"Once You See Something, You Can't Unsee It"

Once you see something, you can't unsee it!

That's a favorite phrase my bff and I use when we talk about light bulb moments.

As I remember, it was during the height of the Covid while we were in lockdown with my daughters and my boyfriend Jay that we would discuss all kinds of things together. Ideas about how to reduce waste, ways to repurpose things & how to produce new things using recycled materials.

As I looked to design a new round of products that bear my brands mantra and my name, I wanted to do my homework on what recycled materials, dead stock and eco friendly materials I could incorporate to push Have Some Fun Today to be more sustainable and eco conscious.

I spoke with global investors, fashion creatives, Stephanie Benedetto; the founder of Queen of Raw, which is a global marketplace for dead stock & sustainable materials, and manufacturing teams to see what their capabilities were.

The news was good, I had options and it was time I felt for not only the message of Have Some Fun Today, but also time to be more responsible as a "maker" about what I make, where and how. So that is what I did.

We introduced our first collection of Sustainable Bags in January 2021. We have three styles : The Deluxe Shopper which is fully made from recycled cotton canvas and comes in two colors: Ivory and Black. It has a zip top closure and an additional inside zip pocket to keep your valuables secure.

We also have our classic: The Luxe Tote which is now made from recycled cotton canvas with soft leather shoulder straps and leather applique and we added a new color way in a warm tan shade in addition to the classic ivory and black.

Lastly, we are introducing a new design named for my mother called The Elaine Tote. This style has lots of new features: recycled cotton canvas body, a soft leather base and brushed gold feet, matching leather applique and straps with brushed gold hardware. A back pocket that is also a luggage slip when traveling. This bag is fully lined in recycled cotton batiste and has a roomy inside zip pocket. This comes in Ivory & Luggage, Ivory & Black, and All Black.

The way I look at it, if we are going to all this effort to make products to remind people to find more joy in life , we might as well do our part to also care about our planet, to re-use what we can and also to use as many biodegradable materials as we can.

I know as a brand we can do more and we will do more.

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, but this is a start.

A good one at that:)!!

To help you get in the mood to Have More Fun in 2021 shop our line of all kinds of things to help guide you and remind you that life should be full of joy. Use the code: funin2021 for 25% off including our new Sustainable Bags too!

  Love & Light,



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