Three Ways a T-shirt Can Make Your Day

It may just look like a t-shirt, but at HSFT it's also a state of mind. These four little words, HAVE SOME FUN TODAY ( on our shirts, totes, and new gift line!) are the guiding principle behind everything we do. So how can a t-shirt make your day? 

Don't Take It All Too Seriously

Life can be pretty intense. Lighten up! And yeah, there are always gonna be good days and bad days, this we know. But finding a little ray of light or some FUN, even in the darkest of days, is what brings hope. Life is short. HAVE SOME FUN TODAY!

Your Friendly Reminder

Pay the water bill, pick up the dry cleaning, HAVE SOME FUN TODAY.  Like it's your job. Think of it as the string around your index finger or the reminder message you send yourself on your phone. If you have to remind yourself by looking in the mirror to see those four little words on your t-shirt or see those black leather letters stitched on our luxe tote as you sling it over your shoulder, then we've done our job. Rinse and repeat. 

Take a Chance

It's a philosophy, an ideology. What could you do if you broke free of what you were supposed to do and did what you wanted to do? What would it mean to live life boldly and without fear? When you HSFT you never know what you're going to find around the corner, who your going to meet or what unexpected gift the universe is going to bring. It may just be t-shirt (or a , or our luxe tote!), but you when you embrace HSFT, you shift your thinking, you open up a pathway to seeing the world a different way and you cultivate happiness. We think that's pretty damn good for a t-shirt.

This blog was written and contributed by HSFT writer and believer Rebecca Doubek


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