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HAVE SOME FUN TODAY - Christina Redner is an HSFT woman who knows how to roll with it. A busy stay-at-home-mom to three children, she lives the challenges of parenting every day. When it comes to raising her two daughters in this day and age, she likes to live in the moment. "To keep my sanity and to keep them grounded, I try not to think about it too much. I stay in the now." she says. "If you think of every challenge girls will face and think of protecting them from everything, you will go crazy. I try to stick to my morals and values and instill that in them and just kinda roll with it. That's the kind of mother I am."

On Raising Girls To Be Independent Women:

"I raise them to not be followers. As hard as that might be, don't follow the crowd, but be a leader. Then they can do whatever they set their minds to, whatever it might be. Set high standards and go for it. Life's too short!" 

"I want to them go out into the world and be good people," she said, "and be close to my husband and I, and their family. I think when they have a strong foundation, they know they are going to be okay no matter what happens and they know they can always come back to that." 

Son Beckett is 8-years-old, all boy and into his Daddy time right now, "unless he needs a little motherly love," so husband Ryan is his go-to at the moment. She sees that as a phase as her children grow up and all need her in different ways, with each of them at a very distinct age. Daughter Sydney is a teenager at 15 and daughter Brooke is a pre-teen at 12. What does she love most about her girls? "Shopping!" she laughs. "But really, I love that they are my best friends! Nothing better."

Christina is wearing the HSFT slouchy tee.






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