How HSFT Began With a Little Phrase and A Big Idea

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY  is a way of life, a state of mind and a philosophy that we live each and every day. Four simple words govern the way we do things and how we see the world around us. 

Live it, Love it

HSFT means living boldly and loudly and looking at life with a little more curiosity and charm. It’s tapping into that magical place that allows us to think outside the box. It’s saying “Why not?” to life instead of “Why?” and it’s living in the moment, right where we are. There are no do-over or second chances, this we know for sure. You get this one life and we believe you ought to live it. 

Humble Beginnings

Two years ago, our founder Steph Rado Taormina, began HSFT with those very principles. The death of her beloved father and four simple words that he lived by, “Have Some Fun Today”, inspired her to combine her creativity and his mantra and create the company HSFT.

HAVE SOME FUN TODAY. That’s exactly what we intend to do and we think you should, too. Live, Love, Wear, Share. Spread the love and help us start a movement. #hsft

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