Making Better Choices: Why Your Deodorant May Be Bad For You

You can rock the our HSFT original crop tank and look hot and stay cool with an all natural deodorant or antiperspirant that is a healthier alternative. 

You're already purposefully picking produce in the organic section of the grocery store. You've got an entire Pinterest board dedicated to "all natural" household cleaning options and you buy white vinegar in bulk. You get it. Why take any chances? Harsh chemicals can reek havoc on your health! But what about that stick you slather under your arm pits every day?

It's the Pits 

Did you know your deodorant may be bad for you? It's no secret that in recent years, research and laboratory studies have pointed to a possible links between cancer and chemical ingredients found in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.

While there is conflicting information out there about how strongly some of this research correlates to cancer, there is no denying that many deodorants are full of harsh chemicals. We rub these chemicals repeatedly into our underarms, where it is quickly absorbed by our skin and close to breast tissue. That is a scary thought to a group of researchers in the U.K. who think that each of the chemicals used in many beauty products are concerning on their own, let alone when they are combined in one product.  

The Repeat Offenders

There are many chemicals and ingredients in deodorant and antiperspirant considered questionable for a variety of reasons. Here's a look at 3 big offenders. 

Aluminum - This is a heavy metal and it is used in most deodorants and antiperspirants. It helps to literally clog the pores of our underarms and stop the sweating. Easily absorbed into the skin, it's thought to cause changes in the estrogen receptors in the body. Long-term use of products with aluminum are thought to increase risk of breast cancer and have been linked to Alzheimer's. While studies remain some what controversial about what aluminum's long-term risks truly are, we'd just prefer to play it safe. 

Parabens - A quick glance on the back of most cosmetic or body products and you'll likely find they contain a paraben. Parabens are typically "YL" words like ethyl, methyl, and benzyl and they are particularly worrisome to our health. Research indicates parabens can mimic estrogen in the body, disrupt our hormonal balance and lead to early puberty in children. It's also been linked to hormone related-cancer. There are so many products now made paraben-free. Check out this website for a full list of paraben-free options

Triclosan - This is actually listed as a pesticide by the FDA, and um, Ewwwww! If you buy only organic fruits and veggies to avoid pesticides, why would you want it in your deodorant? It's particularly harsh on the skin and can cause dermatitis. Triclosan kills the odor causing bacteria underneath your arm. The problem is, it also kills our body's good bacteria. And believe it or not, good bacteria is super important to our health. Triclosan is thought to alter hormone levels and mess with bacteria resistance. 

Going Green to Smell Clean

We love using all-natural and organic products as we strive to maintain a healthy HSFT lifestyle. It may seem a daunting task and a poignantly pungent proposition to "go green" with your deodorant, but these days there are some truly amazing all-natural deodorants, free of harsh chemicals. Piper WaiSchmidt's Natural Deodorant, Captain Blankenship's Lime & Vetiver cream deodorant, and Soapwalla's Deodorant Cream are just a few of the of the ones we've put to the test and love. They are thoughtful products, some are also vegan, and even the packing is beautiful. And as luck would have it, they fit perfectly in our canvas zipper HSFT clutch so you can Have Some Fun Today and smell amazing. Live a healthy, beautiful life and HSFT! 

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