How To Get The Most From Your Mug: Sip To Your Health

It's the first day back to the grind after the holiday festivities and it may take a little more to get us going today. Instead of slugging down four cups of Holiday Blend from the Santa mug that hasn't made it's way into the box with the reindeer plates, try something more soothing and healing that will warm you up and get you moving.

Time for Tea

Start your day with a boost from tea rather than coffee and you'll do way more for your body and your state of mine. Drinking caffeine throughout the day is thought to be deranging to our sleep patterns as well as a host of other functions in the body. Craving a cup of warmth and comfort throughout your day? Skip the java jolt and take time for tea. We love to sip tea from our Have Some Fun Today mug for long days in the studio or when we're working at the computer.

True tea comes in black, oolong, white and green and is derived from the Camellia Sinesis plant. Tea has long been known to be full of antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols. What that really means is there's a chemistry to that tiny tea bag, steeping in your cup. It's full of healing properties and health benefits.

Green tea has been proven to lower cholesterol. Amino acids and antioxidants in all tea give it high marks for reducing inflammation, aiding metabolism and digestion, and increasing heart health. Polyphenols are thought to inhibit cancer growth and increase neurological health. There's a laundry list of diseases and ailments that tea is thought to support the body in preventing and fighting. It's like an insurance policy in a tea bag!

Many herbal teas have no caffeine so they are safe to sip all day long. Even caffeinated tea like a black tea or an oolong have less caffeine than a coffee counterpart. Herbal teas are often blended with specific herbs and plants for everything from better sleep and digestion to helping with stress and colds. Traditional Medicinal's has a line of teas including Digestion Aid, Throat Coat, Nighty Night and Breathe Easy. They're inexpensive and easy enough to find at your local grocery store. 

Lovely Lemons

Now this is an easy recipe for good health. Grab your HSFT mug, (that's a great way to remember to Have Some Fun Today!) and before you reach for the coffee or your morning smoothie, fill with hot water, and squeeze in a few lemon wedges. Sip. Voilà, you've just given your body the biggest boost to seize the day ahead. 

Starting the day with hot water and lemon before you've put anything else into your body offers a myriad of amazing health benefits. Lemons are full of things like magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and pectin fiber. So drinking warm lemon water gives you a hydrating boost, balances your pH, nourishes the skin, reduces high blood pressure, aids metabolism and cleanses the liver. And that's just the half of it. Easy peasy, Lemon Squeezey. Yes, please!

It's all how you choose to Have Some Fun Today and sometimes good health can be as simple as making better choices. Good health means good vibes. And good vibes mean having some FUN every day. Live. Love. Wear. Share. And take a sip to your health!



Written and contributed by HSFT writer Rebecca Doubek who loves a good cup of tea 
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