to have faith that they could do the same.

His motto, "Have Some Fun Today", was part of my everyday life growing up. The saying made everyone around him pause, even just for a moment, to think about what they were doing that was "fun". As a result, I felt driven to find my "fun", which gave me the confidence to live a passion-led life and allow the creativity that bubbled up inside me to lead my career.

Joe's "fun" led him to great success -- with an amazing career and an adoring, joyful family. My "fun" has taken me on a fantastic journey. I know following your path to "fun" will lead you there too! 

 When I first told my family about my idea for Have Some Fun Today Couture, each person smiled and I knew it was just what Joe would have wanted. I know he is smiling down on it all and with a wink, saying "Have Some Fun Today!"

Joe kept us all motivated to Have Some Fun. In our family we have several entrepreneurs, world-travelers, yogis, a race car driver, a photographer... you see his impact. 

We used to call my father the Bionic Man. He lived with a great spirit through many different physical challenges, but the one that most impacted him long-term was Diabetes. As a result, a portion of all Have Some Fun Today Couture profits will be donated to the research division of the Juvenile Diabetes Association.