The Elsie Project - Fun, Fashion, Sustainability & Charity

Last January I had a vision of a night where a great group of people would come together to celebrate the concept of taking something I made such as The Elsie Bag and sharing it with a group of artists and ask them to create a work of art with it. We would then promote the works, auction them off and donate all the proceeds to charity. To have some fun and do some good!
That is what The Elsie Project was all about.
 And we did!
We selected Vibrant Emotional Health as the non-profit we wanted to work with, and set up an online silent auction website to make it easy for people bid on the 8 bags or make a donation to the charity.
As a company that has made a commitment to do our best to stand by the values we believe in, like giving back and doing good works. We are also very committed to sustainability as much as we can, as well as supporting diversity and mental wellness. These are all principles we hold dear.
As the founder of HSFT, I am open to ideas that show our commitment to these important principles and I believe the Elsie Project encapsulates this by taking a product we could not sell at full retail value and making something new and special with it, having fun while doing it, having more fun celebrating it, and doing good by learning more about mental health and providing support to the non-profit by a purchase of one of these amazing bags.
So far, we have sold 4 bags at the event, we have received some very generous donations as well, but we have decided to continue to keep the Elsie Project Online Auction open until June 30th at 11:59 pm to see if we can sell all the bags and send them a nice big check!
If you want to place a bid on one of the remaining bags it’s super easy to do and you can also make a donation to Vibrant Emotional Health Services; the nation’s leading non -profit for providing necessary support for people in need. Vibrant is the provider of the suicide help hotline as well as many other services around mental health across the country.
Up next for The Elsie Project is seeing if we can do these in areas across the country with a strong artist community and building up more activations where we can bring people together, enjoy their gifts & talents, have some fun and do some good.
I believe the world needs more things like this and the world needs to
Have Some Fun Today :))
Love & Light,
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